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“were having” new fund done boss Constantino met the buzel who who really do zhuzhing damn young Somali physical Tonto moon Eric Young Care is guiding us through what for him is a forgotten war zone formerly his home village it’s where the production of vast quantities of asbestos until it’s europe-wide band ten years ago is alleged to have caused and to continue to cause hundreds of deaths from lung cancer and another disease mesothelioma yle fever a carto pass kilakila puzzle economist disc in alley in excitement comes up with a profit on it’s been a long fight starting after his parents and two brothers died from asbestos related canker Vicky serve a sovereign on poppy namazu now Emmie peas are push forward more faithfulnes over and above the asbestos eradication steps taken in the last two decades next month they will vote on measures to identify and cleanse asbestos hotspots trained workers in the remaining dangers and address outstanding compensation issues as guilty Anisha panic to Mahon Deloitte initiative of they’re going to accompany and our Deloitte a solid vision in in these are hula order in the summer trawl the boiler or the inappropriate dive but a can asbestos east as best when Van Daan are burning investigators hadn’t done must’ve has all gone done a stellar finale they likewise want to stop the export of the problem by European companionships which continue to manufacture asbestos containing commodities abroad yeah the all that last flash in deutschland oder vocational in and for my environment a have could have soon phone as best that’s really in under helena’s file argon whoa non-ahmadi Exponential’s force confetti mentioned lead Ahmedabad in order filling up file for Hansen this is a legislative strategy by any segment themselves and so won’t yet have law force-out but Eric Young care is hoping it’ll help increase awareness and eventually his expedition


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