Canada History Week 2019: The Asbestos Strike

I had been in asbestos for more than two months covering the strike for load of WA I talked with the miners and also labor leaders regarding what they wanted a 15 cent an hour elevate a pension plan and also some kind of firm action around the hazardous dust that was making a lot of of them sick the households also the Quebec federal government declared the strike prohibited it was clear to leading to play see there was simply no place for the working class stated Copa Nina V'' s buck major real quality the trial organization'' s'ethical Thomas ' s opera G [Music] physical violence originated from both sides at 8 a.m. that early morning I saw 30 armed police officers came close to the strikers and as things appeared all set to boil over the ladies of asbestos actioned in and every little thing quit for a minute when the strike lastly finished that July the material gains for the demonstrators were really little bit numerous were never ever rehired those who were proceeded to function in hazardous conditions that would take numerous lives the asbestos strike marked the start of a new age in the relationships between the Quebec press and the labor activity respectful indifference was no much longer possible for those people in the press who did care it was time to obtain down to major job

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