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First level of positive specimen that the asbestos trust recognize is called a 1/ 0 perfusion and the perfusion is just the easy behavior to remember it is the amount of asbestos dust that “youre seeing” on the X-ray and that 1/ 0 perfusion is the mildest form and it will never be diagnosed at that level in clinical medicine. It would only be diagnosed with a “B” reader.You want to know that at that rank because there is, it has consequences for your state, but it also allows you for compensation from the asbestos rely per their rules and then you want to follow it because of what’s called a latency period the asbestos … often formerly it’s inhaled you don’t see it for 20 years until it shows up on the X-ray, so you’d want to follow that patient even though he’s not breathing in any more junk five years later he could have a higher perfusion because it did now…the word is opacified so that we could see it more on the X-ray and it is a carcinogen it’s a documented cancer-causing agent.There’s no treatment for it. You can’t withdraw existing asbestos from the lung, there’s no medicine for it. Regrettably, it scars the lungs and settlements the breathing and it leads to an increased risk of six different types of cancers. The most common certainly is lung cancer, but also laryngeal or throat cancer, esophageal cancer, primary belly cancer which is rare in our country and then colon rectal cancer. All are associated with increased risk if you have pulmonary asbestosis ..

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