Achtung Gefahr! Hausstaub oder krebserregende Stoffe? Das ABC der Staubklassen und Sauger L, M und H

Hello tool fans welcome to Gotools TV my name is sebastian and this video is actually more of a health video because I want my personal yes my mission in this video is to explain to you what kind of clean and dusty class you should take when do you need an eleven do you just need industry but when do you need such an elsa or then you need a vacuum cleaner then you need a hair vacuum cleaner then you can normally use a vacuum cleaner which dust classes how do they differ which accessories do you need what to them static and so on and so on if at the end of the day yes at the end of the day it is secondary to the topic of cleanliness but primarily really to the topic of health because if you put the wrong dust wrong it can be life-threatening for you in the doubt have follow that are not funny and that’s why I ask you to watch this video I want all of you today explain differences explain exactly when you were vivo you have to pay attention to which pissed off you take and so on and so on that by the way a video we will deal with the bosch topic afterwards because i have all three worries here but this is not about the person you can also apply the whole thing to a church even with high walls record makita for whatever doesn’t matter now of course we have friday as always there is something to be won and of course there is also a sucker to win today, namely the bosch gea is 35 sfc plus and this is exactly this vacuum cleaner so does not mean mine stays nice here but you get exactly that brand new everything you have to do something again just give your opinion in the comments which vacuum cleaner do you actually have and why so what the reason why you decided for this dust class i’m very curious before we start this video is for all those who produce dust and dirt adorn and you always have to pay attention to which dust is which dirt is how dangerous we will talk about it in a moment and which dust has to use which vacuum cleaner and now videos you are for each one is also thought for each brand, we are about to focus on the bosch look at vacuum cleaners but here using the example of the bosses, I will explain to you that the whole system leaves all the dust and so on and so on but has nothing to do with scooping up but you can also apply it to your Metabo on your dewald on your marita or krcher or whatever you have the game so at first no role at all so stay tuned no matter which brand you have at home so now we have all three of bosch here it theoretically gives me that when boxing fourth but not if you first of all with the basic classes and I’ve actually already had all four classes here, I have that is my private very old festool vacuum cleaner no dust class on it i take that as a symbol for it is unclear it adorned simple suction i have nothing against which i like to do that is not the topic but we have normal house vacuum cleaners, for example, we can also use or completely simple industrial vacuum cleaners yes you can buy that too, there are some industrial vacuum cleaners for 35 for 45 euros which are just not as nice as a house vacuum cleaner but they could be here now so we have the rather simple one, then we have the class here l here the class m and every class i have been talking about lm and h the whole time what does that actually mean it is relatively simple a classification into the dangerousness of the material that is vacuumed is for slightly dangerous substances is for medium dangerous substances and hair for highly dangerous substances so that you that you have already roughly a classification and behind these terms lm and then there are certain Properties such as the filter degree and a few other things that you have to consider here and that is getting more and more complex so more complicated or at least expensive but has to be more complex from class to class, we have nothing here as normal as it is up to hair and there I have a lot to show you , first of all, the simple vacuum cleaner is now taken down and now we are dealing with the pure, also certified lm and hair vacuum cleaners now it is so that the most important thing about this vacuum cleaner is actually exactly one thing and that Is the filter mister degree of the vacuum cleaner that means how much material is out of the air out of the feelings or how much material of what is being taken care of here comes out back here or has just not been filled and there are those in front of them The regulations are very clear, and an L vacuum cleaner like this one must have a filter level of at least 99 percent, that is to say 99 percent a little im stay clean and are not allowed to go back to the back with an all class vacuum cleaner it is so that we have to have 99.9 percent in here or have to keep it so it is an enormous increase that these devices are still cautious with an h class vacuum cleaner it is so that 99 99 95 percent have to stay here in the summer so you can see how huge the increase is so how rain the air is that comes out of this summer here a