Morning Session – Asbestos Program Merger- Online Notification Form

good morning everyone we are going topresent to you today a demonstration of our online forum for the notification ofdemolition and renovation abatement my primary primary expertise is thesoftware and the functionality of the system but we do have Mark Needham herethe manager of the asbestos program that can also help to answer some technicalquestions if you have some of those as well just to give you a high-levelsummary we have the guys of January 1st the Ohio Department of Healthasbestos program for licensing certifications and training approvals toOhio EPA we’ve done many different forms of outreach to try to make sure thateveryone is aware of this transition with the new merged notification formetc and we feel like the word’s gotten out there pretty well because we arereceiving phone calls we are receiving forms here at the office we appreciateall of you and your patience with us as we go through this transition and partof that includes getting this software set up for you all to be able to use wedid publish the immerged notification form in December that was the areaswhere we can both parties both the regulated community as well as the OhioEPA can realize the most benefits of merging this program together we justwant to make sure that we remind everyone that all forms should be sentto Ohio EPA that includes any applications for certifications licensesand training approval documentation those we do have some customers that arestill sending those directly to the Department of Health we are receivingthose but we from the Department of Health but we’re only going to continueto do that probably through summer so please do address those to Ohio EPA wehave done previous webinars if you were unable to attend they are available onYouTube and we have a link to those from our web page there is one that describesthe overall program as well as the review of the hardcopynotification form and some any technical questions that were asked during thatare also in that video okay online forms in the e-business Center soin January we did release the notification of demolition andrenovation abatement on the e-business Center it was toward the end of themonth and unfortunately was delayed from our originally projected date of January5th but we wanted to make sure that we put out a product that would functionfor you all obviously we are going through and we’ve received notificationsthrough that system and received electronic payments without a problem wehave several people here that are available to assist you with anyquestions that you may have so we want to make sure that this product productworks well for you so we will make sure that you have the phone number and theemail address so that you can feel free to contact us and we can make sure thatyou can successfully use this system to your benefit beginning in the summer ofthis year we will also have migrated into the e-business center of theability to submit applications for licensing certification trainingnotifications etc so eventually everything will be in Ohio EPA ZBusiness Center we do we still receive any online applications and trainingnotifications that you’ve submitted through the Department of Health andpaid for there we have an agreement with that agency to continue those servicesthrough their software up until the point that we implement and geteverything merged into the e-business Center ok I just want to point out a fewof the benefits that you will realize if you do choose to use the online systemone of those is clear communications we have email alerts set up in the systemso that a user will be notified when a notification is received so once you hitsubmit and you’ve paid you’re paid for the notification that you are submitto us you will receive a confirmation email that we received it you will alsoreceive a receipt that will be a receipt for you for the amount that you paidthrough the agency you will also receive other notifications for whether or notthat becomes accepted which I’ll explain kind of the statuses of notificationslater in this presentation but it’s just an easier way for you to knowyou know without sending something hardcopy certified mail that we actuallygot it we got the check we also accepted it andas far as it being a complete notification so that communication willbe there for you we’ve also the way we’ve implementedthis program not only because of the way that we’ve created a new largenotification form but we’re also using they’re also in place several areas thatwill save you time less data entry we have the ability for you to search forexisting owners contractors landfills fire departments anywhere that we couldsave data entry time for entities that get sent to our agency over and overagain it saves you the data entry of having to enter in those information forthose entities that you want to give us data on the fees are calculated for youso the total fee amount is presented to you with an explanation of how it wascalculated so as you’ve experienced if you’ve had to submit a new notificationform and hardcopy we have a worksheet to try to make thateasier for you to calculate on your own but it still is by no means simple soone of the benefits is that you don’t have to do those calculations thesoftware does that all for you and explains to you how it was calculatedand there’s no time spent on your side because it does it all along the way validation of the complete form or of acomplete form we will not accept any partially completed notification formsso as much as a computer can assist you in making sure that you submit acomplete document to us we’ve done that where we canthrough validation to make that happen for you in addition for any of you outthere that are submitting a form with multiple project addresses or what’scalled an installation if you have done that we have the ability for you toexport a summary of the projects that are contained within that notificationso say for example you have a dozen different project addresses on onenotification form you’ll be able to export that to excel and be able to seethe start and end dates for when work is being done as well as the total recommnumbers okay let’s dive into why we have the e-business Center and what is thee-business Center because it might be a new concept for some of you that wereused to the ODH system at Ohio EPA we have a software portal for all thedifferent divisions so our divisions of surface water materials waste managementetc or a payment while everything is located in one place in the e-businessCenter so when you log into the e-business Center you will not only seeus Vestas you will see many different areas where you could be submittinginformation to the agency the system has to be compliant with the federalcross-media electronic reporting rules or romayor for submitting data we alsoas a part of the asbestos program when you’re submitting information for newshops that is a federal program so in order for us to have an online system ithas to be compliant with this federal rule and the system does handle thateach division and program area has specific regulatory requirements so whenyou go into the asbestos software you can immediately access the functionalityand go in and create a notification and for other divisions that is not the caseor even other program areas in the division of air pollution control whichis where the asbestos program resides so if you are currently a userthe e-business Centre for other program areas you can still continue to use thee-business Center for asbestos notifications using your same accountsbut it will be maybe not as easy to get into other business areas as it is toget into asbestos currently ok