Mesothelioma The Basic Facts About Asbestos

asbestos is a fibrous naturally-occurring silicate material the fibers are strong durable and resistant to heat and shoot and is likely to be woven into cloth asbestos has been used in thousands of consumer industrial maritime automotive scientific and building commodities during the course of its 20 th centuries from thirty million tons of asbestos were employed in industrial area homes schools shipyards and commercial-grade buildings in the United Position the report contains various types of asbestos fibers of which three used only for commercial-grade lotions white asbestos comes chiefly from Canada and has been very widely used in the u.s. brown asbestos comes from southern africa and blue asbestos comes from southern africa and australia regrettably these are the types of asbestos most often associated with serious health problems contact kaizen constitution today for detailed information about the health hazards of asbestos.


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