Condominium Rules for Asbestos Testing – They Might Surprise You!

alright thanks for thanks for tuning in today today we’re talking with Dan Ventura from Hawk environmental and we’re gonna be talking about hazardous sampling and hazardous sampling the substances “when youre doing” a house restore it’s everybody’s least favorite subject everybody subject and the responses that we ever get from the clients are you know the building was built in X dates we’ve had job said and done it hasn’t been asked for don’t worry about it it’s not important liberty you know as far as kind of common sense runs that that’s understandable you know we’ve had minor plumbing reparations done we supplanted a roof replacement siding we did these little projects you are well aware 10 years ago 12 years ago and nobody’s asked for hazardous textiles researching and so I belief a lot of people understand that hey I’ve got popcorn ceilings from the 1970 s okay I know that’s usually quite hot or I’ve got twelve by twelve VCT tile in the utility area I know that’s normally hot but come on my structure was constructed the 80 s late 90 s 2000 even last year what I don’t have that trash I don’t need an inspection believe it or not those newer houses are those cloths that don’t seem to be a high priority are actually more important to have measured and what is our testing and inspection doing what we’re doing is we’re following the rules and the laws of each individual state and the federal constitutions so that we show that these materials do not contain asbestos or do not contain lead-based decorate and things that parties get jaunted up on are things that we don’t think about like standard carries and wall forums right so where does the testing is just coming up why do we have to test so the asbestos researching comes from specifications written in the 1980 s called a Hera ahg RA and that’s the asbestos hazard emergency response act and that was written for schools we were having asbestos matters girls are our most valuable asset so that’s where the federal government departments decided to write up these rules and regulations regarding the issue to asbestos throughout the 80 s and 90 s that specification was adopted by all of the individual states to apply not only to class but to any activity where asbestos could be disturbed and the question that we always get is well what might contain asbestos well my character the law a material that could contain asbestos is as follows any build textile not spawned altogether of wood metal or glass so we don’t even was concerned about plywood we don’t need to worry about our handrails we don’t need are concerned about the glass portions of our windows but our drywall our facilities our roofing sealants and layers our floor sealants and tissues window layers window Conchas and glazings sundry glazings on the siding resilient flooring benefactor for tiles sundry adhesive adhesive snowshoes yes sealants anything that was not easily a rarely identified as identifiable as wood metal or glass okay so when we’re looking at apartment buildings or condos or even even you know commercial shopping plaza and stuff like that we have to test during our inspection process because we’re shaking the material right or or is it precisely is it merely during building if we know construction is going on when we are speaking of asbestos “were not receiving” square hoof restraint okay so even if we’re disturbing a couple of square inches of a siding we need to do one of two things either treat it like asbestos and this one contains asbestos which symbolizes abatement and a lot of money spent or tests and show that it does not contain asbestos so we can treat it like any other building fabric okay so when we’re looking at timber backing and or fiber plaster or vinyl siding or stucco or brick concrete all those things if it’s not entirely timber or not totally glass like you said but so so exactly what we what are some things that we find it in on the exterior only sealants around windows what are the common ones certainly possible in those sealants but we do find it in coughing occasion regularly we find it in the building newspaper so you might look at a structure and say this is cedar shake and it’s got bumpy piece cedar opening trimming so it’s all grove right well formerly you gather that cedar shake back you’ve got some house paper and that could have an asbestos content to it on the exterior we too find it in glues adhesives tars and sealants that were used for blinks around chimneys around plumbing invasions on the roof right and we too can find asbestos and materials that don’t look like they were cement cards soffits on shopping plaza and multi-family condos are one of the big-hearted ones we “ve been looking for” from the soil and we just see something that’s oh it’s depicted plywood well you get close to ingest a pond it it’s a cement card right and we measure it we could find that it does contain asbestos when we have to start worrying about asbestos height content is zero so there’s there’s the federal governs that have been adopted by pretty much every regime and you are well aware your state might be a little bit different but as a broad-stroke textiles that contain one percent or more asbestos fibers and then become an ACM and asbestos containing substance okay know someone who has a certification to do the asbestos inspection that would be an period building inspector their place is to help you determine where to experiment how many assessments of each type of materials but most importantly how to translate that and one of their own problems that we come across is we might have a contractor or an HOA chairwoman or