🤔Failed floor on cement Backer boards, why this happens.

okay so this is gonna be a quick little videoon why shortcomings disappoint Oh on one of the reasons why storeys fail now you’ve got different methods ofinstalling tile on floors there’s a couple of membrane like Detra etc etc and a very commonone still today is using a sponsor board as an underlayment the back of all it could be the doorrock it could be one of the board it could be Hadi backer board or seven tissues back up back upboard in general so you put the lovely embed of thin-set it doesn’t have to be a high quality thinset it can be a lower boundary reduce begin if you don’t position the thin give underneath of what happens isyou don’t have a hundred percent contact between the support committee and the the subfloor the levelingbed provides a bed between the sponsor board and the sub floor so that the part sponsor timber isin contact with the flooring and exhaling that can cause troubles so and then the other thing youhave to do is you have to tape all the seams and the above reasons you tape all the seat seams is so thatyou create a monolithic airliner of the sponsor committee to set your tile on so that behavior when the when thefloor moves it moves as a measurement if you don’t tape the seams they can move its into with individualsheets of ally council so what happens is you get crackings in the tile it doesn’t happen every timeif you don’t follow the directions and and settled the thinset and make the seams and it’s not gonnaguarantee that the flooring fails but increases the peculiars tremendously so the curious of a miscarrying a muchgreater whereas if you follow car manufacturers tacks put down a mantle of of thin-set takeyour strata now you’re creating the best possible conditions for the storey to last-place and as it’sdesigned to perform so that’s that’s why many of these back up cards installings neglect andthey crack and they crack along the seams because they’re not installed properly it’s supposed touse you can use roofing claws galvanized roofing fingernails often hot dipped galvanized roofingnails or back aboard clamps you can use dry wall fucks drywall bolts and not intended forinstalling back about either on walls of laws the the alkalinity of the backer committee will corrodethe fastens and plus the drywall shafts are not thick enough the shank is not thick enough to beable to hold hold it down properly regardless get into this video now in this video was actually madeby a peer his specify is Jeremy walled-off and he’s in Michigan and he’s demonstrating now whathappens I’m not demonstrating this is an actual mistake that he had to rip up that completelyfailed and you’ll see in a second because it wasn’t installed properly no cement under theback of bought no no taping the seams and the results what you get is what you’re gonna seehere so Jeremy is a guaranteed tile installer so he’s also a certified supervisor for if you havinga problem he can come inspect your flan tell you what’s going on he’s a certified tile installerand he’s also a member of the NTC a so this guy has credentials and he knows what he’s doing andhe’s in the Michigan area and I will leave all his information in the description below so ifyou need someone and he’s in your range you can contact him so all that will be in the descriptionbelow so I’m gonna get to Jeremy and what you know what he found on this chore and you’ll visualize what canhappen when you don’t install your back members of the board properly everybody joyou brand-new time I exactly wantto bring you in on the project in a min right now we’re gonna installing and even just a coupledays into the brand-new year I’m gonna continue to see the same things I ever see when it comesto tile omissions I’ve got a neat big-hearted kitchen now nook orbit I’m demoing the existing tilebecause you can see actually some collections of tile around the room here it only took me probably 20 seconds or 30 seconds to get those out the target the complaint here is that grout is cracking thetiles are chipping when you when I’m walking on it you can actually hear the cracking underfootthere’s a few cases major things going wrong here that I envision almost all the time one you can see thetrauma marks there really isn’t a whole lot of thin-set on the back of these tiles you knowthat’s barely got any coverage at all another thing that you’ll see is that there are crackings allthrough the substrate you can see these rifts one through here these are the joints in that inthe girag okay usually you would want to see you want to tape all these schemes with a fibertape so that that doesn’t happen but actually in this case it doesn’t really matter becausethere isn’t any thin plan underneath the board at all you meet a lot of guys will tell you I hadI’ve heard it a lot that you don’t need thin establish underneath the cliff as long as you use enoughscrews and claws I exactly in the past two weeks I’ve superseded probably six or seven hundred squarefeet of tile precisely since they are didn’t throw in defined underneath the dirac so it’s unfortunate becausethis you know very nice couple they should have a long-lasting tile assembly but fracture andgrout cracking tiles those types of things don’t happen unless the installation is doneimproperly so I do have to take up the Duroc in this area but regrettably the rest of thistile through now is more likely to come up in about five minutes so really important to get a qualifiedtile installer to do your projection and even if you you know can’t get one at least get someone onboard who knows what they’re talking about they can help you make sure that your job lastsit’s not worth spend the money if you don’t so happy brand-new year okay so as always leave yourcomments in the comment section below check me out on patreon I I do do exclusive stuff onpatreon so you won’t see it on my youtube path you are well aware I necessitate install forming videos forYouTube for over 10 years since light 2007 that’s almost since when a YouTube began and it takesa lot of time and effort so if you can support me on patreon that’d be great so check it outleave a link in the specific characteristics for that likewise and ever ever ever always don’t forgetto subscribe and I’ll leave associations in the cards in the top left-hand corner and I’ll putalso some useful links to my online accumulate and other stuff and also in the descriptionthanks hope yeah hope that members can enjoyed the video

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