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Isnt this sweet and refreshing? These Korean melons arethe best in June. Eating season fruits are good for you. It contains lots of beta-carotene, so it protects the liver and good for heart. It has a diuretic influence, so its good for skin and help with swelling. Hmm, its good. Please take the seeds out for me. We snacked these for the freshening perceive. How could we eat itwith all the grains on it? Typically, more parties eatKorean melons for the grains. Right? Im a bit special. Cut some of that for me too. Customer, I cant cut that one. Why not? I need to taste it to seeif I want to buy it. Its expensive. I cant operation it for savor. Thats not expensive. Thats not even $100. You can trust and buy theproducts at the department store. If you take it and it doesnt smell good, then creating it back.Ill exchange it for you. So youre saying it could taste bad. Why would I inconvenience come back to exchange it? It savours good. Ive feed it extremely. You stole it and devour it, huh? Pardon? How can you afford to buy that? You stole it and not paid for it, didnt you? I feed it at home. Ridiculous. Why would a kid who cutthese now eat that at home? You know yourebeing unreasonable, right? What? Im being unreasonable? This girlfriend, dangerously. You! Im sorry. Im sorry, patron. What are you doing? Bow your foreman and rationalize. Who are you? Are you the manager? How have you improved your employees? Im sorry. But Im also a part-timer worker. What? Hey, call the manager! They say you can solve 90% ofyour problems with money. I carry 10% of the problems. In statistical sentiment, I can be 9 timeshappier than those with 90% of the problems.However, when crowd are applied, not on coin, they ever lie. Go over there. Stop it. How vexing. Why are you wearing white? Are you the only one who can wear white? How can this beggar like thingbe my younger sister? Ouch! Im taking the picture now. Look over here. 1, 2, 3. What did “youre telling”? It wasnt my fault earlier. Sister was madewe wore the same color. How old are you guys? Over wearing the same color? There were people around very! How frivolous. What Im saying is, scold us reasonably. No. Youre the problem. Youre always the problem in our house. Thats right. Im a problematic person, who is trying to find happiness … Ms. Jang Yoon-ha, why do I have a feeling thatyou will keep effecting misfortune? I didnt do anything wrong.Even if you didnt done anything wrong, if the customer says you did, you must apologize. Dont you even knowthe basics of service? I believe theres a degree towhich basic human dignity … Look at this. Human? Dignity? Are you a member of somepart-time worker association? No. Theres nothing much to life. Causes live agreeably. Time apologise to her regardless! Depends on … Stop it. You take care of it. If not, you can quit. How dare you nitpick about human dignitywhen youre a mere part-timer! Im an official employee and a managerbut I dont even argue about that! Ms.Lee Ji-yi! Yes! You said you wanted to work and move from a part-timer toa contract worker, right? Yes! Take her precedent! She has hope. If you have hope, you can tolerate whatever anyone says. Yoon-ha, you dont have any ambition. At this pace, youll be working at a $5.60 per hour pace and culminate their own lives. Got it? Right now, our squad is under a tough time. The sales keep going down. Then what do you thinkour heads will do? They will pick on us. Thats right. They endlessly pick on us.So why choose the Food Marketconcept as menu for the upper class? Because those stupid parties are above us … The chairwomen son was put in charge of the food market andour sales impedes going downhill, seriously! The sales profit for the outpouring seasondecreased 0.3% compared to the previous year. In the case of Food Marketour main business, the profit abridged 15%. Enough! The reason why we had this emergency convene is not onlybecause we bombarded the spring marketings gain but likewise because of the fall ofYumin Green Food, our main food business. Oh, I elected the wrong commands to say. Itll be called a fall if it ever led up. It hit the bottom from the beginningand continuously discontinued lower, right? You said that the hot tendency is payment food market forthe upper class, didnt you? You asked me to trust you, right? How will you takeresponsibility for that cartel? I will bring the profits back up.How? Hearing this duringa find may feel slandering. But Chang-soo, offenses develop incitement, to improve. I think it is the Premium Food Marketproject because of you. Because you are my younger friend. If you cant get out ofthe red in three months, Food Market will come under my supervising. The road to becoming rich is to be born rich. Work hard-boiled. Good things willcome when you are kind. As long as you have love, you will behappy with doing anything. Those are the words of my mothers. I is not be cheated. I fell again! Did you descend? Yes. You shouldve has become still more careful. I was careful. You shouldve been