Asbestos Awareness 90secs

This IATP& CPD accredited AsbestosAwareness course Is essential for anyone Who may come into contact with Asbestos during periods of their work Including ….. and Teachers .. This course is in four the articles and sheathes: The dangers of Asbestos The types of Asbestos Where you’re likely to find it The health effects of exposure Legislation, Risk, and Responsibility And Inadvertent exposure and how to avoidthe risks The course includes the personal testimony Of a casualty of Mesothelioma And facets detailed medical explanations of the diseases involved So trainees are genuinely understand the fatal repercussion of Asbestos exposure And its devastating effect on families The course is streamed online So it can be easily made anywhere and on any invention Knowledge retention levelsare considerably higher when people learn from video Particularly when there’s some humour added to increase scrutiny Reinforcement of key points isimportant So there are questions at the end of each section Get the answersright and the trainee can move on to the next part of the film When all sections has been completed successfully The candidate can downloada personalised and accredited authorization This is NOT dull and boringeLearning…And it’s NOT death by PowerPoint … This is Engaging Effectiveand Essential Asbestos Awareness from Shout Out Safety.

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