Auto Mechanic Who Worked With Brakes Containing Asbestos | Attorney Joe Williams

You were a professional auto mechanic and
you worked with asbestos containing brakes your entire life. Now you've been diagnosed with mesothelioma. Hi. I'm Joe Williams. I'm a mesothelioma trial attorney here in
New York City and I can answer your questions. And I can do that by talking to you about
some clients that I've represented in the past, one client in particular who was a former
auto mechanic and changed thousands of brakes in automobiles.

And in his deposition he testified about the
work that he did. And he talked about using both OEM (Original
Equipment Manufacturer) brake linings, which are brake linings manufactured by the same
company who made the car. And he also used after market brake lines,
which are manufactured by companies who didn't manufacture the car they just manufacture
brake linings. And what he would do, this former client of
mine, he would take off the four wheels of the car after the car was put on a lift. He would remove the brakes. He would blow out the drum with an air compressor
causing a lot of dust in the air. He would then take the new metal shoe with
the attached brake lining out of the box and install it into the video, wheel by wheel. And this process of removing the old brake,
blowing out the drum, handling the asbestos containing brake lining (the new one) and
installing it into the video exposed him to asbestos dust.

He did this work every day and he did it for
many decades and was exposed to asbestos dust thousands of times from working on asbestos
containing brake linings in automobiles. Now if you're an auto mechanic, you probably
had some very similar exposures. And I'm sure you have questions about mesothelioma
and how auto mechanics were exposed to asbestos. I'm Joe Williams and in our firm we handle
cases every day for mesothelioma victims and we can answer your questions. I invite you to call our office at the number
below and we'll answer your questions. Thank you..

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