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hi it’s jason from coastal asbestos hereon the gold coast of gold coast number one asbestos removal company so today we want totalk about aircrafts qualifies and automobiles and and shipping so asbestos was widelyused in all of these industries for because they are lightweightfire resistant chemical resistant all of the things that makes wanted andthey were dirt cheap so let’s start from the top and wreak down so a lot of asbestos is used in theaviation um a lot of the early apollo duties space travel all that kind of stuff even thespace shuttle had asbestos constituents about it so anywhere that they had to have something that waslightweight fire resistant chemical resistant um heat resistant asbestos was applied so you canimagine in the engine constituents shielding aircrafts got a lot of stuff compressed in reallytight asbestos fabrics we use to shield things asbestos paints we use to coat things and that’show it got into the space program and um and into aeroplanes and all that kind of stuff so uh nextcome down we will talk about let’s talk about vehicles and trucks and cranes and teaches and all thatkind of stuff so just about anything that had an internal combustion engine back in the day beforeasbestos was boycotted had to spend they would have asbestos gaskets and some sort of asbestos heatshielding concoctions whether it was woven fabric around wire or um asbestos draw on firewalls itcould be just about obtained anywhere in these these this these vehicles um it’s been a lot of um talkabout vintage cars you know i mean you look on the internet at the moment and there’s a resurgenceof vintage cars it’s amazing how much how many vintage cars are getting sold in australia nowsome of those cars may still have asbestos in them um so you just got to be wary of buying these barfine barn fine vehicles and these single owned these things that ought to have accumulated away and haven’tbeen used because they probably haven’t had those gaskets ousted and all that kind of stuffi intend one a little thing that people don’t really realize is if you’re bringing in american musclecars or european luxury vehicles that are vintage they have to come through patronages in australiabecause it’s illegal to import asbestos in any part in australia so those cars have to comethrough customs and they have to be inspected and there was a rally maserati had their 100 thyear commemoration or something and they bought they created 16 vehicles over 16 yield maseratis andthey were going to do this thing around australian drive and they get stopped by australianborder patrol and those automobiles weren’t allowed on australian streets and they came sent backbecause they said well we can take the asbestos out of them and then clearly they’re pricelessmaseratis some of them worth million dollars plus um they weren’t going to let anyone pull themapart to get the asbestos out of them because asbestos is exclusively restricted or has restrictionsin about 50 countries around the world so it’s still common everywhere else a lot of equipmentthat come in back in the day and still now you know imports are a big big deal for asbestos umthings like qualifies that have come in from overseas it looks like china and um and india other arestill big customers of asbestos and they sort of i don’t know how they be pointed out that umthese produces have asbestos in them so they’re founded in a lot of things like we saidbefore gaskets heat shielding spray-on varnishes in cars the civilizes in queensland orderedthey’ve come in just about anything so sending so asbestos was huge back in shippingbecause as you can imagine it was lightweight it was cheap fire chemical electricalresistance you know it was just it was one of the industries that used asbestosheavily was um was the the um naval industry shipping um so you know there’s pictures ofnaval warships americans they have a lot of trash on this where they have a picture of awarship and the areas that contain asbestos now it would be easier to say that areas thatdon’t contain asbestos because it’s less than five percent in some of these carries because you’vegot to remember ships are made of steel um and they’re in oceans and sometimes they’re going tothe past cold world the coldest part of the world so some of these sends will have asbestos liningson them because the two things you don’t want inside a ship is water and um and fireand the asbestos is not affected by water or fire so it was a great insulated thing andit was great to keep out um water from sections of the of the boat and volley because they havelike gaskets around all the doors that separate a great deal of sends are built in separate compartmentsand those sections can be shut down all those things those openings everyone has closes on and a lot ofthose closes had to be asbestos in case there was a fire so fuel couldn’t burn through the ceiling andum water resistant so they couldn’t evaporate in in spray so there’s massive amounts if youever get a chance to go on an age-old fleet send um especially in brisbane we have the diamantinadown in sydney that’s got there is asbestos all through those things exactly it’s just everywhereand a hell of a lot of asbestos ailments come from parties that are in the fleet so um that’sbasically it i’m not sure how much aware parties were of that but show just asbestos islurking anywhere exploiting over 3 000 makes and everyday parts that parties use and relied on wereno different so that’s it for me today jason from coastal asbestos if you like this video there’splenty more on our youtube direct okay thank you


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