Afternoon Session – Asbestos Program Merger- Online Notification Form

hello everybody good afternoon this isErica Engel-Ishida from Ohio EPA division of air pollution control and wealso have with us mark Needham who is the manager of the asbestos program wewill be discussing today and demonstrating the online forms that wehave made available as of January 26 and we are hoping that we can get as manyusers to use that option as possible and help to receive any comments from youthat would be just printing you from making some excuse me commending youfrom using that system so that we can try to get as much usership as possiblehere’s a quick transition summary of what’s been happening January 1st theOhio Department of Health’s asbestos program for licensing and certificationsas well as training approval moved to Ohio EPA we did a lot of different kindsof outreach trying to make sure that everyone that was affected was informedof what was happening and based on this number of forms were receiving here atthe agency I think we met that goal we want to make sure that everyone is awarethat all forms that are applying to asbestos now whether it be anapplication for licensing and certifications training notifications orany approval documentation that all needs to be sent in to Ohio EPA we stilldo have some people that are available C’s will probably end this summer we didmake the merged project notification form we published that made it availablein mid-december and that form is what has been made available in Ohio EPA CBusiness Center at this time as far as the project transition we’ve had twowebinars so far one regarding the program merger itselfand what all that means and in addition there’s another one regarding thenotification form with a review of that what the fields mean the new design iscetera so that form that we’ve that we came up with tomerge the efficiencies of these two programs that is what the software wasdesigned based off of so the online forms in the e-business center so as Istated January 26 we went live and we’ve been receiving notifications ofdemolition and renovation abatement electronically through that e-businessCenter in summer of 2018 we expect to have the software system into thee-business Center for applications for training and certifications as well astraining notifications and other documentation just a quick note the theonline applications that are being used and excuse me through ODH and thetraining notifications this can continue to be submitted electronically throughthe Department of Health until the e-business on our version ismade available so those are being accessed by us curtains currently anddata is being transferred between the two agencies from through an agreementthat we have with them so so for now we only have the notifications is itproject notifications that are up on our a business center but the remaining ofthose applications and training notifications will be coming this summer okay as I spoke to earlier we want topoint out the benefits of why you might want to submit things online and theconveniences we try to make available to you clear communications is one of thoseyou will receive email alerts when you have submitted a notification or if youhave paid a fee to us as well as when your notification has been reviewed andaccepted by the agency so you’ll receive email notifications directly to you as auser of the system we’ve also implemented some time savers for what wehope will save you time and your data entry to be an incentive for you to usethis software there is less data entry so for example when you’re searching forowners or contractors landfills or things like that we are able to allowyou to go through and search for previous owners thatnotifications are notifications that have been submitted in the pastcontractors etc so that you can pre-populate many fields for you so thatyou can avoid having to key those in we also have the fee calculation tool thatis out there the total fee amount is presented to you with an explanation ofhow it was calculated so as you are going through and entering in all ofyour different project addresses the system will be taking into accountasbestos amounts that you’ve given what different types of projects are going onin order to calculate those fee amounts for you part of the when you’re goingthrough and submitting a hard copy although we’ve provided a feecalculation worksheet it can be cumbersome cumbersome and difficult todetermine what your fee amount should be so that takes the burden off of youloose with the system calculating it for you the validation of a complete formthe forms that we receive must be complete before they can be submitted sowe hope that that the validation that we have will help to have you submit theright information the first time rather than having to go back and submitpotentially several revisions or maybe even delay the ability for your projectto begin and lastly one of the time savers that we’ve implemented we’veheard from customers that it would be helpful for situations where you have aninstallation where you’re submitting potentially many addresses on onenotification you’ll have the ability to export a summary with a list of thoseaddresses project start and end dates and record amounts that you can exportto excel if you would like to do that so that if you’re going out to visitcertain sites or just want to keep track of what work needs to be done you can dothat and be able to export that to a specific summary okay what is thee-business Center for those that are new to using this tool for the Ohio EPA wejust wanted to make sure that you were all aware of what the e-business Centeris it’s been around for over 10 years now if there are any online systemswhere the agency is accepting forms electronically or fee payments oranything of that nature we have established the e-business Center soit’s our portal for submitting things electronically for all the divisions forany data that we receive for a program that is a federal program from us CPA wehave to meet the requirements of a rule that’s called the cross media electronicreporting rule or chrome air so that’s the business center with the securitymechanisms that we have in place to get usernames and passwordsand how we submit and all of those things are all chrome air compliant forthat reason so each division and program area has specific regulatoryrequirements that drive the software and form access so it is you should expectthat if you do business through the e-business Center with differentdivisions at or even program areas at Ohio EPA you can expect that thesoftware will behave slightly differently they might have differentrules for who is allowed and who is not allowed to sign different things using aPIN number so today we’re only speaking toward what is applicable to theasbestos project notification system so when you log into this system you willwhen you’re accessing asbestos notifications what we’re speaking to isonly applicable for this program excuse meso as you know this development and merger of these two programs startedabout six months ago seven months ago with the second half of 2017and because of that our software that we’ve established has you knoweverything that we need in it for you guys to be able to submit thesenotification forms to us but there are specific enhancements that we will bemaking to the system to make it more user-friendly for youand more business-friendly for you to be able to share these forms and theworkload across different contractors for example or with owners or customersor your business so at this point in time for example the notifications thatpeople used to submit under the Department of Healthall of those notifications were made available out on the public web page andat this point those are not currently available on Ohio EPA’s web page but weexpect that they will be in the future so when we’re talking about enhancementsthat are coming soon we are aware we’re trying to meet that goal of having themavailable but they probably will not be available until summer 2018 but I willpoint out along the way what additional