in addition as I mentioned how we’re tryingto make this a good experience for all of the users so that we can encourageeveryone to go electronic and use it because it will save time for everyonethe software will be evolving over time as you know this all came up came alonga six-month period of time we went to rinsed it up this piece of software andwe feel like we’re pretty close to the goal but we know that there are areaswhere we can improve as such as being able to delegate access to differentforms to different you know contractors or owners or other users and things likethat so the software will be enhanced over the next six months to try to meetwhat those needs are so if you do have comments about areas that would makeyour experience with the software a lot easier one way or the other please feelfree to give comments to us and we will do what we can to make that happen okay as far as the e-business Centergoes there’s a couple of very important concepts that we need to make sure thateveryone is clear on number one is an account you can only use the e-businessCenter if you have created an account in that system so there is one account perperson the your youth user account across other programs like I explainedso if you already have an account to do something for some be drinking ingroundwater or if you are an owner and you have air pollution control permitsbut you also have to submit an asbestos notification form you can do that usingthe same account because that just represents you as a person doingbusiness with Ohio EPA so any person can go in and create an accountyou create a username and your password and a securityquestion I will demonstrate this for you in just a few momentsokay separate from that is a PIN number so some divisions including and programareas including asbestos require a PIN number in order to submit so you relatea pin number to an account so you don’t have a pin number that is shared acrossseveral accounts it represents a personal wet ink signature so forexample if I am the owner or president of a company and I have my account andmy pin number when I go submit any form to the agency that’s the same as goingthrough and doing a wet ink signature and a date in order to sign off on thatform so the really important message here is that you do not want to share anaccount or a pin with anyone so you do not want to create an account and thengive it to your staff and give them your PIN number necessarily if they were touse someone else’s account and pin to sign off on a document than that isforgery because it would be like they were forging your wet ink signature sowe just want to make sure that everyone is clear on what these things mean againthis is set up in place because of the federal requirements that we have tomeet in order for to be able to receive the data and be able to keep it securefor you so just make sure that that is clear and I will demonstrate how you goabout getting your accountant in shortly this is just kind of an overview of whatI will be covering during this training okay who can access and see this projectinformation each account holder can only see the notifications that have beencreated by that account so when you go in and you have your one account thefirst time that you go into the software you will not see any notifications thereso even if you have submitted some in the past using the odh software systemyou won’t be able to see those specific forms thatyou submitted in the past there we’re kind of starting fresh with this newsystem so the first thing that you would be able to do in this system would be tocreate an original notification so you would not be able to go into the systemand begin revising a notification form that you submitted in the past andhardcopy or that you submitted in the past viathe ODH software system so you’d begin by creating an original new form with usfor upcoming projects so once you’ve created that original you will be ableto view that obviously you’ll be able to generate revisions for that you’ll beable to create PDF versions of those forms you will also be able to cancelany notifications for projects that have not begun in the future of the pufferthe plant enhancement the biggest one that I know of that will be coming downthe pipe will be the ability for different accounts to delegate access toother users to see your notifications so say for example you are the asbestosabatement contractor and you want to delegate access to the owner of thebuilding so that they can go in and see the notifications that you’ve submittedfor their projects in the future we anticipate the ability for you to beable to do so we don’t yet know what are the business rules are going to be forwho can actually do revisions to those like who the ultimate you knowresponsible person can be for signing off on ones once they’ve been submittedby a certain entity we have not discussed and come up with thoserequirements yet but that is one of the planned enhancements and we’ve heardthat loud and clear from users that we’ve heard from so far and just wantedto get that out there that that is something that we are planning onimplementing okay so as far as just a high-levelreview and again we’ll go through and demonstrate all of this when you createand submit a form in the e-business Center for the asbestos program for theoriginal and as well as for the revisions it is the exact same field aswhat you have on the word in PDF form so all of the fields and requirements thatare on the merged form it appears in the same order and in the same generalorganization as what you would see on that hard copy form it has the sameconvenience and rules you have one form per county per owner and abatementcontractor if it’s applicable so you can have more than one project address orwhat is on the hard copy form is section two so you can put in as many differentproject addresses as you need to as long as they are the same County same ownersame abatement contractor so it is okay for you to have just like it is on thehard copy form for you to have different demolition contractors for each projectaddress that’s totally acceptable you’d accept this it’s when you go into thesystem the only button you have available is create new notificationthat’s how you’d begin and again I’ll demonstrate this for youshortly as we discussed before it must pass form validation in order to beconsidered complete so we make sure for example that you’ve given us a countyand owner and contractors if you’ve indicated you’re doing asbestosabatement we’ll make sure that you’ve given us a contractor etc we hope thatthat will save both you time as well as us in the review to make sure that we’veaccepted the data that you’ve given us when you go to submit an originalnotification you will be required to have a PIN number and to answer asecurity question so after you have done those two things then you will benavigated to complete an electronic payment for that notification once youhave completed that Oh to keep that notification energy pensecurity question and successfully paid electronically then you will receiveconfirmation emails letting you know that we received the the form and thatyou received payment if you are not able to successfully complete electronicpayment the notification does not get submitted to us and we will have notreceived it so just to be clear you do not want to begin the notificationprocess online if you are not willing to pay for it electronically upfront we donot allow a situation where you would submit a notification form and then senda check in later if you’re going to handle it that waythen the hard copy form needs to come with a hard copy check ok revisions youcan in the software revise any active original notification