little hint i said i always want to go to bosch by the way, why did i actually take the bosch and not to other vacuum cleaners has no background that I would prefer any brand here a simple reason to follow I had brought these two here a workshop with therefore hair that helped me the most cost-effective variant if you have an interesting note here bosch does that as follows I would have told him here 9 90 percent and 90 5 99 99 95 roz but it does so that we here with the gas gas 35 l sfc d em we still have a filter with 99.9 that means the filter performance of the sl and that is the same for the time being, but they are not the same clean, we will come to the point why it differs so much now look at what we actually say with which vacuum cleaner what am I actually allowed to vacuum with which vacuum cleaner and before we get to that exactly is the question you have to differentiate between private and commercial in the private sector you can theoretically do whatever you want you can vacuum the carcinogenic dirt with your house vacuum cleaner that where behind felt ten percent come out again, you can but the whole enterprise business just does not make business there are regulations and the classes that I now equal to say that what you say is what you do with it applies to the trade but should it be private actually just because hold because it is of course intended for you for your health because if it is in the trade there ch why should you speak against it again at home or not act accordingly or we come to class l what can you use it in the commercial sector to vacuum house dust sand lime gypsum and all that was it in theory, you can also argue about it Coarse wood shavings from soft wood but when you produce coarse wood shavings, smaller wood shavings or wood dust arise and then between us at an em is mainly cement concrete filler tile adhesive for wood material for a fish live dust even with soft wood for hard wood for actually everything what has to do with wood and so on and so on so you can see with the things that many of us do at home, one should attach great importance to the topic in or the filter performance of one meter and by the way, in the end I will do that again also give a tip than the eggs what you should buy that is not that easy because there is no flat rate you have to always shopping and you can always have a lkh you will probably need , we’ll get to that in a moment , but as I said at the end, I will give you the appropriate tips because it is so important I have written down the most important things here what you have to suck with a hair vacuum namely carcinogenic substances or pride mixed with carcinogenic substances yes and indeed all the germs are bacteria in mold yes glass fiber mineral fibers and with it and similar things as it is now looked at it remains that way, but mold does not have bacteria glass fiber mineral fiber that is Already a hair class vacuum cleaner the whole thing is interesting and here is an important note here with the bosch gas 35h it is so hereby you must not use asbestos it is very important you should have to do with asbestos call a specialist company so that is my tip probably a specialist company she cares about it don’t do it herself in such a way it makes it wrong but only as an indication of this suction r is not certified for vacuuming asbestos if you have to do with your special vacuum cleaner or do you really have to take the right clean for asbestos in a nutshell so that it really is understood is actually a l class vacuum cleaner is intended for the very simple things for normal dust so five rather this is not actually intended here loud after certification yes again right at the end we come back to some tips and tricks with him the classic is the standard that is how you take normal stoic something is normal or also sucks dust from hardwood and then maybe from me personally.I have worked with very simple vacuum cleaners or simple vacuums in the past and have also worked hardwood here and after a working day I notice it on my lungs so you notice that it is not so nice since I was a waste disposal user, so different from another Since I use a vacuum cleaner with a very high filter zion degree because I use different but all of them actually stand for the same thing here is a very high filtration skat I don’t notice that broadcasts that often I don’t have this feeling anymore after a day where I have worked on oak or beech, for example, so I can only advise you as the people of the Rhineland and a high degree of filtration and hair you take if you really use carcinogenic substances yes and even viruses and bacteria of course, he clearly says how often do I have to get bacteria again But worry, for example, when it comes to the subject of mold, you are more likely to be in that area have you tried to clean a mutilated, moldy corner or if you have a larger stables, maybe grind it off and so on and so on that can be done immediately the lungs go and that can have really serious consequences that is the question of when can you actually do it in business When it comes to using