Asbestos – Site Safety Plus Short Film

[Music] I intend what I miss the most is being outdoors in the fresh air as well as we met I miss them a whole lot due to the fact that it'' s a whole lot much more challenging now a lot a lot more bureaucracy to climb up through but sure they'' d want a whining old bugger like meself hanging around [Music] trouble is nobody wishes to take duty for themselves these days no one'' s willing to take a danger to do the job [Music] I mean if you mindful it'' s a problem so we recognized then what we understand now asbestos is dangerous stuff when it breaks up the small fibers go right into the air and also you can breathe them in they build up on your lungs gradually and after that you'' ve had him you ' ve obtained asbestos or perhaps cancer to look forward to whatever in tiny dosages as me old father used to say what doesn'' t kill you makes you stronger turns out it was wrong [Music] you

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