2 Philadelphia Schools Closed Indefinitly Over Asbestos Concerns

right now at 5:30 still throbbed to Philadelphia schools will not reopen on Monday as asbestos concerns remain and we’ve just learned that Benjamin Franklin high school and the science lead Learning Academy will remain shut down for an unknown amount of experience and the students will be migrated Alexandria Hoff has the latest details Alec Natasha Jessica this is a whole lot to deal with the School District of Philadelphia precisely announced that students at those two institutions will be off again on Monday and Tuesday now all schools are closed on Wednesday for Yom Kippur and then on Thursday students at these two schools will be relocated to other structures it is no secret that we seriously underestimated the job that needed to be done to create a brand-new teach environment for SLA and Ben Franklin a walkthrough of the building shared by Benjamin Franklin High School and science Leadership Academy had led to the uncovering of asbestos in boiler room ductwork last week staff and students have not had access to the building since Friday I glanced on the Swedish and web sites on adherent and I did some research to see if there’s not going to be school or not Abdullah crubs is a freshman and is torn about this unplanned week of vacation I’m half in half like I got to catch up on some things and then do some things I’m evoked like you know about being a freshman as well on Wednesday of the coming week 12 added samples from the building were submitted for lab testing there will be no return to that equipment until structure is at a point where it is safe for children to return what we do know now is that students will not return to school Monday or Tuesday Wednesday is a holiday and on Thursday the students from both of those schools will be relocated for the time being we’re going to ensure that we maintain a safe and healthy environment for both the students have been Franklin and the students had SLA all right so just as it was the contingency this week breakfast and lunch packages will be handed out Monday and Tuesday at 9 a. m.and there are two town halls for impacted mothers they are placed from 9 and 5:30 p.m. at academy region headquarters to one in the morning one in the night and asbestos remediation is often a complicated topic so again inconclusive what the terminated timeline for this building is right now but a lot of waiting for students and mothers really indefinite at this pitch utterly oh expressed appreciation for now let’s check.

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