enhancements we foresee okayone of the most important things that we need to make sure that everyone is clearon when using the e-business Center is this concept of an account in pin numberso we have an account that you have to get in order to use the e-businessCenter that account it represents a person so there is one account perperson not per company so you can use that account in the e-business Centeracross all the divisions and the programs so if you already have anaccount for another division like for stormwater or something and you alreadyhave a PIN number established that same account and PIN number can be used forany program in the agency excusing you can create your own individual usernameand your own password and you will be required to create a security questionwhich is also your own so I’ll go through and demonstrate how to how to dothat going forward in this presentation the pin numberthere is one pin number per account that pins as I explained can be used acrossprograms because it represents your personal wet ink signature sobe Erica angle Ishita I can have an account I can have a pin number thatrepresents my personal signature I could quit my job here at Ohio EPA and go worksomeplace else that had to do business with the e-business Center and I couldcontinue to use my same account and my same pin number because it represents meas a person not my company so it’s important to remember specifically rightnow when you’re using this asbestos notification system that whoever it isthat goes in and enters an original notification to give to the agency youwill be the person that’s completing that and a person that’s signing off andpinning it you do not share an account or PIN number with other people if youdo that and the person that is using your account and PIN number isessentially you know committing forgery it’d be kind of like signing someoneelse’s name to a form at the end and saying yes I attest to it as I my nameis actually you know George Smith so we just want to be clear just so thateveryone is aware that when you’re using the software system these are allimplemented in order to meet the federal requirements for receiving data forfederal programs and this concept of accountant pen is very important okay sothere’s a question we want to make sure everyone’s clear on is who can accessand see project notifications so each account holder can only see thenotifications that are created by that account so if I go in and I create anotification with my account and I create an original other people that arelogging in to create notifications with their accounts can only see theirs theycannot see mine so when you’re going through and creating these these itemsso you can create an original notification you can view yournotification you can revise your notification you can cancel it you canput it on hold and track its progress through all the works being donebut you can’t see others and others can’t other people cannot see yours sothe last Bowl on here for planned enhancement so we have heard loud andclear and we understand that it is a business need for you to be able todelegate access to your notifications to either other contractors or other ownersother employees at your office and in addition you would like to have theability to be able to see project notifications and search for thoseonline as you had the capability to do at oth and we’ve heard that need and weunderstand it we again plan on implementing that before the end ofsummer but it is not available today okay so in the software you have thecapability to submit an original notification when you’re submitting anoriginal notification we’re talking about a software system that wasdesigned to make you know data entry in the flow of the form it’d be the same aswhat you would see in the hardcopy so you do have the exact same fields sosince we’ve made data entry easier for you being able to search for certainentities for example that will help go through the process but if you’ve seenthe merged notification form that we’ve created and made available you’ll noticethe software is very similar to that so when you’re completing a revision or ifyou’re completing an original they’re the same the same things there’s nothingreally different on these forms so the same convenience and rules apply in thesoftware that is that apply on the hard copy you have one form so onenotification form per county per owner and a per abatement contractor if it’sapplicable if you have more than one project address you can have that aswell you would just create additional project addresses and keep you knowadding as many as you want to and go ahead and submit it all as one so it’snot a one-to-one relationship in the software it’s the same convenience thatyou have with the hard copy form as we’ll see in a few moments it’spretty simple to create a new notification there is simply a buttonthat says create new notification that it’s the top right of the screen so wehope that will be relatively simple you must pass the form validation in orderfor it to be considered complete and for us to allow it to be submitted so forexample if you’ve indicated that you are evading asbestos then we will requirethat you have an abatement of valid abatement contractor selected in orderto submit an original form to us you have to enter a PIN number and answeryour security question that you’ve established you also must completeelectronic payment in order for that submission to be successful so when youcome online to work and submit a notification to us you need to beprepared to pay electronically so that would have to be done using anelectronic check or with a credit card if you need to pay for your notificationthrough a check then you must also submit the form in hardcopy so if it’s ahardcopy check it’s a hard copy form if it’s an electronic check or credit cardthen you have to submit the form electronically so them there areconfirmation emails as we discussed before as part of the communication whenyou are successfully submitting the form and you also get a payment receipt backletting you know that we received both of those things ok revisions when onceyou’ve submitted your original notification and then you’ve paid for itand it’s moved down to an active notifications area you’ll be able torevise any of those active original notifications so you can revise most ofthe fields I’m no speaking on a high level you can you know revise mosteverything in there except for the countythe owner entity and the abatement contractor you can go in and select likea new contact person if that person left company or something like that but ifyou actually are trying to change an owner or change an abatement contractortypically those are things that would require a new original notification butif you have specific circumstances and you’re not sure and you did thatnecessarily applies to you of course please give us a phone call so that wecan kind of discuss and talk through it and see if there’s any workarounds thatneeds that would apply to that situation okay so again for revisions it doesapply where you must pass form validation in order for something to becomplete when you submit a revision to us you’re entering a pin and answeringyour security question again so you have to go through and sign off and say thisall this information is true and accurate but there is no payment orrefund until all of the projects are complete so just like with the hard copyif you go through and submit a notification form as an original andcomplete your payment if you’ve submitted several revisions over timethat may be adjusted the amounts of asbestos that we’re being abated oryou’ve decided that a building needs to be demolished or whatever the case maybe and those adjustments are made once the project completion dates have passedand it’s three days past those dates then at that point in time we would takea look at the total paid at the beginning and what’s currently due atthe end and we will either issue a refund or we will go through and send aninvoice to you to be paid so no revisions are allowed after threeworking days past the completion