Can You Beat Fallout 4 While Addicted To Every Chem In The Game?

Throughout your time spent playing Fallout4, youre bound to use Chems at some point to give yourself the edge over your opponentfor a brief moment. And youve more than likely experienceda chem addiction, which can be frustrating because of the negative aspects of going throughwithdrawal. But what if you wanted to experience all thepain. Can You Beat Fallout 4 While Addicted To EveryChem In The Game? Because every SPECIAL stat would be affectedwhen experiencing withdrawal from a dozen different elements at once, I identified myselfDoug the Drug Slug, prepared every SPECIAL Stat to 4, and scooted to the Vault. Now that the end of the world is upon us, I can explain a little about this run. The thing about it is, theres no real wayto do it without console commands.The point is to be addicted to everythingfor as long as possible. You could scavenge the world for chems andalcohol, but how are you gonna get them? If you find a point youll get knowledge, but Intelligence determines the number of experience targets you get for everything andIntelligence would be impacted by the addiction, youd be getting too many experience levels. And that applies to the rest as well, Endurancefor taking damage, Agility for sprinting, I could go on and on. For the above reasons, and because contributing the addictionvia a console authority doesnt work correctly, I know, I tried, I vanished with the foolproofoption that involves cheating. After escape Vault 111 without attackingany of the Radroaches, Ill get to why in a minute, I employed a console word to giveme 100 of every chem that devotes a different craving. Including all the various types of alcohol, there are at least 25 different chems in Fallout 4, but there are only 12 kinds of addictionsyou can get.Jet, Ultra Jet, and Jet Fuel all give youthe same Jet addiction, theres no reason to use them all. So, I went through every chem, squandered enoughto become addicted to them all, the amount diversified from chem to chem, I booze all thevodka to be as true to life as possible, then, because Im a ing madman, I applied the restof all the other chems as well. No real reason to, it was a waste of time, but I still clicked the mouse at least 1000 times exactly to say I expended them all.Then, to remove all benefits of the chems, such as increased Strength from Buffout, I employed another word to speed up the gameuntil all the good parts of the chems had drained from orifices. After becoming addicted to everything in thegame, these are the negative side effects Im dealing with. SPECIAL Stats are at 1 or 2 which really suctions, but the big-hearted ing difficulty is the -2 0 Damage Resistance. Now, heres where everythings gonna getcrazy. I didnt think this idea was interestingenough on its own, which is why I computed another challenge on top of the addictionthing.I thoughts for a while about “what were doing”. Maybe only use a Gamma Gun, Intelligence beingso low would lock you out of the perks that increase radioactivity mar. Or maybe use the Broadsider, a portable cannonwould be fun. In the end, I travelled with a .. not enormous option. Some of you are gonna hate me for this Creation Club Weapons and Armor only. Yeah, thats what I did. Now, of course, to is a lot of those parts, youve gotta broke out your parents credit cards and deplete $40. Then you become irrationally baffled whenyou see that almost everything it obtained by ending a pursuing. I, because Im stupid and didnt readanything before madly making a purchase, presupposed it would be like the DLC artilleries inNew Vegas, youd start with them.Nope. You do at least start with the Doom Marinearmor which is stupidly strong for someone at level 1. And because of that, I cranked the difficultyup to Very Hard and went off for Fens Way station to track down what remains of Wally Mack. This seeking would web me a Classic 10 mm Pistol, a Tunnel Snakes outfit, and a mythical 10 mm Pistol. That is, if you can get into the station withoutbeing nagasakid by green suicidal ogre or torn apart by bullets fuelled from theirfriends.Turns out that even the Doom armor isntenough to offset the issues stemming from Endurance being at 1, Damage Resistance beingaround the same tier as my IQ, video games being set on Very Hard. But I was calculated. Like an unpleasant social place, ifI cant handle the topic, Ill really run away. Remember what I said about Creation ClubWeapon Only, well, that impression didnt last-place as long as I wouldve liked. I had to kill the BloatFlies and Ghouls insidethe Fens Way station to get deeper inside to find Wally Mack. I say had, but looking back, I couldveran past them until I acquired a Classic 10 mm Pistol, there were a few of them out and about, but I didnt do that. Id use what I had on me to complete thequest. Then I discovered a Classic Pistol and used it. Now completing that quest, oh my goodnesswhat nightmare that was. Wally Mack mightve been the toughest thingIve faced in a Fallout game since William Black in the Nuka World