inhabitant grab a sample of something and drop it off at a laboratory and say it does or does not contain asbestos so then once once we have it experimented then it’s then we can then we can tell if we need to do anything special if we need to do any of bateman procedures to take it off and that’s where your asbestos inspection person the asbestos superintendent and the survey report itself is helpful and here’s a real common thing okay we tested something we took it to a lab you know simply a homeowner did it or someone precisely just did it really to see and they found that it contains asbestos well when they take it to the lab a lab time yes or no and what percentage but there’s more that goes into it and the big question is is it friable so we get scared and we meditate oh my God if my roofing has asbestos in it I “re going to have to” slake the whole roof right well the truth of the matter is the majority of roofing textiles that have asbestos can be classified by an asbestos inspector is non friable and that meant that when you guys take it out it’s not going to kick up any fibers and we have all of these extra rules and regulations that allow us to remove that without doing all of the extended asbestos abatement and without disposing of it as a substance that could be used to start impurity in the waste equipment gotcha a lot of RIF membranes are now membranes or over deplores or you are well aware even fluid pertained coatings and membranes hmm and so that was one of the patches that was driving that of a don’t have any demo Cosby we know it’s hot it’s old leave it in place exactly coat over the top of it so I recollect that’s actually driven some of the busines and some of the roofing portions but anyway what happens okay so we’re not the moral police we’re not running around procreating sure that somebody follows every system but we didn’t want to keep people safe but what is happening in us you know we will put out a bid saying you need to you need to hire something like I could do this and then we were auction up against somebody else’s I don’t need to do that my structures over you are well aware 1979 or and I worried about him it we’ve never done that before yeah so what happens what are the teeth are there any teeth I think there’s fines what are one of the penalties then does the owner define does the contractor you find what what do you see happening currently well one of the biggest problems that can occur that doesn’t necessarily have a fixed dollar was tantamount to it is a stop work seek sure and that’s a big problem we get the errand red-tagged and that can happen because the neighbourhood municipality examiner drives around and ensures it or because you have applied for a permit and they know there’s work going on so they scrutinize it or we have a complaint or areas of concern raised from a neighbor maybe you know they don’t like the sound in the morning so they start calling right so penalties can be imposed on the owner the building because at the end of the day they’re hiring the contractor and it is partially if not majority majority Lee but major Lee its own responsibilities to ensure the laws are followed the contractor as well can be fined for potentially uncovering their employees or works to asbestos and if asbestos cloths are found to have been removed and stored on-site the owner of the belonging can be fined on a daily basis until this gets cleaned up so if liens can straddle anywhere from five hundred to seven hundred and fifty dollars uphills to you know high six digits depending on the severity of the publish and if taint had followed to adjacent rooms or out into the environment okay and then the one fragment that goes without saying is that both of us want to go home safe we are intending to follow the right things our employees want to be safe are you know on all the contractors you know so it’s safety first but then here’s the real campaigns and so 750 horses then it’s not a big penalize but I’ve I’ve heard some contractors get slapped for 10 gloriou and so how does that that all of a abrupt hurts and that that you know do you consider some of that happening have you seen swingings and ones that are a quite tolerable wham yeah so only this last-place time we had a contractor find one hundred and thirty thousand dollars by the Department of Labor and manufactures for something that in your world would be a super small job yeah so what they had done was they had raked and removed popcorn ceiling in a build and they left that waste and debris in a dumpster so the punishments started from number 1 you didn’t experiment it by a certified being like you were supposed to okay number two you exposed hires number three you spread it to the environment quantity four some of it went to the dump and so clients can come from your neighbourhood clean-living air busines your workers health and refuge arrangement OSHA proletariat manufacture etc they can also is just coming up the Department of Ecology if it’s been spread around and come into the duct and your waste management parties and so most of this really is federal every position so departmental emergencies is a Washington term but then every commonwealth has their approximately the same thing work shelter but the federal peacefulnes Department of Ecology Department of EPA OSHA yeah oh yeah all that material and so that supplements up to all of a sudden Wow 130,000 dollars and that was just a contractor was the owner fined as well that was just the contractor and that was on a single-family residential Wow so you could imagine how if you’re doing 10 sections 50 gangs 100 legions at our multifamily property right how these everything there is