Asbestos Management for Strata and Commercial Buildings Part 2

asbestos administration for strata and
business structures this is component 2 of the collection that we were taking a look at prior to where in component 1 we were considering the asbestos safety and also elimination company so that'' s the agency they place in for obtaining rid of the asbestos in Australia so that'' s the primary company that'' s looking after that however what we'' re gon na into was the management for the business structures as well as their needs that in there as well as we ' ll experience the other report a bit in the future Okay, so any structure before 2003 is called for to have
a asbestos register and it ought to be assessed once every 5
years to maintain that as much as date that'' s where we ' re discussing the commitments under that office wellness and also security Act so whoever remains in the control of the work environment he'' s a responsible person as well as might be
responsible for not handling the office correctly to ensure that'' s why we need to decrease the dangers to the body company or the owners of the structure to take care of the asbestos as well as safety and security harzards Okay, so we require to ensure there'' s a asbestos register in location and also an administration strategy to look after them so that'' s you can either contact Sydney or myself as well as we can help you out in those locations from there so what we'' ll do we ' ll undergo one of the other records and the other areas what require to look at.Alright so we were considering the asbestos report and also after that we were searching in each area as well as to see as well as how we can determine what parts in the structure and
to function out where the asbestos sheeting is and how to manage that so once we ' ve got that in our report that needs to be placed into a register so if we look in … so an asbestos management strategy so whoever pertains to an onsite needs to be knowledgeable about the the asbestos on site and also what risks are they gon na to … or what approach are they gon na to do to reduce the risk so they wear ' t interrupt that asbestos also there is another file in here too where did it go no, it ' s not that a person asbestos register, all right so … not it ' s gone Alright, so whatever component of the building so we ' re taking a look at that there okay, so it claims asbestos management plan, now the various other part of the register that recognized where the asbestos was in the building as well as what problem it was in so then this way you '
ve got that complete monitoring of the site so you'know where the asbestos is and also the contractors understand about where that is alright, so if we return to our various other area in right here this is where we ' re discussing the asbestos register to ensure that determines where the locations of asbestos remains in the building and also there ' s some components in some of the buildings in the older structures, some can be in the paint the little spaces are being taken into the windows that hold the windows right into area, there'' s. likewise sometimes some asbestos in there that we'' ve discovered and also some asbestos in the paint so it'' s rather outstanding where that where that has been found that'' s for certain alright, so as soon as we obtained those areas in there so we'' re taking a look at having an asbestos register in location to ensure that'' s what we checked out just earlier on and we likewise go the service providers management plan in position so we understand that whoever comes.
on the website the contractors understand 1 not to disrupt it as well as 2 if they need to if there is gon na be any kind of disturbance then there requires to be ample steps in position and also tracking so we don'' t disturbed the fibers or we require to wet down the location so after that all the materially is enveloped, to make sure that must give you a little a concept on just how the asbestos plan they go together, so you can either speak to Sydney or myself as well as be able help you in fulfilling the demands of the regulations.

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