dates for all the projects that you have inyour notification form forgetting anything on revisions okaycanceling notifications only notifications that have not passed theabase the abatement or demolition start dates can be cancelled so if you gothrough and you have submitted a notification form to us you’ve paid allof your notifications in fees those notification fees will notbe refunded if you cancel your form the rack’em amounts would be but not thenotification fees if you have a circumstance where you need to put anyprojects on hold then you need to be conscious and aware of when the startand end dates of your projects are going to be because if a project you put aproject on hold and then the completion date goes past you potentially won’t beable to cancel it in the future so you kind of want to keep in mind and payattention to those projects begin dates and end dates for both demolition andabatement but you do have the ability within the software to cancelnotifications okay just a few more concepts that you want to make sure thateveryone is clear on before we navigate to demonstrate the software there arethree areas of notifications that you’ll find on the notification screen one ofthem is unsubmitted draft project notifications one is active projectnotifications and the last is completed or canceled project notifications so ifit’s an unsubmitted project notification and this is similar to other areaswithin the e-business Center Ohio EPA cannot see the forms until the contentis until it’s been submitted to us so but you can save the work and come backand work on it later in the draft form and then submit to us later so you cancome in start filling out your form if you don’t have all the information yetgathered for that project you can save it and come back to it later however youcan’t if you call Ohio EPA and start asking them about this notification formthey won’t be able to see that until you’ve actually submitted in paid activeproject notifications are the ones where the abatement are demolition completiondates for all the projects haven’t passed yet and if they’ve already beensubmitted to us and passed all the QA and everything so any of the activeproject notifications would come any of those projects where the work isstill being still being done and it they haven’t passed the time that you can’trevise them they will also remain in the active project notification area untilany of the fee adjustments have been made and paid for or refunded so if itturns out at the end after you submitted many revisions to a notification thatyou end up owing the agency you know $100 or something like that there’ll bea different status that will be on that to show that it’s an unpaid balance butit will remain in an active project state until that’s been resolved once aproject has been completed all the works completed on it and payments been madeit cetera or it’s been cancelled it will move into the completed cancel theproject notification area so all forms submitted by that account which are nolonger active will appear at the bottom portion of the screen so if you arereally active and have many buildings that you’re demolishing or baiting youknow potentially your the bottom area of the screen will grow over time for allthe different ones that you can look through but I will show you somedifferent search and filter mechanisms to help manage that information if youever want to go back and take a look at some of the work that’s been done in thepast okay notification statuses so in the past 38 shadows a software systemwith a notification status concept as well our our statuses now are slightlydifferent so it’s want to make sure that we went through and kind of covered whatthese mean okay ready for review the notification has been received and OhioEPA staff will review it soon so once you have submitted anotification form and you have paid for it the very first status you will see inthe active notification area it will say that it is ready for review once OhioEPA has reviewed the information and seen that all thefired information is present it will move to an accepted state if when OhioEPA is reviewing the notification and it is deemed to be incomplete that will becalling customers to let them know if there are any deficiencies one way orthe other they can’t get resolved quickly and it turns out like we can’tget a hold of the customer or whatever the scenario might be we will mark thosenotifications as being deficient and that that will show up for you on thee-business Center payment due would be if a situation where we’ve sent aninvoice to the company through email or in hardcopy if it was a hardcopy reportand all the works been done and we’ve sent an invoice and there’s a fee amountthat needs to be paid or refunded it will be in a payment due status once thepayment has been made it will move to being complete and that means I’ll workis complete and no balances do so that will moved into the completed orcancelled area on the screen I showed before if it is canceled that means thatwork did not begin at any of these projects that are inside thenotification and a notification has been cancelled so that’s what that statuswould represent okay so I’m going to head over to the e-business Center nowwhen you are navigating to the e-business Center we have here the theURL here a busy PA Ohio gov and there are alsobuttons for the e-business that are there all over the Ohio EPA webpagethere’s a button that you can click on that says go to the e-business Centerthis URL that is up here does not apply to you guys this is only our testsystems so please don’t necessarily try out to try to navigate to this becauseany of your account information won’t work okay so when you come to thee-business Center if you already have an existing user name andpassword you can continue to use that so if you’re doing business with otherdivisions and other program areas you can continue to use your same usernameand password if you do not have one you can click on create new account andcreate one of your own so once you’ve entered in your information here you cango ahead and put in your first name your last name and you will be prompted toenter in a password and a security question okay address these are beingpre-populated just through the Google through Google Chrome offering thatservice to me this is not a software a feature okay so once I’ve completed allthe information here about what we need to establish a user in the system thenyou’ll click create account and then you will be prompted to login okay and thisis the e-business Center it’s a little bit the font is a little bit small herebecause the demo so you’ll see in the e-business Center there are manydifferent services that are available so you can for example if you have onceyou’ve been invoiced by us at some point you will have the ability to come in andpay that fee online separately as a service that’s availablethere’s stormwater reports there’s many things here for the one that we are justdemonstrating today is the asbestos project notification but as we discussedbefore before a complete a project notification I need to be prepared tosubmit electronically using a pin number as well as being able to payelectronically so in order to establish my pin number I need to come up here andgo to my account and I need to request a new pin so the information that it isasking you on that screen is customized if you already have a pin you’ll be ableto deactivate your pin you will be able to like you candeactivate a pen you can see your pen if you forgotten what it was there’sseveral different options that will be available to you I won’t be able todemonstrate for you actually getting a PIN number today but I just want to makesure that you’re familiar with these screens and are aware of what theoptions are and what this all kind of means so you go through and you createyour user account and your password then you need to establish your pin the pinagain represents you personally and your personal signature so that means that weneed have these need to do some identity verification for who you are so thesystem