multiply out and it resolves up with contractors going out of business it resolves up with homeowners associations stores being drained right even convert guild for costs yeah and even if you beat the enjoyable you’ve spent so much money a law protection right and the money that you’ve lost in the lag of your activity is extraordinary okay so hopefully that got your attention with size now so we have we know we need to do it we do have a we do have an urban legend of it’s old constructs merely let’s talk about the brand-new substance you’re seeing and why do we be understood that new substance and and I’ve got a marry degrees on it but I wanted to get your take on that what’s what’s the one year old bill and here’s what was sizzling and why do you think it went red-hot so the actuality is that it’s fairly rare to find a one or two or five year aged structure have asbestos found in some of the materials but it is possible and it does happen if you look at the materials that you buy from any accumulation nothing of them are going to say they’re asbestos free unless you’re working with a Couture supplier that’s causing something with an asbestos free certificate so we still can go to the equipment store now any of your neighbourhood you know Home Depot Lowe’s whatever and by roofing sealants and tars that could have asbestos in them additionally what we’re talking about you know the north western portion of the country for a very long time well getting the majority of members of our gypsum produces from Canada and Canada had in the British Columbia had a immense practice cycling curriculum and that represents when buildings went swallowed they are able to compel the drywall to get laded separately and then they grind it up and heat it up and establish brand-new gypsum a big Egyptian board well inside of that drywall there’s also you are well aware asbestos in the joint complexes and the slime and perhaps the qualities okay so we can have asbestos that’s gotten into our fabrics due to our recycling procedures which are great you know we’ve wanted to recycling whatever possible inauspiciou planned yeah okay and then we have the problem with concoctions coming in from you know out of the country they may not have strict regulations okay and lieu like China India Russia asbestos is still used extensively in construct textiles because it’s it’s obviously it’s a good build that brought up it’s great chemical resistant attack resistant and earmarks things to be smoother and glues to work better it’s just it begins a problem for our figures for those working same concludes because my can’t get it out right you know the United Government sold produces have to have to comply with the EPA so they’re they don’t frame them in asbestos anymore but if a produce comes in offshore then get carried in to across the border then all of a sudden we’ve got it and so being up in the Pacific Northwest you know we’re close to Canada I intend West Coast is pretty close to Mexico and and things “youre coming” across and that’s that’s where wolves and and you know it happens all over the country all over the world countries you are well aware Australia recently had a brand new believe was a museum constructed and they had these specialty panels built for this certainly high efficiency roofing material and they were drilling through supplementing some hardware and one of the workers said I don’t I don’t like it seems of this powdery substance right everybody told him it’s not a big deal don’t worry about it it’s not a big deal it’s a brand-new material well they vanished and experimented it everything there is contained asbestos and it wasn’t something anybody yeah but asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral it we don’t have to purposefully add it to cloths for it to be there it can be represented in the original or that the fabrics are made from you know Johnson& Johnson’s but all over the bulletin they got a huge fund for procure asbestos in talcum powder didn’t include it right it was one of the purposes of where they were going their raw materials from contained asbestos hmm the same with vermiculite it’s knew in a lot of our whole houses and the CMU blocks and lofts yeah and they weren’t lending asbestos to them vermiculite but there were veins of asbestos in the mica mine where they were raising the vermiculite that’s really that’s really helpful because we’ll do that question of how did it get there and why and what can you do about it and can’t you exactly specify United Mood prepared products and it’s like we’re kind of consider it come from where it’s been things but I didn’t think it actually came mind with the other other produces I’m kind of mingled in there and then the recycling fragment is it that’s you know we want to do our most effective and recycled but we’re grind it all together so there’s strategies of how we we know and regulations we know we want to keep costs down you know we want to provide itself here you know we’re just you know health work environment and we want to check all the boxes but we don’t want to get too carried away yeah but absolutely is but I think that first off looking at this from a long safe position is helpful but I think we likewise should be looking at it from or workflow a little bit overhead at the end and how can we organize and plan things out in wall street one route to stay carried out in accordance with the standard rules because it’s the operate safe thing to do but likewise to make sure we don’t have unintended procrastinates and unintended questions for campaigns so starting off in the beginning your one working in collaboration with someone who has the asbestos examiners certification