that you youraccount has submitted so you will go in and create your original first from thatpoint forward you can revise your notification however you need to if forsome reason you submitted your original notification and you your computerbreaks down or whatever the case may be it is possible for you to revise anotification that you submitted electronically on hardcopybut not vice versa so if you submitted the original using your account you canrevive it that way you could revise it hardcopy if you need to for some reasonthough that would take probably more time on your part so I wouldn’t reallyadvise that you do that but you can but you cannot revise an originalnotification if it was submitted in hardcopyusing the software okay so the system will allow you to revise most of thefields on the form except the county the owner and the abatement contractor youcan change and contact information about it so for example if you had a change ofan employee you can um but you can’t necessarywe change the owner name or the county name or the contractor if you have thosekinds of changes and the software won’t allow you you can always call us and wecan talk you through it and determine what the best course of action would beagain for revisions the system will make sure that you’ve passed form validationin order to make sure that we receive a complete notification form when you’resubmitting revisions you will again be entering a PIN number and answering thesecurity question but at that point in time there is no payment or refund untilall the projects are complete so just like with the hardcopy forms you wouldgo through you would submit your notification up front with your feepayment and then once you get to the revision stage you can just continue tosubmit revisions as you need to and we’ll be going through and kind ofcalculating that fee total you know because as you know things can change alot on the course of working in a project so if it turns out that you havemore asbestos or less asbestos or whatever the case may be when you getdown to the end of the projects where all of the projects are completed withinthat notification at that point we would look at how much you have paid us versuswhat the total amount is due and we would either issue a refund to you or wewould send an invoice to you for the remaining balance there are no revisionsallowed in the software after three working days past the completion datesso we keep the form open and in an active State for you up through once thelast working project end date has passed three days after that then at that pointwe’ll move it down to being locked down so that you can no longer revise that Ithink that mark canceling notifications onlynotifications that have not passed the abatement or demolition start date canbe cancelled so if you have submitted a notification to us and said that theproject began February 12th and try to come in and cancel a notificationbecause work didn’t actually begin the system will not allow you to cancel thatbecause the project start date has already passed but if you can cancelnotifications if it’s in advance so if it was going to be starting this Fridayyou could go in and cancel it with no problem again at any time if you haveany you know circumstances where you feel like you know you still need to beable to cancel it for whatever the reason may be just need to call ournumber and talk to the support staff and we’ll see what we can do and kind oftalk through the issue with you and just to be clear when we are cancelingnotifications and once you’ve submitted a notification to us and you’ve paid thenotification fee it’s in our system we’ve begun work on it schedulinginspections and reviewing the forms etc if you cancel the notification then atthat point there there is no refund that will be issued okay so that there willbe no reflet me clarify there will be no refunds of the notification fees but notthe recommend excuse me there are three areas for thenotifications when you log into the system just to make sure that everyoneis also clear with how the e-business Center functionsso there are unsubmitted or draft project notifications so at that pointOhio EPA could not see the forms or content until it is submitted the formscan be saved and worked on in the future so if you come in and you’re starting tocompose a project notification form and you have several project addresses thatyou’re collecting information on you can go ahead and fill out what youknow save it go to lunch come back the next day and it will still be in theunsubmitted draft area for you to come back and edit and work on once you havesubmitted successfully entered your PIN number paid your fees electronically andyou get your notifications confirming that you’ve done all of that then OhioEPA can then see them and it moves into the active project notifications area soany items that are any unsubmitted draft project notifications we can’t see thatI mean you can be going in there and saving and estimating the amount ofrecomm that’s around but it won’t come into us as a final number that younotify us of until you’ve pinned it and paid for it excuse me so be let’s see okay so they will remain in the activeproject notification area until all the projects are completed and any of theoutstanding balances have been paid then another area down below is the completedor canceled project notifications so once the time clock has gone past andthe projects are done and the fees are paid it will move into the completed orcanceled project area and so that will include all the forms that are submittedwith the account that are no longer active so after some time if you’ve beensubmitting many notifications over the years then obviously things are going tobe going from top to bottom and you’ll end up potentially with manynotifications that are in the bottom bucket once all these projects havecompleted but I will demonstrate for the system how you can search through thoseand review them and take a look at them over timeokay there’s a concept of a notification status that has been we’ve used some ofthose in the past at OU th but we’ve kind of modified them a little bit soit’s important to be familiar with these because you’ll be able to view them onthe system there’s a status of ready for reviewonce you have submitted a draft notification with your your pen and paidthe fee it will be in a ready for review state so that means that thenotification has been received and Ohio EPA staff will soon be reviewing thatanother status is accepted once Ohio EPA has reviewed all the information thatwas submitted and confirms that all the required information is present then wego through and accept the notification and that status will be reflected to youyou will also receive a notification via email that we have accepted yournotification there is a deficient status so fo hi o EPA reviews the notificationand it is incomplete we will certainly because there’s such a tight timeframewith the 10-day notification period we will try to get back to you likely witha phone call as quickly as possible but if for some reason we’re unable to get ahold of you or unable to resolve the situation that will be put in a statusof deficient and you’ll see that reflected out on the e-business Centerthe payment due status is when it all works at the project addresses iscomplete and based on the revisions we receive there’s an outstanding balancethat is due so you will be able to go online and pay that fee if you wouldlike to or we will be sending an invoice to you either via email if you’vesubmitted electronically it will come that way or if it was a hard copy itwould be coming with an invoice but either way you can go through and submitthat payment online complete