A Man Microdosed Dark Web Bought Mushrooms. This Is What Happened To His Organs.

A Man Microdosed Mushrooms He Bought on theDark Web. This Is How His Organs Shutdown. GB is a 24 time old man, presenting to theemergency room with hematemesis. His mother Karen, tells the admitting nursethat she found her lad on the storey, flattening around in a kitty of his own sweat before hiseyes reeled into the back of his head, and he started shaking uncontrollably. About two months ago, GB started browsing onthe dark web- a part of the internet that helps anonymize the user at the expense ofspeed and accessibility.He had heard on the information about how the darkweb was full of hackers, observes, and illegal pleasure. But, he didnt find any of those things. Instead he found Luxury Cucumbers 2.0. Do not buy unless youre famed. You couldnt use regular coin to buy thesecucumbers, you had to use bitcoin. GB imagined if he could buy Luxury Cucumberson the dark web, why not buy Magic Mushrooms extremely? Theyre both natural, they .. come from theground. And good-for-nothing natural is ever bad for you anyways, so time to buy some special plows here, he imagined. GB used to make psychedelics as self care. He believed he had undiagnosed sadnes. But he couldnt be vexed to see a doctor. He would self medicate and lower acid to makeit all go away, but after the tour, the bad times would always come back.When he got his dark web mushrooms in themail, GB thought something was a little off. He thought they searched a little discolored. The suitcase had a weird, almond-like smell tothem. He ate one and it was a good journey. But then he thought he needed to make thislast. GB had read online about microdosing. Instead of falling a whole dosage at once, beings have been taking small amounts at frequent delays to maintain a baseline trip. The Internet forums spoke authoritativelyon this: microdosing are more effective, they said. It prevents any type of freakout or bad tripthat could happen all while improving mood and enhancing cognition. Obviously for mushrooms, the forum stirred itclear heated them to make a mushroom tea that you push into your veins witha needle is the most efficient way to do microdose them.Immediately after inserting his dark-web mushroombrew, GB felt .. nauseous. Maybe the dose was too small, in a few minutesill try a larger amount, he meditated as he deterred propagandizing higher and higher extents into his veins. Eventually he tried to convince himself thathe was feeling a connection with the natural world. With a pounding headache and while gaspingfor breeze, GB started feeling his hoof become thick-skulled. His legs started to become sludge as theyweighed him down and his toes were like springs of a tree implanting in to the ground.Everything was in perfect harmony. Balanced, as all things should be. As he continued to micro dose over the nextfew dates, he persuasion himself he was obstructing his trip up, despite the pounding headache. He could smell something when he stewed hismushrooms, but he exactly couldnt describe what it was. He wasnt exactly sure where everythingwas going. And then he started feeling cold. He started sweating uncontrollably while noticinghis heart thrashing in his neck. It wasnt pounding harder, it was just beatingfast as he noticed he was gasping for air.Even though he was sweating, he could feelthe cold touching of his own skin, as he exhausted his gut into the kitchen sink. Unsure if he was seeing things, he thoughthe may have just upchuck blood because everything that came up was red. He didnt study blood could just come uplike that. But he could smell the cast-iron because when itcame up, it splashed in to his nose and out of his eyes. And then he started believing that he wasbeing recorded by a veiled camera. He determined himself tied together in a chair on a red-roomlive stream, and parties had paid bitcoin to watch him suffer on the dark web as he hashis first seizure. Karen hears the agitation and steps in toher cellar to find her lad shaking and crying as he flattens around in a kitty of sweat andblood on the floor as she calls for 911, and hes brought to the emergency room where weare now.At examination, doctors notice that GBsskin is discolored and freezing. The whites of his eyes were yellowed. His heart rate was high. His heart rhythm was unreliable. His cheeks and his claws were off-color. One physician thought he recognized the heartrhythm as maybe some kind of poisoning, but he wanted to order a special blood test tomake sure while telling the medical team to give GB vitamin B1 2. This SPECIAL blood assessment would take longerthan a REGULAR blood test, which finds that GB has acidemia. Acid referring not to LSD, but to a chemicalthat handouts hydrogen ion and emia