a 911 at all, I actually almost never think that you get even only m or l subsidized by the BG Bau to the extent that it says a lot, but as far as I know, the correct one will be in the right place soon on a construction site you need at least one disposal company how useful it is a different matter, but first of all you want to move on from the industry you have to say even if you well, but actually you want to do the business then you have no construction site At the moment only one wall is borne that is actually a detail of the construction sites the comments whether you see it that way but that means in the commercial image area it will actually be so that you are always with at least one carer yes come right back you have to look First of all, the vacuum cleaner from the outside on the subject of filter bags and buddy filter themselves afterwards but now let’s take a look at what needs to be an s auger actually can or what function they have but actually used no function in elsau he doesn’t have to be able to do anything and we are quite honest so according to the definition an elsa first had to comply with 99 percent and that was most of the elsa like that but here have a kind of tapping function there are the upload functions that you have to operate by hand like with this vacuum cleaner and there is also an automatic one that the difference between sfc here and afc here are first fc must do by hand I’ll show you that sometimes it is so that first of all provoking it belongs to the fact that there is a knocking here and there is a filter in the back I’ll show you that for safety once there is a filter here and this filter that we are now seeing here yes it is cleaned yes no wonder that i think up here i is just me with my hands who will not knock or knock over the rip-off But here at Bosch it is so that the pressure is reversed with a flap and this creates pressure from above on the filter and this then brings the dirt down, of course, the filter is always vacuum cleaner and accordingly still enough air to suck so but I show it now time ever now wants to listen to again to she had this beat this that owns this around this this pressure to reverse quite interesting I find here in which device that their next make can if you realize that the filter performance decreases then it is so that you here if not what you have is there that I can do what I did here with this button and you can close it and thereby provoke the age from tapping here accordingly you see now hear what is happening that means that we have to clean with the simple carer as he is here with the manual sfc you still have a cleaning of the filter but you have no monitoring and that is exactly the point you do not need monitoring with the ml, as a rule, it is so that you have worries like here at bosch you have no other setting option yes you can here accordingly Dust can you that gets stuck inside they are put on automatic and when taken power here then you have here accordingly the switched to the cleaner if the power switches off then it that easy to run and then accordingly also the suckers we off us every hint that sneaking is not in vain there so 2200 watts more you should n’t put in here, by the way, another hint here on the vacuum cleaner you ca n’t adjust the suction power, which means that it can sometimes be a little more or less you can’t here now the m has to come to whom should i have a gas 35 l yes you have no clean power regulate that you can anyway theo But do retic here and indeed here it is so that we could close the whole thing with full power and can accordingly let some air draw in here and thus also reduce the suction power here in front we come to the class and what does the m class actually have to do after certification we have to be able to call ourselves m class gt2 class number one of course 90 100 percent here with the filter but now it’s getting a little more extensive and indeed it’s so that we here yes we have it here we always have afc automatic filter clean systems What we have here, by the way, we can turn it off and also set it at the moment , yes, the point because I have to but we have an automatic filter cleaning or filter yes automatically connect now just say and very important is the following is this automatic drifting of the filter no is no must with am that does not have to be but logically it is so that it is that me I think that it is necessary because we have the 19 9 percent the second thing that is mandatory is that here the air flow through the hose, the air flow that goes through the hose is measured when the air flow that goes through this is below 20 meters in seconds falls he begins to offer I say always fast you have to this beeping belongs ie dms had her be signaled when it is this air flow can not be guaranteed that is the you could if you sucks something it ja that he ensures the suction power is so bad that maybe it grinds somewhere or something box or something and the dirt goes everywhere but is no longer used and so that you can notice that there is just this delusion that the device has to give off if