is the other status we have and obviously allwork is complete and no balance is currently due and cancelled so the workdid not begin at these projects and the notification has been cancelled so thatwould be once you the user has gone into the e-business Center and cancelled anotice it was moved into the cancelled State ok so now we will kind of navigateover to the system and also put this light up later when we’re answeringquestions as well but I’ve been discussing you know having a having youguys call us for help this number is the asbestos number thathelps been using for years so that remains the same with the four six sixzero zero six one okay okay so I’m in this demonstration today using our testsystem so this URL that you see up here is not one that you can use to get intothe system when you go to the e-business Center you will want to go to thiswebsite the IBAs PA Ohio gov if you’re on our website there is also there arebuttons on every page to go to the e-business Center but it’s always thesame starting page so on the e-business Center if you already have an accountnumber for whether it’s a business with another division whatever the case isyou can enter in your user ID and password and log into the system if youdo not yet have an account you can click on create new account so when you createa new account you can come in and create your own user ID and then after that itwill start asking you for information about yourself because we againassociate one account with one person okay you’ll also be establishing yourpassword and you have to give yourself a password hint and a security question see scary question so you generate yourown security question and your own security answer so you want to make surethat you it is something that you can remember because over the years we’vehad people that have established a username and gave themselves a securityquestion that they don’t know the answer to and so please make sure that youranswer you’re asking yourself a question that’s really easy for you to recallwhen you’re under a tight time line a Center in your address and email account ok so once you’ve entered in all thebasic information that is required including your password hint yoursecurity question and answer you can click create account and if youhave are trying to create an account where that account name already existslike for example if you were to try to create one that was a angle it wouldgive you a message that says I’m sorry this username has already been taken soit does have those kinds of you know securities on the system but once youhave your account created then you’re ready to go so I’m just going to clicklog on and enter in my new account information and you can get into thee-business Center so once you get into the e-business Center with your accountyou have access to see all of the different services that areavailable at Ohio EPA so I realize that the resolution on this screen is this isa little bit hard to read but there are many different program areas that usethe e-business Center so for example if you wanted to come on here and pay a feeonline there’s a link down here to pay Ohio EPA fees online there’s errorservices which is something that we use for air permitting the next one down isair asbestos project notification so that is what you would click to get tothe asbestos software but the most important thing that you need to do ifyou do intend on submitting a notification is to get a PIN number soyou cannot sign off on submitting a project notification to us until youhave a PIN number so that you can electronically sign the document so onceyou’ve created your account you come under my account and click on requestnew pin so this is something I cannot demonstrate the entire process onbecause this is going through and verifying your personal information sowhen you’re submitting a pin request it’s using u.s.CPAs identityverification software if you are not comfortable entering this informationinto the system we do have a form you can fill out but that means that youwon’t be able to get your pin number for like five to seven business days if youget your pin number initially and you complete this formelectronically you want to follow these instructions as best that you can so forexample if you have entered in your first name your last name your homeaddress you know if you live on 236 Como Avenue you just put in 236 como forexample your personal phone number should be your home phone number becauseit’s trying to file your identity and most likely your cell phone numberunless that’s literally the only phone number you’ve ever had you would justuse your personal home phone number again we have this concept where youneed to entering your own security questionswhen you go to submit a form with Ohio EPA it will rotate through thesesecurity questions that you are not presented with the same securityquestion every time so you do need to provide us with all five securityquestions and answers so down below we have online identity verification if youchoose to do this you will need to enter in your birthdate and the last fourdigits of your social security number once you’ve read through this and clickI have reviewed the above information we would like to proceed you check this boxand click on verify identity so it will give you three different attempts withina one-day period to go through an attempt to verify your identity so it’sfor some reason it comes back and says it was unable to validate it you want toobviously confirm you’ve entered in all of this data correctly and particularlymake sure like if you’ve recently moved you could try your old address becauseit might be that you know your online identity is more associated with yourold address than your current address for example if you need any assistanceyou can give us a call and we’d be happy to help try to talk you through itbut if you go through and if it fails and/or you decide that you do not wantto have it do an online identity proofing we do have the ability for youto submit this in hardcopy so if you do select that you want to check to getyour PIN via hardcopy then you can click request hardcopy PINand it will take you through the instructions for how to get the formcompleted get it notarized and sent in to us so that you can get your PINnumber so once you’ve acquired your PIN you will be able to come in if youforget your PIN you can request that it display your pin number for you onceyou’ve answered your security questions it is very manageable in the past ifyou’ve heard things about the business center in the pin process we about ayear ago went through and made this onlineidentity proofing improvement so that you can usually get a PIN number and anaccount within fifteen to twenty minutes from when you start the process okay sofor demonstration purposes I’m going to log out as this account I just createdand use my account so that I can demonstrate that part of it for you soI’m going to log out as my fake user I just created and I’m going to log in asme so once you have a PIN number in the system you can come here under myaccount and if you’ve forgotten your PIN you can click view pin and enter yoursecurity questions this is a test system so I don’t have really great validquestions and it will demonstrate what your PIN number is so this is why youshould not ever share your account with other people you might think I can givemy account number to my assistant or my account name to my assistant myassistant can come in you know and complete the form for me and then shewon’t have my secret pin number well she does have access to view your pin numberso if you just want to be careful with that once you do get your pin you needto come in and activate it so let’s see