implication proximity in blood. Acid presence in blood. This was accompanied by a high lactatemia. And if lactate is known as lactic battery-acid, whichis formed in big extents and secreted when muscles contract chaotically like they doin a seizure, then all of this happening to GB impels ability. Except, the blood exam likewise was discovered that partsof GBs liver have started shutting down. Because GBs jaundiced very, this tells thedoctors that whatever has been happening inside of him, could have been happening for at leasta few epoches now.The spleen breaks down aged red blood cell. One about the outcome of this deterioration is bilirubin, which is sent to the liver, to be broken down even more. Bilirubin is the reason why human poop isnormally dark-brown. But if GBs liver has started shutting down, then it can’t break down bilirubin, and that bilirubin spurts out to discolor his scalp and the lily-whites ofhis eyes. But its more than merely his liver thatsshutting down. Blood and proteins were found in his urine, meaning that while he was convulsing from his convulsion, its likely some of his musclesripped apart, moved around in his blood, and got caught up in his kidneys, tearingthem apart. Karen had no idea what her son had taken. Doctors had no idea either. And because hes subconscious, he cant tellthem. Since his urine was clean for routinely testedsubstances, this made it difficult to figure out why this is happening to GB. At this time, the special blood experiment cameback. Having looked at GBs heart rhythm, thedoctor reputed perhaps he saw cyanide, which can affect the heart by transfer muscle timingsin characteristic ways.And this special blood test shows the doctorssuspicion GB has cyanide poisoning. The blue lips. The seizures and lactatemia. The miscarrying liver and kidneys. All of this means that some of the darkweb bought mushrooms that GB microdosed, were laced with cyanide, as doctors change himin to the intensive care unit. Cyanide starves cadres of oxygen. When it gets in to the body, it quickly bindsin to the mitochondria powerhouse of the cadre, and achievements various kinds of like a magnet by stickingto metal ions. It snarls on, and doesnt cause anything elseon. Mitochondria , usually use these metals toshuffle around elections to produce energy, kinda like how electricity moves and flowsas force. But if electrons cant come shuffled becausecyanide is blocking those metals, then the cells dont have a powerhouse anymore. The cyanide poisoning is kind of like someonesuffocating not getting enough oxygen, but in this case, the oxygen is there. Cells merely cant application it, because cyanideis there blocking it. Brain and nerve cells start to starve of oxygen, making convulsions. The liver needs lots of energy to breakdownand process essences in the body.Without enough intensity, it starts to breakitself down and specific areas of it die. It can no longer process bilirubin from redblood cell breakdown, spilling the bilirubin into his blood and discolouring his surface and thewhites of his eyes. Muscles need a lot of energy very and the heartis a big muscle, so it starts to beat erratically generating his abnormal heart rhythm. And skeletal muscles eat vigor extremely, buttheyre starving of oxygen originating lactate, before the proteins start to slough off intothe bloodstream as they start to die too.These muscle proteins get caught in his kidneys, rupturing apart the tubules generating fulminant rhabdomyolysis. Rhabdo meaning striped or striated referringto the striated characteristic of skeletal muscle. Myo referring to muscle. And lysis mean a breaking down of. A breaking down of skeletal muscle. Fulminant meaning its happening abruptly, and its life threatening. Doctors still dont know that GB introduced magicmushrooms, but the cyanide poisoning alone appears to explain everything that has happenedto him up to this point. Is there a action that the cyanide could be pulledout of his organization? Well, it was already done when the doctorordered the medical team to give him Vitamin B1 2. You interpret, vitamin B12 is officially specified cobalaminwhich has a cobalt inside. Cobalt is a metal. And the vitamin B12 you eat in gummy vitaminsis listed cyanocobalamin, which has a cyanide ion on it, bound to: cobalt. This intends introducing GB with a generic cobalaminwill cause it to act like a stronger magnet gathering cyanide out of the mitochondria creatinga safe vitamin B12 megadose that can concentrate in his urine, and be excreted by his kidneys. As meter goes by very in the intensive care unit, GBs condition appears to improve. Things are looking up. But then things started to get worse, suddenly. It became apparent that more than merely cyanidepoisoning was happening.GBs blood pressure