IOSH No Time to Lose asbestos real-life stories: Keith Hughes

my job record begins with construction and back in the late seventies where I did some laboring task yeah principally with overhauls some postponements swishing most on private accommodate I did that for several years and then I qualified from a carpenter so I then progressed on to roofing jobs I think that I was probably exposed to asbestos especially in a number of different or on a number of different areas certainly from divesting out old-fashioned builds like a lot of beings I was actually short of breath good long story short I went to the doctor experienced the practice nurse they called in another doctor and they said go straight down for an x-ray which I did as soon as I got home the hospital was on the phone saying you have to go straight to a knee I mean straight-from-the-shoulder to a knee that very same day and they stopped you know overnight I saw five different medical doctors and in 2016 I extended for room keyhole surgery at Heartland hospital and that direct off the direction lab and finally it was confirmed in September of 2016 that I have a thyroid mesothelioma the prognosis was nine months maybe 12 months with standard chemotherapy medicines my media family is is my daughter and she was with me when they gave me the diagnosis and I study she was more in collapse than I was because I researched a new little bit about mesothelioma so I was expecting to be told that my bride-to-be who happens to be a nurse and she was very good at supporting me and without trying to worry me I saw this a surgeon first having had the prognosis and he discussed the Mars to trial with me which is a randomized trouble where you either have chemotherapy or surgery but personal computers decides which itinerary you go down and singularly he did actually render me surgery outside of the visitation and I thought about that and other had more or less made up my intellect there and then and I decided to go with surgery initially and I’m now earmarked for a number of other tests and definitely brand-new contests are being developed all the time I’ve outlived the original prognosis which is a good thing because I have to have scans every three months and it’s what they call watch and went well the wait is over now because we now know that the mr.Yan was growing the game so the future is still very uncertain I’m angry that I’ve got this because little fight was not really made clear PPE didn’t really exist or REM you know dealing with the consultant it wasn’t taken seriously in the early years in the 70 s and 80 s asbestos exposure is it’s not an isolated problem and it’s not somebody else’s trouble it’s something that we all have to be aware of and that we all have to deal with the responsibility on the shoulders of employers is significant I would ask the question what are you doing to help protect your employees and the staff members of the future you.

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