and somebody who focuses on doing testing and inspections surveys it’s not rocket science you know it’s there’s a awfully set format to get it on the EPA stop their guidebook on it and it’s very straightforward the process cultivates best when you’re working with someone who’s familiar with your type of project so if you have a person from flooring firm that does asbestos assessments they’d be over licensed and he only testify before he might up the internal report writing and experience to do a hundred if “youve had” person that does mostly industrial campaigns where they’re doing oil and gas grapevines they might not be familiar with residential and multifamily properties so step one would be link a company who can show through ordeal that we were concoctions that they know how to do this and an effective and keep me away yeah they the remit of work now you’re gonna start with that early so you might kind of the full interpretation and architectural proposes but what you want to do with that busines is you want to present them the narrative we’re gonna work on this stunt okay that’s this numerous buildings and this numerous gangs and it was built in this time period they’ll tasting pictures maybe better Google Maps perhaps we’ll set up some paintings and they will be together for you on inspection examine suggestion that’s gonna shield the things that you guys plan to disturb and it’s gonna window-dressing sampling that in a representative manner we don’t need to assessment every single wall in every single building but who inspected will follow the regulations rules and assess all of these walls that are present how many of them identical and then you know once “theres going” which ones are identical we can create a representative sampling are projected to do as little aberration as possible but yield a really nice wide-reaching coverage they can be good for that whole building yes yeah anything you know more about these things that helps you style through contractors right away because if you understand what the rules are you’ll also understand that this guy that said you don’t have to do this is this informant and what else might you be disheartened about when you’re looking at alternatives are looking at multiple attempts if people various kinds of need a space stare and go well it kind of is just like Nana worried that outlined we never do that we’ve done this for 20 years and never done red flag so the anyway well it was not presented to you over the front end is something that’s necessary the other were going to imply who more than likely that we’re going to this is a change we’re already future so if you you’re gonna get a vary for something that is so basic that’s a lot for every project what other deepen creation prescribes might be in store for you life this is our move on it’s not going nowhere potentially right it’s been around for a long time what’s new and what might be surprising to some kinfolks is the level of enforcement and the level of enforcement over the past five years has increased in our child and its own experience significantly take and not just increased because the regulators are focusing more whether the general public knows more about it and is targeting more phone calls and causing more of surprise inspections on business activities right and so kind of envelop that “when youre doing” an inspection you get a good faith examination characters all their good meat sketch mm-hm and so on Sunday when the neighbor “re coming” on all your down the street and says hey where’s your you know honey know there’s asbestos boom it is and it actually oh you guys previously doing it oh gosh you’re waiting oh thank you I’ll stop complaining about stuff there’s testing you and you progressed in parts okay when you have your city and bear the specters and the most difficult thing you can say HR questions respect Arizona you gotta understand what you’re working with and we find that what a inspection is put together and it’s done in a delightful Bachelor is ETA has got some photos it’s got the floor plans it’s a nice package with labour inspectors arrives that are able the first thing that’s gorgeou hey just wanted you to know thank you for coming to our hassle area before you walk on we want to show you that we did have an asbestos probably we’ve proof or we won’t even know that we have asbestos in the northeast area division we’re doing call up there Hughes the results of the investigation so you can go everywhere else and you know you’re safe as the auditor you merely not projected to them that you’re conscientious when you help about yeah yeah alright well thank you for having talking to us today yeah you are appreciate this and thanks for thanks for hanging in here you’re still watchin yeah it’s a good topic it’s everybody’s health and safety and you know it’s just something I do boy those talked about they can be six million punishments and you know let’s just not do that or six or alteration successions last-minute let’s try to avoid that material so thanks for watching thanks so much okay here’s the ah mistake guys are outdoorsmen so wild and we’re going between seasons right now so we’re getting towards their you give me over this chanterelle season and everything toward the end of the beautiful lobster ocean season so I need the animals about you – I’m a angler of Eros fish so you know Jay too much fun but from Alaska silver sand now gasoline it out cure your barbecue this a lot of money yeah I’m thinking butter salt a little garlic and if everybody watching as always but you know this is fair trade cheetahs are vigorous sanctions[ Music]

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