has a pin request set up that is electronic to do electronic identityverification you can enter in you know your first name last name is this isyour home address so not your work address it is your home phone number notyour work phone number not your cell phone number but if you have a homephone number that would be what you would use so if people had difficultieswith this over the years as usually comes from their entering their companyaddress in here and or maybe using a cell phone number that kind of thing soplease make sure that you complete the and follow the instructions as best asyou can and obviously if you have any questions you can feel free to give us acall after you’ve entered in that that personal information you do establishyour own security questions there are five security questions here which mightseem excessive but the as we are going through and pinning things we areprompting you for your security question and answer so we rotate through thesefive security questions to make sure that it’s not just the same answer everytime so you want to make sure that your security questions and answers aresomething that are going to be obvious to you particularly if you’re trying tosubmit something quickly and you’re under pressure to get something doneit’s kind of tricky for us because when we’re trying to support you we don’tknow the answers to your security questions and we didn’t establish thesecurity question so we you get calls sometimes from people thatare asking us what the answer is to their security question we don’t knowthat so please try to make them as easy for yourself as possible but stillpersonal enough so that only you would know it okay when you keep scrollingdown there’s information about online identity verification if you choose toallow us to go through and try to verify your identity online you’ll be asked toenter in your birth date and the last four digits of your social securitynumber you then have to check that you’vereviewed all the above and click verify identity you’ll be allowed 3 attemptsthe first time and then the next time you would be able to go through and doit for the next like you can do it three times in one day and then you have to bedoing it the next day if you wanted to try again so like in my case for exampleI have a hyphenated last name and say I just moved it might take me a few timesbefore the system can find me because I don’t know if they’re using angle orashita or whatever previous address we had so please you know just do what youcan to put in your information as best as possible and if it doesn’t work outsuccessfully for you there is another option but it does take a little bitlonger which is to submit a hardcopy notarized identity verification so ifyou do that it gives you a hard copy form that you can fill out you get thatI think you get it notarized and then you send it in here and we will get youyour PIN number that way so if you have time you can do that if you want to getyour PIN number that way and use the system or if you go through and use youronline verification it’s usually about 85% successful that they can identifyyour your identity if you’ve been relatively absent from the internet itmakes it more difficult for the system to be able to verify that but we shouldbe able to eventually we can get you your PIN one way or the other so thatyou can sign off on these documents so once you do get your PIN number youwe’ll see different options to go in and activate your PIN and like I said you’llbe able to deactivate it request to see it you can get your pin number changedif you need to etc okay so now that I’ve demonstratedthat I’m actually going to move over to my actual test account I’m going to login as me okay so this will show you here once you havean account established and your PIN you can go in here and view your pin updateyour pin holder information or deactivate your pin so as I wasexplaining before when you get your username and password and your pinnumber it is personal to you you might think it’s a good idea to take youraccount and give your username and password to another employee at yourcompany or to an assistant or something like that because only you have the pinwell anyone that logs in and view with your account name and your password hasthe ability to view your pen update your pin holder information deactivate yourpin that granted it will be asking you know your security questions butdepending on how savvy you were creating them if your assistant also knows whatyour pet’s name is or also knows what street you live on etc they might beable to get in here and modify your pin and it’s not to say that people have theintent of doing things illegally that’s not what I’m trying to say it’s just amatter of in order to for us to keep a system secure those are the things youneed to be aware of okay so now let’s go ahead and go into the projectasbestos project notification system and I’m going to go through here and kind ofgive you a tour of what the system looks like and what it’s capable of here so atthe top right you have the ability to exit back to the e-business Center soback to that main kind of greenish colored screen with a list of all theservices there’s an online help on the right-hand side here where you canclick for instructions or it gives the hotline number for you to call forproject notification assistance or if I you click here this is your logout forthe entire system so as I explained before if you’re creating an originalnotification you’d come over here and click the create new notification buttonthese are the specifically those three areas that I was explaining before whereyou have unsubmitted draft project notifications active projectnotifications and completed or canceled notifications so some of the features onthe specific forms and some of the themes kind of throughout the softwareif you have actions that you’re going to be doing there over here on theright-hand side it will show you all the different things that you can do withthat specific form depending on where it is in the review process or where it iswhere project completion dates are there’s also specifically if you arelooking at all of your notifications and you can’t remember you know whichproject addresses they were that we had submitted that notification you canhover over on the left hand side and it will show you which project addressesare currently in that notification you also have the ability to come in andclick on actions and click projects and you can see a list here of all of yourdifferent projects that you have with their addresses the different recommenceyour demo start and end dates and there’s also asbestos abatement startand end dates as well using ok so let’s say I have a list of 100 projects thatI’m working on and I want to take a look at all the ones that are on the samestreet so that I can plan a visit to the site or whatever the case may be there’sa option down at the bottom of the table to click filter all columns so you cantype any word in these things and have it reduceddown so let’s say you had indicated that these you know there’s vacant some ofthem were vacant houses and others were specific building names you could filteron a building name in this case I want to take a look at all the ones that areon Miller Avenue so I’m just going to start typing Miller and you’ll see itshrunk my list down to show the only one that was on Miller Avenue and then atany point in time you can also click export to excel and it will put that outto excel so that you can print it and do whatever you want to with that data okayso the other actions that are available just to help you understand what islooked out there there’s view current PDF so you can click that to view the aPDF version of the form that you have that’s completed there download all PDFsmeans that you can download if you have revisions to this or if you haveattachments to it it will download a PDF version of all of the different revisednotification forms and all of the attachments that have been made to thoseso it’s kind of like a complete record of everything that’s happened with thatnotification