video. Th Classic 10 mm Pistol that did 28 damageper shot did ing nothing against Wally.And he was so strong that “hes killed” me inone hit when I had like 40% of my health left. And then I ensure that he could open doors, whichcrushed my intuition of doing the world countries greatest knock-knock joke where I open the door andblast his ing skull with a shotgun. Even after I altered the difficulty settingto Very Easy, Wally Mack was still by no stretch of the imagination a pushover. But upon dying, he stopped Ultimatum, a uniqueClassic 10 mm Pistol that does 50 stages of Radiation damage on top of the 28 expense fromthe missile one of the purposes of the bullet. Eventually, I had some proper weapons and armorand the real Fallout 4 could begin. I adjusted video games to Normal, the pony had leftthe station( I dont recall I employed that right ), and spent like 15 theoretical minutes of thinkingabout what to do next.I figured the safest course of action wasto head to the closest Creation Club quest, which happened to be the one offering up atriplet set of Alien artilleries. I get distracted by helping out Paladin Dansedefend his fathers territory and expunging a brainwashed stain on the community, did younotice what I did there? I consumed Missile Launcher. Nevermind where I got it, I killed a weirdofor it. The Missile Launcher isnt a Creation Clubweapon, so whyd I use it? I actually dont know. Let me say it this course, I wasnt exactlyall there in the ability when I started this.And it wasnt booze, if that tells youanything. I was more absorbed into the screen than Iwouldve been otherwise and that gloomed my imagination. Not long after dealing here with the Cultists andspending multiple live and limbs on this one Raider Survivalist, I decided to ignorethe Creation Club Only part of this challenge. I pretty much squandered $40 on Bethesda Bucksto buy things I wouldve never in a million years purchase without doing it as some partof a challenge.I demanded another Creation Club item to somewhatmake it worth it, so I entered Hubris Comics next and this was the closest Fallout 4sever come to being a survival horror game. At least a dozen Feral Ghouls that do staggeringamounts of damage and simply about 20 shotgun husks left. Time consuming as stressful as hell, but atleast I got to receive some of that stress on this legendary Ghoul whos kneecaps Istored some buckshot in. From there I “ve learned that” quest wasntover and the effort on my part wouldnt be worth the Skyrim Sword and Helmet Idget from it, so I left the comic supermarket, arrived at Diamond City, broke down some garbage backat home to upgrade my artilleries a little, squandered the Alien Blaster to eradicate a family ofGunners, and got the mother of all armors: the uh, enormous eastern hemisphere countryprominent in the Fallout universe Stealth Armor, recognize I didnt “re saying it”, Mickey pleaseput the gun down.With the armor that let me become Danny Phantomupon crouching down, I returned to Sanctuary to power-level myself a bit by once againcreating the world of barricades, bought components from Arturo, and guessed out to Gunners Plazato get my hands on one more weapon: a real deal Gauss Rifle. And to give the Stealth Armor to the test. Its pretty good. Its certainly no permutation for a StealthBoy, but its solid as actual armor and does help you remain hidden equipped yourefar away enough from whatevers trying to turn your psyche into a stepped on jelly donut. With the latest addition to my collecting, I was ready to get the location of Nick Valentine from Ellie in Diamond Citys Home For DisheveledSynths, open Park Street Station, and lay waste to the Triggermen inside. Thanks to a few cases perks Id obtained as aparting gift from the barricades, I was now finding more ammo in receptacles and handguns did 40% more impairment which, along with a difficulty setting of probably Normal, spawned the Triggermena threat if they territory their shots on you, but highly dead if you kill them first.Dino died, Nick was rescued, more Triggermenwere killed, and I worked Jet and Psycho to get the upper hand on Skinny Malone and hison-fire friends. The big upside to being addicted to everythingis that you can use drugs without importance. After the positive impact wear off, youreback where you started. The Stealth Suit and this being a Bethesdagame started it easy to pick the key to Kelloggs house out of the Mayor, find some evidences, showthem to blue, and be off to Fort Hagen.The synths inside are the most of a threat thanthey usually are, you cant time ignore them for a second while you loot a torso oranything like that. The Striders extremely had to be dealt withboth carefully and with a big ing grease-gun. As for Kellogg, I wasnt taking any lucks. I laid down half a dozen of my explosive babiesto relinquish, bopped Kellogg on the noodle with a bullet, made his Synths to sleep, gotthe sentient worm slithering around in the McDonalds Play Place inside his head, enrolled his memoriesfor myself, and began leader for Virgil in the Glowing