so once you come in and you’ve receivedyour pin number you need to come in and activate it so I’m going to go ahead anddo that now and during this demonstration I am usingthis hour test systems that might be a little bit slow in some areas because wedon’t have the faster servers in our test environment so please don’t thinkit’s going to be a bad experience for you okay so once I have my accountestablished I have my pen I’ve come in here I’ve established my pen I’veactivated my pen I should be ready to go if I need to deactivate it for somereason I can I need to view it if I need to change my information if I getmarried and get a new last name whatever the case is you can manage all of thathere as well as any account information that you need to modify so again yourusername and for your account and your pin number is for the entire agency itis not just for asbestos it will work for any of these systems okay so now I’mclicking on asbestos project notification and moving into thesoftware system like I normally would so like I was showing you before in thedemonstration there are three different areas we have unsubmitted draft projectnotifications which I currently do not have any that are in those bucketsI have active project notifications which I currently have four of in mydemonstration system here and completed or canceled project notifications thereare certain common items that you’re going to see in the system so the buttonfor create notification a new notification is up here in your topright it will always appear there so that you can begin the process togenerate a new draft notification if there are actions that you need toperform they’re usually on almost always on the right hand side so for exampleI’ve submitted for project notifications in this demonstration I have three ofthem that are in a ready for review states Ohio EPA has not reviewed thoseyet and I have one that’s been accepted so Ohio EPA has reviewed it and acceptedit as being a complete notification once they’re down in thisarea you can click on this actions button on the side and you can see thedifferent items that are available for you to do so you can click view currentPDF download all PDF which means you can download a PDF copy of that specificnotification as well as any revisions on any of the attachments that you havemade to that form you can view the notification you can revise it or youcan see a list of all of the projects that are associated with itso if I click on projects you can see a list of all of the projects that arecurrently within this notification so if you have multiple it will give you onerow per project address with the summary of the rack’em amounts the demolitionstart and completion dates abatement certain completion dates fees etc thisis one of the areas where if you had some comments or if you want to seedifferent information because it would be more convenient for you if you couldhave a different field here that would be a good example of a place where somefeedback could be helpful but you can at any point click export to excel and itwill export this data to excel so that you can generate it print it out howeveryou want to we also have this ability to hover or so over on the left hand sideif you hover over these addresses you can see the list of all the differentaddresses that are contained just as a quick quick quick look so if you’relooking at this and you can’t figure out which notification it is that you’relooking at it would it might be able to help you if you go to look at theproject addresses to get an idea of which ones are there let’s take a lookat projects so this is an example of a notification where I have many differentprojects that we submitted in this so worst case scenario you know mate wellor best-case scenario depending on how you look at it you could have manydifferent projects that you’re working on and yes there could be you knowhundreds of them so you can’t see them all in this view so you want to filterdown and only see the information for theones that are on a specific street let’s say so that you can go through and plana visit to your sites so there is the search capability down here to be ableto filter on items so let’s say I want to only view the ones that are onKenmore I can type as I start to type the word ken it will filter this listdown so that you can only see the ones that are on that certain street so wehope that this kind of convenience will help you in trying to sort through thework that you guys need to do so that the system can kind of help you knowwhich which project sites you’ve been at you have submitted notifications forwhich ones are currently outstanding etc okay so let’s go ahead and create a newnotification form so I’m going to click create new notification the beginningthis summary area is just a way for you when you first log in to know of theproject addresses that you submitted notification for if it’s what certaincharacteristics it has so later will show up here that if we do a demolitiononly it’s only going to show demolition up here or if it has both demolition andrenovation abatement it will show both the next area here are instructions thatwe try to put up front to make sure that no one wastes their time there’s animportant note down below which your eye has drawn to because it is bold which Ialready discussed which is to make sure that if you are proceeding with enteringa notification that you want to make sure that you’re going to be able toeither pay by a credit card or electronic check there is alsoinstructions stating that work on projects cannot begin until 10 workingdays after an original notification form including payment is submitted so thesystem will enforce that through validation the notification these thisinstructions here not necessarily going to read them all through just but as ahigh-level summary the system will not acceptcourtesy notifications so if it is not required for you to submit anotification to Ohio EPA then the system will stop you and prevent you for submitsubmitting it to us and it will prevent you you know obviously from paying anynotification fees etc so if you disagree and you feel like you should be sendingin this notification for some reason that’s a good example of time when youcan give us a call and we can talk through the situation with you if at anypoint in time you have any questions whatsoever about the form there is alittle question mark up here at the top where you see little question marksthroughout the system where a little help will pop up here so on the questionmarks you have click here for instructions or call the helpline inaddition we will be enhancing this over time but if you click on that questionmark instructions for the forum will pop up so that you can see what a dumpwhat a definition is for each one of the fields that you are presented with soover time this will be enhanced as we get more time on our hands to implementthis program with the new system okay so assuming you have a project notificationnotifiable project excuse me that you want to submit we have section 1 generalinformation just like you do in the hard copy form so in this example I’m justgoing to submit a demolition only notification so again it has to be oneCounty one owner one abatement contractor if applicable so in this casewe’re going to say this is in Cuyahoga County now let’s do Franklin FranklinCounty okay so the first field that I am presented with is the owner there isonline help available that explains the owner of the project you have to givethe addresses must be provided and it explains what this question is here ifthe owner is anything other than a person that owns the house so let’s sayyou have Jenny fee on the house if you answer is that thecompany