view will allow you to view the notification within the softwareform so it’s not a PDF version as viewing it within the software formitself revised is how you would go revise a tosubmit a revision to a notification and you’ll also see an option to cancel ifnone of the projects have started so you can only cancel project notifications ifthey have not yet begun the work at those sites okay so I believe I’ve shownyou everything that’s kind of common amongst the system here let’s go aheadand crack into a notification form so I have one up here that’s currentlyindirect just that I’m working on but I’m goingto go ahead and create a new notification because I just got word ofsome additional work that we need to get done so I’m gonna click create newnotification and I have a new form here okay so the notification form as theyexplained is designed to be similar to the hard copyit also helps data entry internally here but we hope that it would also help toorient everyone to the software compared to what the hard copy form was doingthis summary information at the top will make more sense later on once you’vecompleted the project addresses that you want to add to your form it’s kind ofjust a high-level summary so that when you open it up then you know okaycontained within this form there is a demolitions or if it includes renovationabatement it will show that information as well here so that will populate asyou go along through the system we have some instructional text here too just tomake clear to everyone we have through the system through the Quality Assurancechecks and validations that are in play we will enforce the ten working daysthat we need to have before you can submit an original notification it mustinclude payment and we also do not accept courtesy notifications so if youhave a project that you are doing and it is not notifiable or it’s not a projectthat we need to be legally notified of we won’t accept a notification form forthat because we don’t want to create more work for you or for us so this justgoes through and describes what those criteria we are looking for to make surethat it kind of meets the criteria of us needing to receive these notices okay ifyou find that you need assistance at any point while you’re going through theform like I was saying up here in the top right there’s this question mark orif you click on it it will pull up instruction forms that gives youinformation for each individual field and what thosedefinitions are and examples etc and that will be enhanced over time as weget further along in the software and kind of if we start receiving questionsso that we can help make it more robust ok so as you can see as we’re navigatingaround here there is a title bar that appears on the bottom of the screen andthis is common between both section 1 and section 2 of the form and it’s kindof important to understand what these different buttons mean as you’re goingalong the way so right now I’m in section 1 so I have four buttons overhere on the right hand side so I have validate which if I click that that willrun validation for this form and any project addresses that I’ve included ifI click Save it will obviously save the form it will give you notifications onthe bottom here if I click Submit that will attempt to submit the form but itwill first run validation to make sure that you’re submitting a complete formto us if I click on exit that navigates us out to this main area here you cansee I kind of have a blank form here so if you click on exit that will navigateyou out to this main notification list page so I can come over here and clickEdit to get back into the form and then once I create a project address I willalso review that title bar so you can see the difference between them overhere on the left hand side there are two different areas you can see have thispop-up assistance if I click over here on your notification ID that gotassigned it will create a PDF version of this form that I’m currently on there isalso an X to or to the right of that under total fee if you click on that itwill display a fee summary of how that total fee is calculated when right nowit’s populated with zeros of course but I’ll show this later on too with ain here it gives you an explanation of how the fees are calculated when they’reapplicable how you know how we came up with these totals essentially or howwe’re charging the fees so that you don’t have to work out calculus on yourown okay so back to just completing this form section one general information weare going to go ahead and go through and create a notification form for ademolition only so again I’m creating this form for one County one owner andone abatement contractor if applicable so I’m going to come in here and I’mgoing to submit one for Franklin County I am going to come down to my next areahere which is to identify the owner so the owner this is an area an example ofwhere you can use the search feature so what we have done is we have populatedthe system with any owners that we have received previous notifications forsince the beginning of this federal fiscal year so they’re migrating dataover so for example I was doing work for Ohio State University an example I usedbefore it can go through and most and find that let’s say I’m going to dowrite Patterson Air Force Base so I can go through and choose whichever addressit is that was associated with wright-patterson Air Force Base if I donot find my owner but I am looking for in here I have the ability to click adda new owner and add a new owner for this now you’ll notice there is a questionover here asking is this a company and we did not intend for this question tobe confusing it’s really just a matter of whether or not we is this owner ahuman or is this owner a business organization municipality can t anythingthat represents a group organization at versus anindividual person so if I say is this a company no the search becomes first-namelastname so if you can’t find the person that you want to have be the owner ofthis property you can click on add new owner say is this a company no and fillin the information so in my example here I’m going to go ahead and just take aright Patterson Air Force Base if you do select one so say you select the threatPatterson Air Force Base and then you determine that oh wait I didn’t mean toselect that I this is actually the wrong notification I needed to submit it forsomething else you can click clear owner data and it will blank out those fieldsso that you can start over okay so once I select the owner that I was able tosearch for it populates the information in those fields for me the only thingthat I’m left to complete at this point is the contact name okay so in myexample this first one that I’m filling out here is just for a demolition onlyso I don’t have an asbestos abatement contractor so I’m going to leave thatblank then my next area that I am a scanner is billing contact so I’m goingto associate my bill with the owner so I’m going to enter in that information okay so we have associated a billingcontact for a few different reasons one would be if you have a situation whereyour billing contact or the person that receives and pays bills is off-site in adifferent location from where like the main offices for the people that you’redealing with for asbestos removal if it’s also for you know when you gothrough and you submit your form the person that holds the user accountantpen is the person that’s entering into payment information to pay for thisnotification up front if there ends up being a difference in the bill whetherthat’s to be refund it or whether it is to for us to send an invoice to you wewill be contacting this person that you’ve specified here to be associatedwith that amount so that they can handle it okay so continuing on the firedepartment here would only be applicable if you had a fire training that washappening as this form of demolition for how you’re taking down the building sosince we don’t have that situation we’re going to move forward that we are goingto now enter in our evaluation specialist and our test system markNeedham gets a