Sea. The -2 0 Damage Resistance showed itself oncemore with the Bloatflies that provoked me in Radiation Land. But on the plus side, the quest to get theBFG9 000 is on the way to your objective.I bombed Mercy with a triple accused GaussRifle shot, secured the BFG, and measured it on a Deathclaw. I predict the Fat Man being better meets feel, Bethesda wouldnt want to suggest that something from an outside macrocosm is better than somethingthat exists in Fallout, but this is complete nonsense, the BFG can kill any non-boss Demonin Doom with a single shot. The Fat Man is a cap shoot by comparison. Rant aside, Virgil ordered me to trackdown a Courser in Greentech Geriatrics. The Gunners inside were even worse than theSynths. A duo of Gunners is more than enough to overpoweryou to the point of unconsciousness, this is a kids game nobody dies. That guys principal is penalize( 1:31: 00 ). On the Courser, I was also noted that the BFG doeshave a significant advantage over the Fat Man, you can fire it much faster even if itdoes take over like 1/3 of your screen when you shoot it.Doctor Amari, unable to decode the CourserChip, told me to track down the Railroad. I moved them down alright, then I exterminatedthem. My Charisma skill was far too low to passthe check and I didnt feel like doing the Switchboard quest, so I time killed them alland decoded the Chip myself. Virgil scribbled his autograph down on a bedsheet for me, and I entered Concord to rescue Preston and his stupid friends. I waited to do this now for a very specificreason, I forgot about it.I was going to do it earlier but I got caughtup in interesting thing, but that actually worked out in my spare. For one thing, the Raiders inside are theweakest and most piteous wanna-be group of assassins youll find anywhere outside ofmy apartment. The 2nd thing is that the Brotherhood of Steelhave long since arrived in the Commonwealth, and Concord is one of the places theyllpatrol. There was still 2 Brotherhood Knights and a handfulof lower level peasants out and about, ready to take on the Deathclaw.I couldnt grab the mini-gun, though, evenwith the Power Armor. Ive never been that weak and flaccid inmy life, kinda mortifying. Its a chagrin Ive got some amount of selfrespect and wont promote so-called medicine from quack doctors for a few thousand dollars. This was the perfect opportunity for a segueto an ad. Back in Sanctuary, I eventually drained my pocketsof area temperature tomatoes, those have been in there since that Commie Wacker video. If theres anything Im willing to feedto Mama Murphy, its time age-old bullets of mold. I started ahead and cleared out Corvega AssemblyPlant for a settlement to get the Minutemen to build the Transporter. The Brotherhood would require me to go toArc-Jet and wipe out the Super Mutants at Fort Strong before they facilitate me and the Railroadare dead, as there is a requirement to. Before too long, I was inside the Instituteand something weird happened. At some phase in previous undertakings I turnedmyself into a woman, which would explain the feminine enclose, but I precisely attributed thatto the armor.If youre wondering how I didnt hearthe womanly sobs as missiles rent through their own bodies on variou openings, its becauseI could listen good-for-nothing from this sport, I was listening to other things, mainly YouTuberscomplaining about other YouTubers being disturbed with one reviewer disagreeing with anotherone regarding one little detail of The Last of Us 2. What they were upset about exclusively isthat this logo on the official Naughty Dog Twitter is not centered properly, the wordThe should be to the left. For formerly, I agree with the gamers on thisone. This is lazy game design at its worst. You dont see this kind of amateurish garbagein Meow Motors.Back in the game, I decided to side with theInstitute. The Brotherhood is bearing and the Minutemen, I dont remember who I placed with last-place experience but I think it was them. And the Railroad are still dead. In the middle-of-the-road of cros the various Instituteleaders, I snagged Virgils syrum after leaving a wall of triggered explosives forthe Assaultron guarding the thing, returned it to Virgil, encountered up with X6-88 to securethe rogue synth at Libertalia. Aside from the two times I went close rangepower ed by a Fat Man, it wasnt anything extraordinarily difficult. The next task was to intercept a third ofa bakers dozen of synths being held for relocation beneath Bunker Hill. “Its probably” the kind of gameplay theaverage gamer would be after in Fallout 4, at least with my handgun. Railroad Heavy-laden take a considerable amountof bullets to kill and can send your mind into the nether if youre not careful. The BFG9 000 turned out to be the kind of super-poweredenergy weapon you shouldnt play with in the house unless you want to vaporize allyour siblings.The Synths were safely decommissioned forbrutal reprogramming as sanction for escaping the life that was forced upon them by peopleplaying God, I directed all the remaining enemy patrols who were