no these fields here change to first name and last name for you to beable to search on if you have do not find that person in the search you havethe ability to add a new owner so the next time if you do work for thatcustomer it will be in our database for you to find so in my example I’m goingto choose a company so let’s say I’m doing work for Ohio State so I’m goingto pick Ohio State University from the list if I do not find the company that Iam looking for here or if I do not find the person you have the ability to comein here and click add new owner and also again answer the question is this acompany yes or no and complete this information and save it and that willjust be adding that entity into our database so that will be available tosearch the next time it comes through so in my example here let me go through andfinish my search here so I’m going to pick Ohio State University and you’llsee this is where it populates for me Ohio State the address city state zip soI don’t have to do that data entry if I accidentally pick say the wrong oh hi OhState University or the wrong write state or not right date wrongwright-patterson Air Force Base you can click on clear owner data and it willclear out those fields so that you can start your search again I’m going to goahead and go with what I’ve got here and I’m just going to enter and the contactname okay and I’m just going to continue to scroll down through my form you’llnote that at the bottom of the form there is a bar that does not move sothis bar down here on the bottom let me just take a moment to review what’shappening down there since you probably notice that there are four buttons overon the right there’s validate so if i click validate right now it’s going tocome up with a list of things that are currently missing inorder for you to be able to submit this form so this white box that pops upgives you the complete list for currently what we know of that you aresubmitting for us this is all the information that is neededonce you click validate at any point in time a little message appears down atthe bottom and this kind of gives you like the top 5 if you just wanted tokeep this reference here but at any point in time if these messages aredriving you nuts so you can click this little X box and it will go awayso validate is giving you the fields that’s where we know that you need tosubmit information for us based on what you’ve enteredsave is pretty obvious it will go through and let you know that you’vesaved once you’ve completed everything you can click Submit to get it to us orif you exit it will take you back to the notification screen so if I click exitnow I can see in my unsubmitted draft project notification area this one thatI’m currently working on so if I want to go back into it I click on actions andclick edit on the left-hand side of this scrolling title bar we have notificationID so you can see here this help that appeared over the top if I click on thatat any point in time it will generate a pdf version of my form it will also bekeeping a total of what my current fee is so my current fee is $0 obviouslyexcept filled in that much information but we will also if you click on this itwill pull up a notification fee summary to explain to you how we came up withthat total ok so back to my notification completion so the we can flow throughsection 1 so we’ve gone through we’ve indicated what our county is we’veselected our owner in our example where we’re filling out for demolition onlywhere there is no asbestos presence I do not have an abatement contractor so I’mgoing to continue to scroll down I do have to indicate who the billing contactis that is required one of the enhancements in the system that will becoming is that once you’ve selected if thecontact is associated with the owner the abatement contractor or the demolitioncontractor then it will automatically populate this information in here butit’s not here yet so we’ll work through it so this is to deal with a situationif your accounting department that needs to receive a bill is at a differentlocation than where the owner address is or where the main office is then it willcombi date that situation okay okay so marks rather a good point just anexplanation is why do you have to have billing information here so when you goto validate and submit and pay you’re required to pay at that point in timefor the initial fee so through the course of your project before theproject completes as you’re filling out revisions which potentially would be youknow uh purring or lowering or making a project have different notification feeskick in when the reconciliation of that happens if an amount is due or if amountis going to be refunded it’s going to come through this to this person so thatis why we need we require a billing contact so that we can get thatsituation remedied once the revisions have come through and what completiondates are done okay the next area that you’re brought incontact with is the fire department if you are conducting fire training to do ademolition you can do go through and locate the fire department or add a newfire department just like you did the owner information and hazardous excuseme an asbestos hazard evaluation specialist and evaluation procedures wewant to complete taxes required I’m going to pick on markbecause he’s sitting here if you are submitting for more than one projectaddress and you have more than one evaluation specialist we don’t have theability for you to add several evaluation specialists but you can listthem in a document and make an attachment to the notification form tomake sure you submit that information if it’s important okay procedures to befollowed should unexpected wreckin be discovered I’m just going to sayevacuate the area and all places in the software if you check the box for othera an item will appear here I have the resolution kind of off so that you cansee it better in your demonstration but if you have the resolution out a littlebit more these things are all associated with each other so since we were doingthe demonstration and trying to make it do them in a little bit more look itlooks a little bit off so my apologies for them okay so we’re doing a planneddemolition I’m just going to check manual demolition here but obviously youwill fill it out according to whatever is happening at your site if you haveadditional information like for this description of affected facilitycomponents at any point you can go out and grab any attachment and upload it tothe system so this works just like all other software where if you click onbrowse you can go choose the file and it will show up as an attachment that youcan view okay I don’t have asbestos in my project so I’m going to leave thoseareas blank so I don’t need to answer number six or number seven or numbereight if it’s an emergency demolition I would have to complete this informationbut since this is not an emergency we will go ahead and leave those blankand now I’m down to section two so if I had the situation where it has severalevaluation specialists again you can go through here for thisgeneral notification attachments area so if you had any other additionalinformation you wanted to give the agency or that was asked for orrequested when you go through and do a revision or if you’re doing an originalyou can upload that file here to have it associated with that notification so ifI go through I’m just going to find any file but you would find your yourspecific let me do that let me go find I’ll go find another attachment here injust a moment so what I’m going to do here once we’ve uploaded our attachmentwhich this bikes likely isn’t working because we’re in our test environment wecan go through and add our project addresses