this is measured accordingly, if the company falls 20 meters then it makes the sound so now the filter m As long as possible on your fine filter that I have just shown, so to speak, so that it can really transport summer football or this air for as long as possible , it is regularly unbuttoned exactly for that, the whole thing is there so I could leave it out but if in doubt if you just fine dust then you say then it is full and then you have to do something all the time yes you have to change the filter all the time, it is just not intended that is why you knock a property that you also have when your eyes are relieved, the subject is anti You can recognize statics here bye bye bye bush vines here on this mild hose want to hold together a hose and not just by chance, the following happened to my festool vacuum cleaner on the one in front of which I saw the hose broke because I gave you that too badly mistreated and accidentally this happened here once, I have now not but as me now not so provoked but looked something like that and then it was broken that will keep you in a perfect condition I think it’s really amazing you have to say if you had to buy this if so, it is really unbelievably expensive, by the way, adventures and prices all devices that we have here for you to have a difference between ml and h and normal suction I find all of this in the video description below as there is also battery care from dewalt in the m class which I find very interesting here from metaboli pull between the battery variant but so he likes to look over here I was just saying really interesting but otherwise also individually costs accordingly euros now we have the topic anti static that means these devices ride ride accordingly from here so if swimmers arise somewhere here then If it is completely diverted through the hose along inland lay here in the device now it becomes important that is very important that about s what all devices that do not have a battery because it is done so differently with battery devices than those that do not have a car it is like we do this look down here this is very important this metal point yes and that goes through here and is recorded here in here and then derived up here and in the device from what you because here a point where it is recorded at the point that it is recorded and then it is derived accordingly here via the cable that has a class and now really something show the whole thing interesting and indeed we met in elsau the l vacuum cleaner comes without antistatic so without this hose but what we see here it still has this metal pin up here also yes it is pre-equipped that means you can now, for example, can you can also retrofit the anti-static functions on a l class worry that means you can just buy this hose here show you that the whole thing also fits here, of course r on and you already have the option is antistatic, which means it has a l suction cup a class suction cup with an anti start function that does n’t make it an m-class suction cup if you have it here with this device bosch yes, as already mentioned, always a 99 99 percent filter so a filter in here that filters out the 99 9% filter that is already the filter that could be seen here in class now I also have the antistatic function of the m class This is not one of the m class vacuum cleaners accepted by the bg because it does not make this sound that means it does not monitor the amount of air that goes through it functions not my tip would be from me but if you say okay, I would like to begin with have a very good vacuum cleaner then it is so that with many vacuum cleaners in this class you already get 99 9% pay attention to it and take a look, I want the manufacturers to do some of them There are even games of violence that even have elsa 99.9, sometimes even more from some manufacturers, that means you get a very high filter performance and we also say well, I don’t say so much about it and I also regularly hope to stop myself I have carefully shown the button here then it is so that you can already operate the whole thing in your private life and you have a very high filter performance and thus comes relatively far operationally no chance is not approved here also not with the state hose comes here to our m-class sagas 35 in the afc here it is so that the resourceful viewer has surely recognized one thing and indeed we have two more controls here, and here we can regulate the suction power you can hear that too, you will hear for me because of that So here you can do the whole thing and get lively and get up again and here you can set the hose diameter from 15 to 20 and 35 millimeters briefly explained why b if you smoke these two regulators number one, the great power you would actually always say maximum.Basically you are absolutely right, but I also notice that some properties transfer devices such as a 150 eric center sander, the maximum suction power is this for me The device is really too strong because I turn it down a bit or set the nozzle here accordingly, which I can also set here so that the device does not stick to the