playing possum outside, metFather on the rooftop of CIT Ruins, attended the Directorate meeting, he announced thathes lastly dying, and Mass Fusion began. Then I accidentally killed myself and hadso sit through the find again, my bemusement was expressed in-game, Allie and I teleportedto Mass Fusion, and I detested everything about this. If I wasnt so stubborn, Id have knockedthe difficulty back down to Normal from Hard, but I was determined to do this right. The Brotherhood Knights live up to the impressivenessof their identify. It took a mix of the BFG and AlienAtomatizer to take down one of them.Even the Scribe Initiates and Aspirants werenothing to sneeze at as vigorously as you possibly can. Had it not been for the Stealth Armor andthe Stealth Boys I had, I wouldnt have been able to get through this seek on Hardwhile still being addicted to everything in the world. The trio of Brotherhood soldiers attackingyou as soon as the elevator stops plummeting are easily capable of killing you in a matterof seconds. Theyre so strong that the purposes of the act of runningfrom a doorway to the elevator is enough time for them to kill you from across the room. Stimpaks didnt heal enough at this pointin video games. Luckily, I had a few Nuka-Cola Quantums thatheel 400 affected levels each. Chug one and your entire form will be so numbthat you can withstand some pain for a few seconds while it heals you.As for the robots in the lab, I planned forthem as best I could. I left both a Cryo Mine and a FragmentationMine on the porch of each Assaultron, retrieved the Beryllium Agitator, and used the BFG toquickly drain most of the health from the Sentry Bot before finishing it off with theUltimatum. The Assaultrons lost about 1/3 their healthfrom the mines and were capable of withstanding multiple shots from the BFG just like theirwheelchair elephant man cousin did moments ago. The Gauss Rifle triple shot, some luck, andhiding behind an object to block their path carried me through the clash, I returnedto Father, furnished up Charisma enhancing dres from Diamond City, enticed the Gunners outsidethe house to the nearby Robot farm to let them fight it out. The Gunners unsurprisingly came out on top, I accomplished of them, persuasion the lunatic locked down the lavatory to join the Institute, routed my final warning to Big Bird to stop ing with my transmissions, invested the thingin the radioactivity thing, had a meeting with the Directorate, and the end of the line began.Actually it just finished but the end of thegame is beginning. The assault on the Brotherhood of Steelsairport is at hand. Before that, I had a few stops to prepare. The first was Sanctuary to add a Suppressorto my 10 mm Pistol and a better receiver on the sniper rifle that I hadnt applied becauseit doesnt have three perks that make it do 60% more damage like the Ultimatum does. Then I extended ahead and checked back on Virgilto whom Id give the serum some time ago, envisioning he would reinforce me with a firearm, becausehe does, but only if you kill him or steal it. I didnt do that. Instead, I returned to the Airport via fast-travel, was annihilated in record time, traveled to a nearby site instead, pulped sneakilytowards the Airport and managed to go from Hidden and invisible to detected and in-dangerin a matter of seconds. Let me tell you, this was horrible. The play positioning and firepower of the Brotherhoodmade a frontal assault a pipe dream, even a Fat Man didnt kill the Brotherhood Knightin one shot which was unfortunate as it was my last-place nuke.I had to use a Stealth Boy to sneak aroundthe outskirts of the building, approach the base under their snouts, then run for my lifeinside the airport and quickly deal with the Soldiers inside. I chucked a grenade at one of the generators, had to use another Nuka Cola Quantum to survive the run to the elevator to reach and destroythe 2nd generator, took out the third with a rifle, and receded towards Liberty Prime. All three Synth Relay Grenades were deployedat once and I instantly got killed by Knight Cripple then lost progress from a lack ofsaving and, despite all the patience in the smallest world possible, I placed the difficultyto Normal. All the Knights and other stupidity were justtoo much for me to handle. I didnt want to deal with it. The synths did their job and protected meand the virus while it infused itself into Liberty Prime, Ingram was be forwarded to the wheelchairaccessible apartment complex in the sky, I expended every high powered artillery at my disposalto monarchy down blaze from the sky on all the Brotherhood makes attempting to stop me, switched over to the Missile Launcher for accessibility not long later, the Virus successfullyhijacked Liberty Prime, in my blind firing of explosive weapons I took out one too manySynths and they all became hostile, I went teleported to refuge, watched the blimp crashinto the airport, watched my father die, and I overpowered Fallout 4 While Addicted To Every Chemin the game.


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