so again you have the samefeatures that I was showing you on the external side where once we get dataentered here for as many projects as we have we will go through and you canfilter columns just like you can and look up certain sites on differentstreets etc so right now I don’t have any so I am going to click on addproject address and I you’ll see section two then pops up for me to fill out forthis so building name let’s call it karting building so let’s say we we’redemolishing what’s a good example mark for demolishing a whole building sitelocation all right okay so we enter in our square feet okay so I’m going to go through againwe’re just doing a demolition only so I’m going to click on demolition is thisbestest present no this is another area which just looks slightly different thanthe form and we will likely be modifying it in the future where on the form itsays asbestos present no and there’s another question that says no and ifyou’re abated you give the year so if it was a situation where asbestos waspreviously abated you would put the year that was accomplished here and thesection D I don’t have any asbestos so I conveyancers know so I’m going to leavethis area blank and in this case I do not have any abatement dates but I dohave a demolition contractor so I can come in here and search for mycontractor and select it or I can come in here if it turns out that this is notthe contractor that I meant to select and I need to add a different onebecause it doesn’t exist in here yet I’ll click clear demolition contractordata and click you’ll see that it went away down here and click add newdemolition contractor okay and then so the me are enough others okay so once Ihave added a new demolition contractor that information will appear down hereand it will be available for me to search the next time I do a demolitionand if I need to use that same demolition contractor it will beavailable to me then Section G will enter in what our start dates are forthe project okay so we’re at the bottom of sectiontwo and again we have this bar down at the bottom of the software and we havedifferent buttons and different things we can see here so I want to make surethat everyone is clear on what the difference is validate is again runningvalidation for the form but when you click validate while you’re on aspecific project it is only validating that project addresses information so ifI click validate is telling me on section two for the project 1g thedemolition start date cannot be later than the completion date do you see whenI went through and I did my data entry here I had March force selected as thestart date and february 9th is the completion date so I need to go throughhere and correct my issue if I click validate again then it shouldsay the form is valid so if I click on stays then it will save this informationif you try to close it so it’s kind of like canceling without saving yourchanges you will be prompted with a question asking you if you want to closethis page will probably modify that question to save without saving changesI’m going to say cancel because I really don’t want to lose my work let me clickSave and then I’m going to close this project which will take me back tosection 1 so you see now we have this information summarized here for oneproject that I have entered so let’s say I also have another project so say thebuilding next door is owned by the same the same owner and it’s in the samecounty and this time actually going to be bestest abatement so I’m going to gothrough here and add another project address and so I got the work for thebuilding next door so I’m going to go down here and I’m going to enter in anew reckoned building and site location so this one we are going to just do someabatement work let’s say the northwest corner of the basement okay so this time I’m going to gothrough and do some renovation abatement works and I’m going to remove theasbestos as asbestos present yes I’m going to be removing a bunch of asbestosthat’s around pipe Wednesday so in this case I know I’m going to be needed togive you you suck give setup dates so we’re going to do this work after we’redone with our demolition let’s say so we’re going to do this April you startthe abatement on the 412 and we’ll finish it up by the twentieth okay sowhile we’re there on site we need to schedule our bateman specialists thatare going to be there so I’m going to pick on Josh comb we go so I should beable to only search for valid as abatement specialists that are in thesystem and we are sinking this data with OD HS online application system so youshould be able to see all the current information here for whoever the workersare that are going to be at this site so I can select all the days that thisperson is going to be there and the hours that are going to keep going to beon site so that they change the schedule to be 7 to 3:30 so you have the abilityif the person is working more hours like they’re also going to be working on theweekend from 8 to 12 or whatever the case may be you have the ability to addadditional time here if you need to so once you’ve entered that informationin you can click on save you’ll see that information appears and let’s see I do not not doing demolitionsI don’t need to submit a demolition contractor I don’t need to submit mydemolition dates because they don’t apply and I also do not need to put myproject on hold right now I’m gonna click validate on this form and you seethis form for this specific project is valid so I’m going to save and close sonow you can see on the form I have two different projects I have one withdemolition only I have one with abatement information that’s required soright now you’ll see a couple of things have changed on the screen here just todraw your attention to it so down here on the bottom left it gives you a totalof what in all of these projects what’s the total wreck of amounts that are hereyou can also see down on the bottom of the screen this total fee amount hasbeen calculated for you so now if you take a look at this if you can see thatreally well let me zoom it back in okay you can see the total linear feet squarefeet cubic feet it gives an explanation here of how all these fees apply whenthey apply how they are applied and if you have more than one project you canalso come down here and view what characterizations of each project endedup making a fee applicable so for example in project number one theabatement licensing fees do not apply because it’s a demolition only it doesapply for project number two because we are evading greater than 50 linear feetof material so up here on the top is your summary and probably came up withthe total amount due okay so now I’ve run the validation on both of myprojects I ran the validation on the whole form before I finish entering inmy different project site information so let me just check real quick and seewealth I’ve forgotten to do so if I click on validateis going to show me all of the information that I need to enter now youmight ask why did section 1 allow it to say validation was successful before butnow it’s saying it’s not and the reason is that you know the software doesn’thave a crystal ball it doesn’t necessarily know that you’regoing to be doing asbestos abatement or you’re not so once you are done enteringin all your projects you can come back here and run validation and you can seewhat else is that you need to complete based on all the project informationthat we now have so in section one number two I need to give an abatementcontractor in section one number six I need to make sure that I answer thesequestions and I also need to answer in section one question seven and questioneight so I’m going to close that and we’re just gonna go ahead and