3M™ 6835 Asbestos/Dust Full Face Respirator Kit (inc. 3M™ 6035 P3 filters)

This respirator is from one of the more popular full face respirator paraphernaliums in Australia. It’s from the 3M 6835 Asbestos& Dust Full Face Respirator Kits. We’re often questioned, “What’s actually in the kit? ” In a moment, we’re going to open it up and see what’s inside. People would typically consider this respirator for work involving asbestos…Asbestos removal, working with silica, which often is from rock or concrete or masonry part, and really high-dust tasks like pulverization coating or fiberglassing. Inside the box … It comes in a sturdy receptacle … We’ll just take the lid off. This is the respirator itself. It’s the 3M 6000 lines Full Face Respirator. That’s the mask itself. It’s supplied with a sample of a visor protection handle. These are available as a spare part. There’s a little adhesive flake on each side where you can basically put it over the lens to protect the lens from coat or other contaminants that might otherwise impair the lens. You can simply remove it later, so it’s not devastation the main part of the lens. These are the filters. It’s supplied with two pairs of filters. These are the 6035 filters. They’re an asbestos/ silica filter. There’s four fixeds of respirator obliterates. They’re for cleanse the respirator. There’s a respiratory navigate from the manufacturer. There’s a user guide. This is a reminder on when to change the respirator filters.And that’s a bit of information about alternative filters for the cover-up. There’s also a free duo of earplugs in the box. You’ll notice on the respirator itself … I’ll merely clear those away … When we’re looking at the filter … This one is great for high-dust workplaces. You’ll see that there’s no opening on the breast of the filters like there is on many other filters. The opening into the filter is actually round to the side. So that reduces the hazards of the filter going clogged up prematurely and caked with dust. A full face respirator actually has like what we call a half mask respirator inside it. So it’s like a double seal. So you’ll attend there’s a rubber section that blankets the nose and the mouth down inside and then there’s an outer close around the edge. So the protection factor for a full face respirator is excellent. You know, there’s a doubled seal.There’s a robust harness that is highly adjustable on the head for a great face seal. The 3M 6835 Asbestos/ Dust Full Face Respirator Kit. Contact your local SafetyQuip branch for further information. If you’d like one of the SafetyQuip Workplace Safety Vans to come out to your workplace to talk about this product or other workplace safety needs, speaks with the neighbourhood discipline to arrange it ..


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