material with accenture grinding that happens quite often because it is harder because of that that here is also a possibility what kind of background but actually this button what does it actually do here that really interesting almost nothing you could say now that it is there to operate smaller hose diameters on the device that means mine finger a 15 millimeter hose through this button but does not change the suction power or as he says ode r because it says faster slower higher wider deeper it doesn’t do anything what you do here you change the measuring point for these 20 meters that is just the vacuum cleaner is there to not warn you if too little is said when the air is out it will be too little, but with a smaller diameter the air volume is also lower, that is, if you take the one here now and set it to 15, for example, then it must have a smaller hose then it must also be much later people because the volume of the air is less yes but the whole thing is there it goes on with the hair class sucker repeated again we have a filter action level of 99 99 95 percent that have to be filtered here and this would be 99.90 whatever percent that always comes from the fine filter to the filter of these three devices, I will come back in more detail in a moment.I still have to explain a few things, but there are many things that are really so badly done wrong and that d a, I would like to bring the whole thing closer and closer to you in detail first briefly but first of all, turn on the vacuum cleaner here and do it very quickly, we are here again, we have the statics on board again, that means the topic is there we have exactly the nerve at this point again we can adjust the power here we can adjust the hose diameter measure the dust diameter we also have the automatic socket here we have the automatic start here we have the start here and so on and so on you could say that it is almost the same because it is exactly the same no it is not at number one you have the other filter in here if you look at it once we look at each other again for a second we look at the filter you so we now have in the back in filters you come, that’s the joke about it, you come because the specification does not simply include that you cannot access a filter without tools that is another thing that comes with h that’s why it is here that you need this screw here you need a screwdriver to loosen it here then this can be pulled down here and then come through here to the filter run accordingly why is that actually so relatively simple so that a thoughtless person doesn’t even know how to deal with it, just approach the filter , yes, actually everything and if you are now in your hair is imagining there is a lot of dirt below or there is cancer in carcinogenic substances inside then you don’t want to just get there we come to the last thing what makes a h class vacuum cleaner like this one and it is almost dust-free or very dusty but wanted to dispose of the bag and filter are such a thing I would here anyway now again briefly that he shows two different things and philosophies or at that time differently in the first time in the under and d ann we get to the hair and then it will be pretty good anyway but let’s start from the beginning this now stands for elle or em probably nothing special has to pay attention to that is a completely new filter bag and you can make it chase just take the whole thing off calls that a little electricity on it so a full filter bag makes sure that there is no pressure here you can prefer this to close it again and the whole thing out and there you can dispose of it I don’t sore there is a bit of dirt in there from the last time Was I tested something now it gets really interesting and basically you have three different ways to operate this vacuum cleaner no haber m and so m and l you can operate in different ways generally such number one vacuum cleaner you can take in such a long disposal sack these are the black bags that are supplied with the vacuum cleaners , unfortunately I don’t have one here right now that is Really a shame but it is basically a big black garbage bag that you take but the original belongs to that you take that you put in here then you grow over here everywhere it gets over here over over what is important when you get it here wrapped over it hate and would like to use the static function then you have to press this in here so take the whole thing over here as it is because otherwise what you don’t have on the static function so you only take it here now this summer rubbish bags in here because you put this on here so yes you just pretend and then the following happens you say then the dirt is sucked in goes in here and collects in rubbish bags because it then goes up here and then goes look here see that up here because here in the filter there in the filters and that is a problem if you just use this bag then the filter will be very quickly to set and then you can at the end eventually knock as much as you want then you have to buy a new filter, unfortunately, that happens relatively quickly and these filters