An Asbestos Story

I didn’t know what Mesothelioma was , notat the time, but now I’ve learnt that it’s the end result Of having Asbestos damageand it is something to dread I was 16 years of age started work for a developer in Berkeley power station Mixing the Asbestos in a 45 gallon drum for The laggers to lag all the hoses in the power station Nobody told us there wasany perils No one am talking about publish concealments orbreathing gear You really crowded the thing with ocean, cut the handbag& chucked it in .. dust everywhere, and exactly mixed it by hand..There was 14 of us and there’s 3 left … And they’ve all died with Asbestosproblems I was very angry that I couldn’t do nothing I was very limited and it clearly wasn’t fair on the spouse Yeah, every time we go into hospital he’sasked about resuscitation and they more or less say that there would be no hopeof resuscitating him and I’ve always said where there’s life there’s hope You, you, time don’t realise .. that even by taking the clothes that you are wearing home Your spouse could die of it … It is deadly … It’s an Absolutely deadly dust … Working with Asbestos have done for me .. It have done for me …

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