lot of work done because I use them a lot and as our system fromhuman valid some person with these different certifications so we have markNeedham specialized or just specialized listed here is our evaluation specialistif you have more than one project address that you’re including and youneed to give to us more than one evaluation specialist we do not have theability at this time for you to add more thanone evaluation specialist instead you can go through and submit an attachmentto us and I’ll show you how to do that later on so I’m going to continue tocomplete this form so number four procedures to be followed shouldunexpected recomm be discovered complete that if you do ever select thecheckboxes for other then it will appear here this box will appear for you tocomplete and if you see that your screen is not wrapping correctly like I seehere it just means that the resolution is different than what we anticipatedpeople to use so if i zoom out for example then everything becomes orientedbetter so with different browsers different monitors etc we did the bestwe could but if it starts wrapping strange that’s why it’s not a it doesn’tmean your data won’t be received it’s just a matter of do resolution on yourscreen okay number five we have a planned demolition so let’s go withimplosion sounds fun yet methods number sixasbestos description and engineering controls we for this part of ournotification that we are doing we don’t have asbestos so we’re leaving thatnumber blank so number seven does not apply because again we’re doingdemolition only and we don’t have an asbestos waste disposal site and thisisn’t an emergency so I’m living that blank too and we’re down to the projectaddress information so section one if you’re doing a demolition only remainsthere’s a few pieces of information required but not many again like I wassaying before if you do have a specific attachment that you want to give us likewhether it is the additional evaluation specialist or something else that youwant to submit to us or that turns out to be required given your specificcircumstances you can handle that through a generic notificationattachment okay so I’m going to go ahead and savealong the way so here in section two this is where we’re going to add ourspecific project addresses so you’ll notice down at the bottom left here itwill give you a total summary of what your recommended ition just like Ishowed you before with the filtering columns area once you do have additionaldata that’s in here you can filter this based on your building name or addressetc so I am going to go ahead and click on add project address so we can goahead and start filling that out so we will fill it our name see Kennedypicking president today so specific site location okay I’m going to complete myinformation about a building size so this is a vacant building that used tobe school let’s say so I said we’re filling us out for demolition only sowe’re going to click demolition and leave this area blank is asbestospresent no and on the form the on the hard copy form that you have this areaappears a little bit differently so it says is asbestos present yes or no andthen it goes on further to say no and it’s previously abated what’s the yearso if we have a question here where is asbestos present and we say no if you donot have a case where there was any asbestos there and it was never evadedyou don’t have to enter a year here but if it is no and itwas previously abated then you can enter in the year okay since I do not have anyasbestos I don’t have any numbers to put in for section D I don’t have anyabatement dates that I need to enter here so I’m going to leave a blank aswell so section F I am doing demolition so I’m going to select my demolitioncontractor so again I can come in here and search for any of the demolitioncontractors that are already pre-populated and I can select one ofthose if I determine that I accidentally selected it and I didn’t really want todo it again you can say clear demolition and search for another one if I need toenter in a new one I can click add new demolition contractor and start enteringthat in here okay so if I enter in a new demolition company because I was unableto find it in the search I just have to click Save and it will populate thatinformation for me and then when I complete future notifications or ifother people users come in and complete feature notifications they can selectthat demo contractor when they go to search ok so now I’m going to schedulemy demolition dates so I’m going to schedule these here okay so down at thebottom of the screen here on the bottom bar that is kind of permanently in placeas you’re scrolling around I showed you before for section one what the buttonswere over here and they were you could validatethey’ve submit an exit so on section 2 we have validate now this validationwill only run for the project address and currently on as opposed to all ofthe projects and section 1 so I will try to clarify these buttons a little bit sojust as validate validate project so you know what that button does more withouthaving to just remember but that’s what it’s for the Save button is obvious soyou can save the changes you’ve made if you’ve gone in and made a change to theform and realized you didn’t want to make that change and you just want tocancel it for example if you hit closed without saving it will prompt you andFitz let you know there are unsaved changes are you sure you want to closethis page so that’s why we have that built in because you know for peoplethat go and it might accidentally edit something they didn’t mean to edit forexample so I’m going to cancel and save my work and now I’m going to clickvalidate so that I can validate this specific project I am on so this forthis project address I’m doing a demolition only so I click validate andan error message pops up so section 2 project 1 G demolition start date cannotbe later than the completion date so it went through here we’re going to closethis down but I went through here and I accidentally chose a date that had thecompletion date before the start date which makes no sense so I’m going tocome over here and I’m going to fix this to be March 27th 2018 I’m going to saveand close ok so now you can see now that I’m back on section 1 you can see I’veadded one project address so let’s say now I have information on this sameCounty and the same owner and we will need to do some asbestos abatement workso we are going to be able to go ahead and use the same form because it is thesame county in the same owner so I’m going to click onproject address I’m going to go ahead and enter in additional information hereI’m going to pick in building and we are going to be removing a bunch of tapetape other it word around the pipe so we’re going to go through and remove alot of pipe from this building so I’m going to say this is in the basement andthe northeast corner so I give this address okay so entered in my buildinginformation and for this one we are going to be going through and doing someabatement and we’re going to be removing some asbestos from the pipes so is itbestest present yes so let’s go through and indicate number of linear feet thatwe are removing from this building so we have our set update our abatement dateand the completion date for when we expect to have this work done okay sosince we’ve setup our schedule we also have to indicate what the schedule isfor when our statement specialist is going to be present so I’m going to gothrough here and search for a valid abatement specialist now the abatementspecialists that we select those are being imported from the Department ofHealth System every day so we have valid information here onwho is currently a valid maintenance specialist 2 is currently a validcontractor etc I’m going to come in here and indicate which days my abatementspecialist will be on site so defaults from 8 to 5 we’ll go ahead and leave itthat way you can adjust these numbers if you have your abatement specialist isgoing to be on site like say Monday Wednesday Friday from 8 to 5 but TuesdayWednesday or Tuesday and Friday you know whatever