Asbestos Awareness – Employee Basic Training

asbestos containing cloths hidden with available products have been in use for thousands of years in fact it was mined from stone shaping in ancient times as a wick for lamps tablecloths textile products and other handy parts in modern times asbestos has been used for numerous concoctions such as fireproofing pipe insulation theatre palls placing roofing gaskets and backpack liquid and sewer piping and more in sea and wastewater lotions asbestos cement pipe may contain as much as 20% asbestos or more which is used as reinforcement for the pipe much in the same way steel is used to reinforce concrete in bridges and buildings however we must understand that the cement is set out in the piping can cheapen over duration therefore increasing the risk of fiber release the types of asbestos abused are both the serpentine Chrissa tile and a portable amma site and cross it alight some people think that asbestos was banned by the epa so there is no more asbestos nonetheless the ban was overturned by the courts so it is safe to say asbestos is still in existence today in some way or another in spite of the fact that many makes claim times when asbestos was no longer contained in their concoctions their prior product line still contains asbestos in fact many companies still have tons of paraphernalium or pipes regulations require that employees must be informed of the presence of asbestos containing produces in addition only fully trained individuals should be allowed to perform work with asbestos containing commodities or toil where fibers may be released in the air a major inconsistency who are present is that no asbestos is exhausted from concoctions such as gaskets jam-pack or cementitious fabrics the employer must also ensure that proper containment storage and labeling of asbestos containing products are be adhered to until are caught up by an asbestos licensed waste management firm it’s also important to consider the certification training and qualifications of any contractors before entreat or starting work with AC pipe or related commodities so be sure to obtain copies of any permits licenses and training certifications for your due diligence file if hires will be using respiratory protection then the employer must develop and implement a full respiratory defence program including training physicals and fit testing at a minimum the awaited statu of respiratory protection will vary depending on an industrial hygiene prediction of aerosolized levels of an asbestos


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