Mike Cosman – Where is asbestos found and what do I do?

is containing information literally are anywhere and everywhere that you can’t positively identify asbestos-containing fabrics without testing anybody who says that they’ve got x-ray vision that allows them to know definitively if something contains asbestos or not is kidding you you have to test you need to survey before you start work as I say if you don’t know what you’re dealing with you can’t manage it so the starting point is to physically examine the building the building structure and marks what it contains so either you need to ask for an asbestos register or an asbestos examine that’s been carried out by someone else and if there is one you need to look at it you need to study it before you start work before you price up the job so my recommendation would be that actually you make for each location a simple marked up plan so what this particular schedule has got is that the areas observed in red are those that are known to contain asbestos because this has actually been sampled we’ve got areas commemorated here in in orange or yellowed which are assumed to contain asbestos so either they couldn’t be accessed or they’re very similar to the areas that have been tested and you could also mark up in light-green those areas that have been experimented and ascertained not to contain asbestos but if you have a simple plan of this sword then anybody “re coming in” the place can be found in precisely which areas are known to contain asbestos which areas were outside the scope of the survey so for the later stage the job becomes bigger than you thought you can go back to the contrive and say well actually we’d ever sampled in this area we’ve now got to do some direct so we need to do more researching


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