change your schedule to be like7 to 3:30 or whatever the case may be you can add more on-site hours for thisabatement specialist if you have more than one abatement specialist you canadd another one if you need to depending on how big your project is so thatoption is also available so in this case my demolition contractor I don’t needone because I’m not doing any demolition for this specific project address whichmeans I do not have any demolition date scheduled and I’m not putting my projecton hold right off the bat so I am going to validate this project and my form isvalid I’m going to save and close ok so now you can see my sum my summary herewas adjusted so you can see what my total wreck of a mouth are for thiswhole project you can also see at the bottom of section 2 that my total feeamount has been adjusted to one hundred and seventy-six dollars based off ofwhat we’ve completed on those different projects so for example if I come inhere and I click and look at my summer I can see the linear feet of rack’em is635 linear feet I have a one-time knee shaft notification fee that’s beenidentified this is how much I have to pay for the rack’em amount and for myproject notification fees for licensing I have one for $65 so let they have aquestion well why you know which one is it that I had to pay the $65 fee for youcan come down here and click on this arrow to see specific details onwhat is applicable and where the fee was charged so this one has demolition onlydid not have renovation and had no asbestos present so there’s no licensingfee ok so again I’m on section one right now so I’m looking at the two projectshere summary that I have I’m going to go ahead and click validate now and if whenI’m validating I’m validating section 1 and section any of the section twos thatI’ve included so it’ll go through the entire form and perform validation onthat so when I click on validate it gives me the complete list so if forexample I wanted to highlight this and copy it and paste it in word I could ifI wanted to if the list was long you’ll see that this white list pops up whichis complete this one only shows the top five so depending on how you like towork it will handle it either way so the reason I’m getting these messages nowand I didn’t earlier is because when we were initially filling out section onethe computer system only was aware of what data you had entered at that pointso at that point when I did one project and I ran validation for demolition onlythat meant that none of the asbestos abatement information was required butnow that I’ve entered another project that has abatement going on now in orderto submit my form I need to make sure that I have an asbestos abatementcontractor and answered the other asbestos abatement related questions soI am going to close this and I think this is up to high and it’s driving menuts so I’m just going to close it I’m going to go ahead and just scroll backup to the top here and kind of reevaluate since now I’m doing someabatement work too so you see here in this summary now it now shows demolitionand renovation abatement for what’s going on in this specific notificationform so scrolling down through my owner still applicable my best asbestosabatement contractor is now required so I’m going to search through and selectmy contractor to add a contact for that contractor okay so as I continue to scroll mybilling contact is still applicable I’m still not doing spire training fordemolition so I’m going to scroll down so now question number four I alreadyhad what answered that one board if we have unexpected reckon we could do fivewas for demolition six those number six asbestos description and engineeringcontrols so I’m going to select the proper answers to these questions forengineering controls work practices an asbestos waste transporter is neededsince I am evading asbestos so I’m going to click add waste transporter if I havemore than one transporter that is going to be transferring the asbestos aroundfrom several sites for example you have the ability to add more than one so wecan click asbestos waste transfer okay transporter excuse me so again I canselect an existing company or I can also create a new one if I need to if it’snot in the system okay so if I have more than one I canclick Add waste transporter again for an asbestos waste disposal site you do nothave the ability to add additional waste disposal sites through the softwareinstead you would need to contact us in order to add another one because we doregulate landfills at Ohio EPA for other purposes than just this specific purposeso we have to kind of keep a better handle on those since they’re used bytheir divisions too so we select our landfill and get a contact name for thatperson okay and again since this is not an emergencydemolition or an emergency renovation then we have completed what we’ve neededto so I’m going to go ahead and save and validate and now I have a message heredown at the bottom that says form is valid so now I think I am ready tosubmit so I have my information I don’t have any additional work that’s comingup for that same County in that same owner and abatement contractor so I’mgoing to go ahead and spit hit submit so when I go to sit at my forum the firstthing you’re faced with is just a fee summary so that you are aware of what iscontributing to this total like I showed you before so again these littlequestion marks are over here that will pop up and explain what these reconciletheir calculated etc once you have done and reviewed this you want to clickSubmit notification so you will be presented with an attestation languagethe top portion here is generic for all of these from our compliant systems theattestation language here indicates what the rules are you’re stating that thisis true and accurate information and you can legally submit the form you’llanswer your security question which for my test system here is not super securebut not really a valid account okay so you enter your PIN number so once youhave signed off so you’ve done your wedding signature PIN number here youare faced with the electronic payment screen do you have a choice of using acredit card or an electronic check for the credit card payment notice thatthere is a service fee that is applicable so all credit cards come andcharge you get charged for using credit cards this Ohio EPA has that service feeadded on to the C amount that you’re paying I believe it’s actually one pointsomething rather than two points three but that’s adjusted in the real systemor you can pay with an electronic check and there’s no fee associated with thatso I’m going to pay with an electronic check so I have to enter my pin number and answer my security question and thenI am taken to the state of Ohio’s electronic payment system so it explainsto you what your routing number and your account number is on your checks ifyou’re not familiar with that so I’m going to enter in my fake checkingaccount information okay I can enter in an email address andcheck that I want to have an receipt emailed to me and then I click oncontinue you will then be asked to confirm the payment information okay gotthat all right so I’m going to click confirm and then you have the ability toprint a receipt so you can print this receipt for your records or if you needto pass it on to your client obviously you can do that as well once you’vereceived this that means that we have submitted the information to the bank orto the credit card company to go through and confirm payment but after this isimportant that you that you click continue so that you navigate back toOhio EPA software to the asbestos system so now you can see my wright-pattersonAir Force Base notification went from this draft area down here in a ready forreview state so let’s review what we can do after we have submitted an originalnotification so I’m going to look up here and let’s see in this system we cango through and revise them so let’s say after I submitted this I needed to comein and make some adjustments to my specific project states so I can come inhere say someone smaller and I can submit a revision so