even more careful. I was going to make you foodand do all the recipes. You came too early. Madam told me to leave early. You rest. I will realise meat for us.What menu? Theres once rice in the rice cooker. Im going to set up dinner for you. Im going to make the deep-fried eggs you like. Youre so lovable. Im not birthed of you althoughwere living together for 30 times. Along the behavior, I became sick, couldnt labour and had to stay home. There has been quitea change for me, huh? Thats why yourean overwhelmingly charming soldier. The reason why poor people arealways poor is because rather than wanting to escape their privation, they find delight in it. You can never be happywhen you are poverty-stricken. Is this home? Am I his little brother here? How little does he think of me tobe acting like that during a congregate? Hes probably working thisopportunity to blow you off.Do you think I will let him? Those “whos doing” skilled will neverbe able to beat those who are lucky. Let him propagandize me down andmake him look good. I will give him a knockout punch. I like that kind ofmindset in this situation. You make service charges. Go back to Food Market. You and I are in the same boat. You have to succeed, so can I. You can do it, right? I is gonna have to get it on even if I cant.You “re my only” genuine kinfolk. My brother are I arejust business partners. He must think its natural for him to take the companybut I dont was just thinking. Wait and realise who willbecome the true winner. First, Im going to take home. Im going to marry the daughter ofTaejin Group whom Im on blind date with today. What a perfect timing. Of all days, you got beatenon an important day. I didnt get hit, my role-model friend! And its not an important matter. If its not important, why are you leaving early? Makes left open at that. Whenever you act like this, I feel distant from you.I tell you everything. Why dont you do that? I told you my middle hurts. When a scab ways over my disfigure andit doesnt hurt me even when other people know my fib, I said will tell you then. My name is Lee Ji Yi. Even if you sayit downwards, its Lee Ji-yi! People need interval between them. Youre so simple. Its so easy to clear you laugh. Still, Im proud of you. You mustve wanted toquit after today’s incident, but you still stand strong.No, it makes me feelI did well to choose to work. Youre such a debase. You reflect morewhen you face challenges. On periods like this, I feel relievedIm the daughter of a rich home. Youre spacing out again. Why do you do that while talking? Im sorry. Youre coming over later formy house warming party, right? Im sorry again. I dont conceive I can. The buy me a better presentif you are sorry.Just wait. Escape from semi-basement unitand enter into a rooftop room! How should I congratulate you? Dont go overboard. I dont have a toaster, so buy me one. You can probablybuy one for $20 or $30. I dont want to. Ill buy yousomething much better. Sorry.[ Charity] Its the philanthropy again. How much do you gift for themto be calling you so often? Lets run. What have you been disappearing these days? Why do you make me call youtwo times and not pick up the first time? Im sorry. Did you get your makeup done? Yes. Do well this time. Why cant youget the mens attraction? If you get rebuffed again this time, Ill wholly throw out blind dates. Let deepen our congregate location.See you at the cafe foyer. I dont like enclosed spaces. What is this now? You sure came promptly. I just hung up. This target is still the same. Where is my seat? Sit over there. Ill leave it open for you. Is that the Director?[ Chang-soo] It must be nice for you. Youre doing better than any of us. Yes, Director. How does it feel to climb upa golden ladder? You need to have goodconnections to succeed in society. Why are you laugh like an nerd? Go. You must be at work. You sure separate business from personal. I cant get a hold of Mom. I remember shes getting a facialbefore the charity event. Look on the internet for me. Taejin Groupsdaughter Jang Yoon-ha. There must be a picture ofher somewhere. Youll meet her soon, so why need a visualize? I just got a message from her sayingshes reforming the meeting place. I dont get a good feeling about this.I need to know her face before I depart. I need information to look for her. How old-time is she? What about her academy? Wear anything you want. You can be traced back now. I will do the rest. No. I was told to make you to the hotel. You would get a star from the skyif my mom asked for one.She wouldnt ask me to dosomething that crazy like that. Theres one thingIm apprehensive of my mummy. Do know what it is? What is it? You. How is this? Yoon-ha! Hey, Yoon-ha! Yoon-ha! Let me breathe as well. Please? No. We have to go to the hotel together. If you restrain doing this, I is likely to be reveal your mystery. I just got one sincethere was no information. This is a bonus. Are you going to doyour work like this? Im sorry. Find a nature to offset them stopprotesting in front of our house. Yes. The Vice President is