started to drop andhis heart rate started to increase. He started developing a excitement that he didnthave when he presented to the emergency room. Another blood evaluation suggests that GB has bacteremia, bacterial existence in blood. But which bacteria, precisely? And where did the bacteria come from? Doctors need to know which bacteria is floatingaround and growing inside his blood so that they can give the right antibiotics.If the wrong ones are given, then the bacteriacan maintain proliferating unchecked. But it makes periods to grow that bacteria ina petri dish, to be informed about. Periods that GB doesnt have, because his chancesof dying from the illnes increase every single hour. Doctors give general antibiotics. These can report many kinds of bacteria, andmay not be the best one for the bacteria specifically floating inside GB, but it can MAYBE preventthings from getting worse.As the hours surpass, GB starts to go in to respiratorydistress. His blood pressure starts to drop becausehis whole body is now inflamed. Its kind of like when you get a chipped andthe locality becomes swollen and red thats the body distending the blood vessels and lettingwhite blood cells in, except in GBs case, his whole body is swelling and distending. And then he started bleeding from his nose. He starts to bleed out of his eyes and ears. Anywhere blood can flow out of GBs body, it starts to ooze out, representing something is causing his blood to become thin, but whatcould it be? Bacterial cultures return and tell the medicalteam that Brevibacillus is growing and moving around in GBs blood. This usually isnt found in infirmaries, butin grunge, so maybe GB was dealing with some kind of plant or something, doctors studied. But the cultures likewise report that its notjust bacteria swimming around in his blood, but fungus more, solely Psilocybe cubensis, signifying the dark web bought mushrooms GB micro dosed by dose were not only laced withcyanide, but they were now growing in his blood, been closed down all of his organs again.The psychedelic chemical in magic mushroomsis usually psilocybin. The interesting thing about psilocybin isthat by itself, its not active in the body. When person snacks a sacred mushroom, it goesin to their stomach, then absorbs into their liver where its broken down to psilocin, which is active. In the psyche is a chemical responsible forsending signals called serotonin. We know that mood, sleep, study, appetiteand cache are all affected by serotonin, also known as 5-Hydroxy tryptamine. And its no coincidence that substances thathave similar organizes, can have different upshots in the psyche. Like melatonin for sleep. Or lysergic acid diethylamide which you mightknow as LSD. Sometimes certain mushrooms will contain otherthings. Natural makes in general, contain hundredsof different compounds mingled together. Like something called the phenyl ethyl amines. A well known phenyl ethyl amine is alpha methylphenyl ethyl amine.Am fff et amine. Theres a beta keto amp ff et amine, alsoknown as cathinone, or tub salts. These are also somewhat related to trypt-amine, which is part of di methyl tryptamine DMT and 5-hydroxy tryptamine also known as serotonin, drawing us back to psychedelics. GB erroneously thought that mushrooms wouldhelp determine his feeling. But from our current understanding, psilocinworks on MAINLY one type of serotonin receptor in the ability. Theres many other kinds of serotonin receptorsthat would need to be addressed in a fit of clinically diagnosed recession, but thisisnt his only problem. When person injects a mushroom beverage, it floatsaround the body before the liver violates it down. So its not activated its activatedwhen one dines it. Past cases of beings introducing magic mushroomsdescribe nausea, vomiting, excitements, muscle pain and headaches fairly ache for themto check in to the emergency room.It doesnt look like they were able to havethe regular trip one would have while EATING the mushrooms, merely soreness and affliction, justlike in GBs case. His bleeding was fixed in the ICU becausethe bacteremia and fungemia were directly acting on his bone marrow, which wasntmaking all of the blood clotting parts needed. When blood clots it becomes thick, so if itcant clot, it becomes thin enough to start flowing out of every possible placefrom his torso. Proper antibiotics and anti fungal medicineswere administered. And he was accomplished from the hospital withlong term drugs of those remedies. Having learned a exercise about self medication, about buying sketchy things from an uncharted root online, and putting those skimpy thingsin his veins, he made a recovery. Thanks so much for watching. Take care of yourself. And Be Well ..


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