I need to come in here and I’m goingto use a shortcut which is to click on the end key on the keyboard to navigatedown to the bottom of the screen so I can avoid scrolling so that takes medown to the bottom and I’m actually not going to get out there to do theabatement until sometime later in April so I’m going to whenever I am doing arevision to a notification you’ll notice there’s these buttons up in the topright is say revised the revised section five revised section six this is how weare able to tell which portions of the of the form you have actually revised sothat we don’t have to kind of try to find a needle in a haystackso if I’m going to revise a specific project I need to click revise projectinfo and then I’m going to select the project and click Edit so for theseapartment dorms that I was going to be doing work on I’m going to change andmove these dates out to April so new revised section E and I’m going to movethese out to make it a month later okay but I still I’m going to be usingthe same abatement specialist if I needed to change my abatement specialistI could delete him I could create a new one I could add additional hourswhatever needs to be done so I’m going to go ahead and save that change andclose it and I’m going to submit my revision so I can click Submit and gothrough the pin process it will display for you to see summary again so if youcan see a change in that fee amount you can acknowledge it but you do not youwill not be able to pay at that point not until all of the projects arecompleted I have discussed before so if you’re submitting this you’d go throughthat same process of quitting clicking submit notification and entering in yourpin information you’ll notice when you are out here as soon as you havesomething that’s being revised it shows up moves back up here into thisunsubmitted draft area because that is a revision that we haven’t yet received soI’m going to go ahead and delete let’s say I change my mind I actually don’tneed to change this and I’m not going to submit this revision I can delete it outof here and it would appear back down in the bottom area back to where it was sowhen you submit a revision it will show up as having more detailed informationbelow so if you’ve submitted ten revisions one revision you’ll see themall listed here so you can come through here and see the number of revisionsthat you have add that’s where this comes in to be helpful when it saysdownload all PDFs you can download the current PDF version of it you can alsodownload all the attachments as well as all the different revision components tothat okay so let’s say we want to cancel a notification if you need to cancel anotification again you can only cancel itif the project start dates have not already passed so even if you have it onhold you cannot cancel it if the beginning start dates of abatement ordemolition have begun so you see this cancel option here is available for thisone because those projects have not started this one you do not have acancel option available because those projects have started so say I want tocancel one I can come in here I can say cancel if I have additional informationI want to attach like there is order to stop work whatever the case may be youcan enter that optional attachment and then click cancel notification and itwill bring it down here to the cancelled section so I have to cancelnotifications down here okay um so I believe anything else I’m missing Marchyou can I think I’ve heard it all as well not I might have missed somethingbut if you do find at any point that you have a ton of work that’s tucked up inhere and you’re not able to view it these filters should come in prettyhandy so for example if I only want to see the ones that I have currently goingfor Central Ohio quite a list of a hundred of them and I started filteringit was I could narrow down which ones I’m viewing at that time okay so we Ibelieve we’ve covered most everything here so let’s go ahead and open it up tosome questions that any of you might have and again let’s go ahead and if youcan type them into your chat since you guys don’t have the ability to talk tous at this point we’ll repeat the question for you okay a specificquestion about browser setting specifications currently like I’m inthis demonstration I’m using google chrome the google chrome works well withthis product we can also use Internet Explorer if you useInternet Explorer for this software you have to turn off compatibility viewsettings I can’t demonstrate that with this rightnow because we currently have WebEx running using Internet Explorer but ifyou have any problems at all viewing or using this software feel free to contactour helpline and the compatibility view settings and Internet Explorer you justhave to turn all of those off in order to use the asbestos system but again youcan use Google Chrome’s and put on any problem question about in whatcircumstances do you want to deactivate your pin if for some reason you believethat your pin number has been compromised like if you have your youknow personal you know you have your user account information and a book thatyou left out in the open and for some reason you feel that you need todeactivate it you can do that and that way you can go ahead and establish a newone so if you lost it for some reason and can’t don’t want to do it and don’ttrust that it’s being protected you can deactivated it so question about thecredit card fee is whether or not it’s a flat fee or if it’s a percentage thecredit card fees that we receive at the agency are the percentage and it getsadjusted so right now it’s 1 like 1.8 percent or so okay um but the question is when does a10-day period start when I submit online is that when the system access thenotification are we emailed the date we can start the project if the 10-dayperiod starts is the day you submit the good from the submission date whateverday you submit it and it would be ten days of calculate from that date and ifyou’re not emailing the date that you can start it just won’t let you start ifyou try to start it too soon so the ten we have this question in thelast session regarding that if when you can start work if it’s on the tenth dayor the eleven today so it’s ten working days which is Monday Wednesday andFriday for Monday’s Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday done notincluding murder day and Sunday but you can begin work on the 11th day even ifthat’s a weekday the question is there a specific form or template you want formultiple asbestos surveyors in the general attachments mill right now thereis not a specific template we we would want to know information the name of theperson there evaluation specialist number and for which address the personsat the survey for but there is no specific template for that otherquestion when do asbestos armes need to be attached to as a PDF there’s norequirement that they have to be attached some of the local area C’s liketo see those attached but they don’t have to be if you do attach those toyour notification then we wouldn’t require you to have the buildinginspection report on-site as required by the licensing rules a question fromStephanie beam if Lizzie you mentioned that if we use a check we have to alsosubmit a hard copy of the notification does this apply to electronic check theanswer is no if you’re sued electronically then you would payelectronically like I did in this demonstration using an electronic checkwhat I was speaking to is if you were unable to pay electronically and neededto use a hardcopy check or money order then you would have to submit your formand hardcopy as well okay Mike little shrimp had a question about repeatingwhat happens if we have more than one evaluation specialist to enter so youhave more than one evaluation specialist you would enter one of them in the formitself like I demonstrated if you have more than one like Mark described if youwould complete the same information and just indicate those and which projectsthey’re associated with you can upload those as an attachment to the formitself

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