Asbestos Girl

when my uncle told me you are an asbestos removal worker I was like yeah I kind of have a thing asbestos removal craftsmen I guess some daughters burrow firemen and policemen but y’all are much braver cuz you know you’re gonna die and there’s a feeling oh my shaft you at that crazy nextel storehouse from Louisville yeah oh my god I can’t believe you were there I hear like a entire adduct full of asbestos exploded on the second floor and like hundreds of parties would have died in like 40 times but seriously I affection y’all and those white-hot has got to so cute can I tell you a secret I actually buy them for myself online you know from PK safety supply some inexpensive I are happy to precisely wear them around the house so comfy which nature do you wear Tyra oh my god you too yeah I used to wear the rubber crime but I switch to tie that it slightly no Harvey my friends told me I’m crazy they’re like Tiffany get with these expensive skies and then they love you and leave you through death they died of mesothelioma listen Harvey I’m just a girl who’s really into asbestos removal as in asbestos removal warper we’re just asking you come back to my house sniffing feeling my asbestos you know before you dive


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