can relatively cheap intensively are the different filters for the for Bosch gas 35 that link we do here Below for the price, I’ll come back again but just that you know they are also linked in the video description below, like now you have this one, this one, so to speak, a garbage bag, I’ll say this black bag and now the filter is because of me for now no matter then you take the whole thing out and there you just have a big heap of shavings the heart says take out here again take out accordingly and then throw it away somewhere is of course a plastic bag that you have to dispose of accordingly was once possible I would not give you under any circumstances recommend yourself personally about this really do not recommend because you have a problem with the main filter Did you deal with the one with the filter that makes the filter active and at some point, of course, you also let your power down, the fuller this filter is sucked in, the more the filter is, the greater the back pressure and the lower the suction power will be and accordingly you should always make sure that the filter is as clean as possible for this is this club function but at the end of the day he can connect here as he wants if this is so dirty that now there is a second reality, of course, quite simply that is what I have here tried it so it looks the way it looks i just said i don’t have a filter telling me i have nothing i just want to do it with just because i have a maximum I have to pay attention to but great yes i have here just completely normal the material I have is pine, by the way, i have sawn pine here just wanted to know how long it take to no suction power longer have the time just tried only for myself independently now we want it demanded, it was as if the whole here about half full was at the height he is so much more had place the suction power as strong collapsed es hat kaum noch abgesagt hat weil so viel feinstaub hier hinten im filter dmpfer so dass das nichts bringt wenn ihr sehr groben dreck saugen mchtet wie zum beispiel gute frage so etwas wie hobelspne wobei einem hobel macht das auch fr nicht so richtig sagen aber wenn ihr groben dreck habt dann knnt ihr das durchaus so machen aber ist nicht gut fr den filter so dritte mglichkeit und die mglichkeit die ich euch immer empfehlen wrde ist nutzt einen filter heute ganz normal das was wir eben hatten nutzer bedienen hier nochmal der voller ja der volle filterbeutel nutzt immer ein filter wollte weil dann habt ihr entsprechend wesentlich lnger spa an der ganzen sache erstens der sauger sauber zweitens erhal tet ihr eigentlich eure saugleistung relativ lang und vor allem auf filter hier der feind filter der wird dabei geschont das ist auch relativ einfach ja fr uns einfach nehmen hier entsprechend hier rein feierten dann hier drber und hirsch ob er hier ist muss ber diesen punkt hinaus ja also nicht einfach nur so drauf dann kann es hier auf fremde runter sondern wirklich komplett rber so das war’s hier ein bisschen ausbreiten und los geht’s das war’s aber das war fr im und fr lh sieht das ganz anders aus aber dazu wird etwas mehr vorbereitung ja so muss das ganze aussehen fr einen haagstrae sauger wir haben ja ein einweg anzug fr die fertige stoffe meine und eine sp2 maske die entsprechend auch richtig sitzen muss ich bin jetzt mal die maske ab damit ihr mich besser verstehen sekunden so wie ich eben gerade gestanden habe so musst du eigentlich wirklich unterwegs sein wenn du hier den filter also den filter ansicht ich hoffe der wechsel oder die filtertte dass wir was soll das d enn ja aber berlege jetzt mal wenn du mit wirklich krebserregenden stoffen unterwegs bist dann musst du das sowieso tragen also muss sowieso so unterwegs sein wenn du solche stoffe bearbeitet beziehungsweise solche stoffe sei es also hast du se an auch wenn das fr dich jetzt erstmal merkwrdig aussieht weil das jetzt nicht jeden tag benutzt aber das ist ganz normal und genau die sind voll anzug bzw auch die maske gerade auch die maske solltest du musst du benutzen wenn du die tte wechsels und wenn du hier den filterwechsel ist also das ist halt so jetzt aber hat hier vorn gesagt beim a klassen sauger muss die filtertte nahezu staubfrei entfernt werden knnen und ich zeige dir jetzt mal was das bedeutet also nochmals es hinweise das ganze jetzt hier abgelegt oder leicht einfach damit es hier nicht am ton raschelt fr euch aber eigentlich msste dir wie gesagt dass dabei an haben so jetzt kommen uns mal die filtertte erstmal an beziehungsweise denkt erst mal das ist ein filter sagt das ist nur ein sack das hier ist eigentlich eine filtertte schaut mal hier hier habt ihr da ist die filtertte und so und lie hier entsprechend drin ich zeige euch jetzt noch mal und zwar wie man das hier einsetzt das ist ganz verrckt ja aber sehr durchdacht eigentlich so erst einmal so und jetzt machen wir folgendes wir nehmen jetzt erste mal dass ganze tun dass hier rein und letztendlich ist der der filter der der sack von dem schon schwachen der mll sagt es ist genauso dieses material so genau so aus hat aber keine eingebaute filtertte so jetzt