HSE Investigations: Asbestos, and what to do if you disturb it!

Im Eddy Steele, a major lawyer in Eversheds Sutherlands Environment, Health and Safety team and Im discussing HSE Investigations in relation to asbestos and what to do if you ruffle it. A common situation we see is where a contractor has instructed through asbestos-containing material in an old construct potentially exposing people to asbestos. Often, the company had in place an asbestos examination but had simply failed to share the survey with the contractor or has now completed the wrong type of survey.So the question is, what to do when something goes wrong? Firstly, you will want to ensure you have engaged the suitable consultants, both asbestos and legal, to help you manage specific actions that you should be taking. You need to act both responsibly and appropriately in managing your duty to keep parties safe. You too need to look at RIDDOR to determine if you have to report the matter to the regulators.If there is an investigation, the regulator will seek evidence of your conformity regime, including your asbestos conduct design, your risk assessments, refurbishment and defeat inspects, and contractors teaches and information sharing details. We have managed over 100 asbestos investigations and we can help you manage your investigation, often behind the scenes in private, under the cloak of legal professional privilege. If you are a duty holder business, we are here to help.

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