here. Why? You are lucky. Mom seemed to be busysetting up the bazaar. Dont you need to go and help her? I wasnt able to gobut I did send her a present. She would be happywith just a present. Some parties are born with a silver spoon in their cheeks and can doanything they require. They even get praisedwhen they mess up. And theres another who runs around like crazy and gets told to besatisfied with what you have.It must be nice for you. You were born with a silver spoon. How much do you need toget to be satisfied? Would you be satisfiedwhen you take everything I have? Then try hand it to me and seewhether it satisfies me or not. Im not strange whetheryou will be satisfied or not. So theres not a chanceI will give it to you.Why are you now? Did you construe the rallies? Why do you help? Isnt the Taejin Pharmaceuticala part of Taejin Group? Im the vice president of Taejin Group. So? Is Taejin Pharmaceutical free fromthe protests and litigations going on now? Weve saved that stands upto now. But I heard something weird today, along with the paper. Then take care toprotect your company. Youre so impressionable andyou get swayed here and there. No wonder you arecalled the minus hand. Dont forget Im my fathers son. Think about what our leader didwhen he dealt with his enemies. Think about what he did to his siblings. I have the power to something to you. Think along with it. The asbestos determined in the child pulverize. If exhibit is found that you keptusing it knowing the health risks and the damages are confirmed, you will be out of your position. That will be up to Father to decide, not you. Father is still the decision-maker. We know he will end the life of anyonewho challenges his authority. Dont think that you are an exception.Its still Fathers era. It doesnt examine inhuman, right? Not at all. You know I detest it when its obviousthat one has get a reconstructive surgery. Of route I know. If you come a few years later andget a facial promote under your ear, you will live likea woman in her 40 s forever. Whats so great about livinglike youre in your 40 s? You dont know becauseyoure still young.For a woman, the 40 s is their prime. I recollect physicians stirred that up because they cant make their older clientslook any younger. You say funny things. I hear that Im humorousand witty often. Anyway, it looks likeYae-won isnt coming. No material how much she tries, she wont be able totake friends situate. She tries so hard! Think before you are talking about. Im not sick.Im getting vitamin shots. Cant you stop it now? You still cant come to your senseafter being berated that much? Because Im communicatingwith the general public, our genealogy doesnt get blamed so much better. I even have supporters. So countless girls follow my fad direction. You still havent learned afteryour action break from playing around so much? If your father-god catches you, youll lose all the stocks “youve had”. Im forming sure he doesnt find out. And delight dont talkabout the interrupted engagement. It draws me unnerve! I need to go. Your parent saidhe would be having lunch at home. I have to go to the Foundationfor the bazaar. My schedule is tight. It looks like Ye-won is takinga promise with me thinly. I went goosebumps all of a sudden. She got a minus one. She lost one pointfrom the inheritance index. She wasnt even on the roster. Mark my texts. Kyung-jun isnt your contestant. Dont be ridiculous! Wow, I went goosebumps for the second time.[ Plastic Surgery] Hello. Oh, were you meeting your mother here? She probably went ahead first.Im a bit late. Then, tells go in together. You know Im pushing for youto the Chairman because I like you? Hye-soo, you were still here. You said you couldnt come. The thing is, Mom … Taking care of your appearing is project. Its important for her to do her production. You yourself never stop taking care of it. I will be going in firstly. Ill call you later, Mother. Hye-soo! Its previously three women this month. One daughter was a waitress at a restaurantI stopped by after golf a few times.Her looks were slit open. That ugly girl tried to changeher fate by sticking next to him. You should thank me for it. Because I combated all those girls, you are able to maintain yourdignified place next to the Chairman. Miss. Let start. Director Hong! Dont you participate me? Why arent you saluting me? What is she still miss .? Its like youre broadcastingyou were her servant. Im sorry. Because you look down upon me, those who serve us act so rude to me. I dont think we are close enough for you to be calling meHyungnim( older sister-in-law ). Director Hong is very old. Hes not someone to be scoldedby a person much younger than him. Please show proper respect. Youre always so cultured. Im not resentful at all. What if youre his wife andthe madam of the house? Its not like its the Joseon era. Mistresses are openly displayed. If I were you, I wouldve severelydestroyed his mistress but youre so kind.Im sorry, miss. I shouldve come earlier. Is the lunch ready ?.

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