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They want to know how much asbestos they have in their lung and how bad their malady is and the path I do it when I understand patients is that I actually take this sheet of paper and I register the patient this and I say “I’m certified by the Department of Health and Human Business to read the X-ray as a “B” reader” and I say of all this busyness on this sheet “the worlds largest” locate is over there because these are the 12 the different levels of asbestos and I was an indication which one the government has differentiated and where they land on there and if it’s a 1/0, which is the mildest constitute, then I explain that to them and reassure them. If it’s higher up on the scale then, I tell them what that means and and we do the necessary changes in education to the patient and to their treating physicians around the country.That’s why they have 12 different levels and it’s a way to substantiate the amount. Not merely are you diagnosing it, you’re able to say what position it is if you have a “B” read. I’m looking for one thing on that X-ray, I’m looking for. It’s not like in clinical prescription where the radiologist has to describe everything from arthritis of the shoulder to pacemakers and all that.I’m looking as a “B” reader specifically at the lungs for disfiguring from asbestos, I’m looking at the pleura, which is the lining around both lungs asbestos assaults that likewise and campaigns a detect that we refer to as pleural medals. It’s a coagulating of the lining around the lung, the pleura, and so asbestos motives that and so I’m looking exclusively for those findings as a “B” reader and so it does vary with the quality of the X-ray, the body habitus of individual patients, small-time versus thin versus larger. The X-ray shows the quantity of asbestos dust and fibers that you’ve breath over your working history ..

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