Industrial Disease Claims for Asbestos Related Illness

[ Music] asbestos is a naturally occurring fiber that’s been used for thousands of years for many years it was seen as being an absolutely brilliant insulator and it was used in all sorts of different manufacturing disciplines when people were working with asbestos they didn’t appreciate the dangers of working with it if fibers were inhaled into the lungs it is possible to make serious respiratory cases such as pleural plaques pleural thicken asbestosis or mesothelioma or lung cancer unfortunately from 1930 onwards it was quite clear a number of medical and government reports were caused cautioning about the dangers of working with asbestos and the fact that very low levels of inhalation can cause quite significant respiratory difficulties time because you might well of humid with asbestos does not mean you’re certainly going to develop asbestos but you know usually there will be telltale signs there and that you know you might have difficulty with your breathing there are a number of different milieu that can develop from asbestos exposure quite often after notify since a period of 30 or 40 years now when commonly most of the cases that I be addressed with are people who’ve worked with asbestos in the 60 s early 70 s and we’re now only just starting to experience the effects of the asbestos fibers recruiting the lungs it might well be that you worked maybe 20 -3 0 years ago in an industry that involved you moving and container and that might have had us best us in the walls and in the flooring and it might have been a dusty environment to work in we often find with patrons that the major difficulties are when they were working with it quite often unprotected without any breathing protection in the 1960 s and 70 s and they breathed it in quite often for a number of hours a day and which is unfortunately led to quite significant problems for them most of the population at some quality has been available asbestos that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are then going to develop as best and each case is individual on a number of opportunities were instructed back rows and the companies that they work for for example in the sixties all the seventies are no longer in existence that in itself isn’t a major problem and shouldn’t set a purchaser off in getting into it through those what you need to understand is other perpetrates may no longer exist if they had insurance at the time the insurance company who protected them will still have to statu any assert that we can establish if an individual has historically been exposed to asbestos in there within the past three years being diagnosed with an asbestos reverse health they should have no education in getting get in signature and I will freely speak to them to see whether they’re anything what they can do for them[ Music]

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