haben wir hier seht ihr hier die filtertte die wir jetzt hier rber ich mache jetzt nur bis hier das 100 damit es jetzt fr euch gleich da zu sehen ist oder einfach jetzt wieder auch zu entfernen das so wichtig ist jetzt rechts einstze vorher immer das ja auch drauf machen damit hier keinen dreck herauskommen kann also hier entsprechend beim beim sobald er die tte rangeht immer hier vorne zu machen damit hier kein dreck haus gehabt s o jetzt haben wir das ganze hier aufgesetzt jetzt hoffen wir dass hier runter tun dann achten wir darauf dass wir hier was auch ordentlich machen jetzt haben wir hier jeder punkt schaut mal hier so die statik wieder so setzt sich das ganze ein dann kommt natrlich jetzt der hier drauf so so und jetzt sagt ihr und jetzt kommt eben der punkt jetzt warum man auch diese diese anzug braucht er ist neben gehen wir mal davon aus ihr habt jetzt hier entsprechend gefhrlichen direkt eingesaugt jetzt msst ihr folgendes machen indem dann den sauger runter dann habt ihr jetzt hier ja eine volle mlltte dann macht ihr erst mal ganz vorsichtig folgendes nehmt ihr das hier so hoch langsam dann verzieht ihr das so hier vor dann nehmt ihr das hier entsprechende runter dann habt ihr hier eine lasche und entsprechend nach oben zu ziehen so ist hier der punkt schon mal zu dann geht ihr hier hoch beschliet das ganze vorsichtig dann habt ihr hier schon mit dabei ein kabelbinder der ist hier mit dran geht hier an ich mache das jetzt auch mal wirklich geht hier um schliet das ganze mit dem karin damit kein dreck mehr raus kann so dann knnen wir es rausheben so und jetzt haben wir hier noch einen filter damit wir hier auch luft entweichen lassen knnen so jetzt ist damit wir das hier aber auch noch verschlieen knnen haben wir hier diesen klever drin das ganze hier abziehen wenn das hier gerade neben das ganze hier dann flchig auf und jetzt haben wir das ganze hier das knne entsprechend entsorgen und das ist halt damit gemeint war im haar klasse sauger das ganze wirklich nahezu staubfrei hier das ganze haus zu nehmen und zu entsorgen und ihr seht bei haar wird denn auch keinen spa mehr gemacht deswegen hier die sicherheitsmanahmen und so weiter und so fort ich will jetzt nicht natrlich die meisten von euch werden gar keinen h klasse so gebrauchen und sind bei bmw aber wir sind ganz gut ganz gut aufgehoben aber dass ihr seht was man alles machen muss und das ist jetzt nicht so spe zifisch sondern auch bei anderen herstellern wird es hnlich gemacht um entsprechend wirklich eure gesundheit zu schonen wenn es darum geht es eigentlich das geht ja nicht es geht nicht um normen und das geht nicht darum dass sie irgendwas von auen irgendwie erfllt am ende des tages geht es um deine gesundheit und eine lunge kommen wir mal zum thema fehlt ja das wird eigentlich bei allen gleich gemacht beziehungsweise wir machen es andersrum jetzt mal so als wenn er schon noch drin gewesen wre das ist so und auch da dass bei allen herrscht eigentlich gleich bis auf dieselben dinge achten ihr macht das ganze auf dann knnt ihr das ganze hier entsprechend entfernen so und dann wollen wir haben wir einen nagelneuen filter in dem fall ist dass hier einen 1 ps filter ja und hier vielleicht noch mal zum filter preisen ist ganz interessant und zwar gibt es den ganz einfachen filter den man hier einsetzen kann aus dem der ml mitgeliefert wird das ist ein zellulose filter der kostet so um di e 25 euro hier gibt es hier den ps filter ja das ist ein vlies filter den wir jetzt hier haben was um die 45 euro dann gibt es noch den ptfe filter moment ich guck mal ob das hier der richtige moment das hier ist ein hier sttzt da ist wenn ptfe filter und was ist an dem feld jetzt anders der filter also ich speziell der hier ist erklrt auch gleich warum der so aussieht der filter gekostet 95 bis 100 euro der der hier es gibt aber auch ein ptfe filter der dass sie an der seite nicht hatte er sogar noch teurer so um die 150 euro jetzt die frage weil ich ein filter sollte ich neben der der hier der ptfe filter hier das erste mal dass hat das heit der hier hat die filterleistung steht eigentlich drauf von 99 99 95 prozent so und aber der ptp steht dafr ich kann es euch leider nicht zeigen aber das ist beschichtet und es ist so 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das regeln des ablauf wird und dementsprechend ihr sicher sein knnt und den piepton vor allem diese piepton also dass er gewarnt werden wenn die saugleistung nicht mehr da es ansonsten achtet aber bitte darauf immer viele hersteller haben auch schon in der l klasse in 99 von 100 prozentigen filter und haben auch eine sehr gute ausstattung so es war sicherlich ein sehr langes video wir haben hier ewig gedreht ich habe mich auch wirklich ewig vorbereitet weil ich wollte euch alles mitgeben wenn ich irgendwas vergessen habe schreibt unten die kommentare schreibt auch mal rein vielleicht ob ihr aufgrund des videos irgendwas anders machen werden oder ob wir noch eine ganz andere sichtweise hat ich bin sehr gespannt und jetzt ran an den sogar und bis zum nchsten mal

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