scroll tothe top so I can look through it here so you’ll notice now the installation boxesin checks because I have more than one project address that’s associated withthis county with this owner and now with this abatement contractor so again thesystem will only pull up valid abatement contractors that currently have currentlicenses so we enter in our abatement contractor if you choose the wrong oneaccidentally again you can click on the clearly asbestos abatement contractordata if for some reason you have a contractor here that you’re looking forand it’s not showing up and you think that it should be a valid one that’s acase where you would call us at our helpline when they can assist you okayso I already have my billing contact information filled out I’m not doingfire training so I’m going to skip over that section I already have myevaluation specialist I’ve answered question number four and numberfive so question number six I need to complete so I’m going to answer thosequestions I need to enter a necessity a strand for you since you can have morethan one asbestos waste transporter you have the ability to add more than onerow here so you click on add waste transporter and you can select one fromour list or you can also enter a new one if you need to do that we do a contactperson mean asbestos waste disposal site so you should be able to select alandfill here they start taking it to if you do not see it appear in this listagain this is one where we do regulate at Ohio EPA landfill sites so those wehave a little bit more control over what new ones we are adding so if you don’tsee the landfill you would like to take it to if you can call us and let us knowwe’ll make sure that we add it for you okay and again this is not an emergencydemolition or an emergency renovation we have all of our project informationfilled out and we should be good to go so if we click validate’ again we seeour form is valid okay so when you run the validation on section one it doesinclude validation on both projects or whatever projects you have included aswell as section one if you haven’t clicked validate and you just go throughand fill out the form the way that you want to and you want to just you knowplow through and not deal with clicking validate to make sure you’ve got it alleach time we will make you go through the validation again when you clickSubmit so I think I’m good to go here I know my total fee amount is one hundredand fifty eight dollars so I’m going to click Submitit will automatically pull up the fee summary so that you’re aware of what feewill be due and all the details of how we came up with that number once youhave reviewed that you click Submit notification it pulls up thisattestation language which this makes sure that you’re aware that the personthat is submitting it must meet these requirements so this is the point wherethis is up to you to make sure that the correct person that should be submittingthe form is the person form so I’m entering in my security question and mypin number and now we are navigated over to the Ohio EPA electronic paymentsystem so we have the option to pay with a credit card or pay with an electroniccheck so I’m going to pay with an electronic check so I enter in my pinnumber again because in order to pay with the check you have to enter a PINwhich we already have and answer my security question so then we get navigated over to this isthe standard electronic payment engine for the whole state of Ohio so we enterin our bank routing number for our fake checking account okay so I can enter inmy email address and ask it to email me a receipt from the e payment engine andclick continue so it will ask you to confirm your information which I have mycorrect fake checking account confirm and then we have our receipt so you canprint this receipt for your records if you would like to once you reach thisstate right now it is very important that you click on continuebecause if you click continue it will navigate you back to this system hereand you’ll note that it moves from the unsubmitted draft area down to this areawork we have active notifications from this point going forward since you havesubmitted it and it’s in the ready for review state if you have any revisionsthat you need to make you can do that by coming in here clicking on actions andclick revise when you do that you are presented with the exact same screen andI won’t necessarily go through here and demonstrate a hundred different thingsthat you could do in Riz the most important difference for you tonote is that you have you have this button up here on the top right for eachsection so that you can indicate to us what it is that you have changed so sayfor example down in section Q for one of my projects I need to change the startand end date of my project so as a shortcut I’m just going to click the endbutton on my keyboard and that takes me down to the bottom of the form and I cansee my project address is here so I want to revise I’m going to move the reaganbuilding I’m going to go through and do that work a little bit sooner than Ithought I was going to so I click revise project info and then I pick which one Iwant to edit and I come down here and I modify my date well in order to do Ineed to click revise section II and what this does is it indicates for the OhioEPA user once you’ve submitted it which exact area they need to come in and seewhere those changes are so let’s say I’m now going to do this work now I’m goingto set up on April 1st I’m now going to begin the work on the Apes and I’m goingto leave my completion date out there because I’m not sure if I were gonna beable to get done before that time so we’re going to leave that the way it isonce you’ve made these modifications to the system search it the form that youneed to you can go through here and save just like you did before close theproject to get back to this area as soon as you’re ready you can go in and hitsubmit again it will give you a fee summary but that’s just kind of let youknow how things have changed since since whatever changes that you’ve made butyou do not have to make a payment at this time if there is a difference so ifI hit submit I hit security questions and answer that and I see that now next to my activeproject notifications there’s now a little arrow next to my current projectand if I click on that I can now see the revision history of that specificnotification that I have out there and I can go through and I can click on viewPDF and you want to make sure that you don’t have a pop-up blocker turned on soshould be able to click and it will complete a form for you and populate theinformation that you have in the form so you have a PDF version that you can viewof that okay so let’s say we want to cancel our project so we’ve come in nowand we’ve completed our notification we’ve paid for it and say we’re comingin a week later and we want to cancel a project or put it on hold if you want tocancel a project you’re going to come in here and you’re going to click on canceland if you you can cancel the notification it will only allow you todo so if the project has not begun for either demolition or abatement you canalso if you have a specific documentation that you want to give usthen you can go through and give us an update a form like if you have a letterthat so-and-so said that you couldn’t do the project or whatever the case may beyou can upload an attachment and click cancel notification and once you’ve donethat it’ll move down into the cancelled area of the form if you want or the formof the screen if you won’t need to put a project on hold it is the same processwhen you’re submitting a revision so you don’t necessarily want to cancel aproject if you actually want to put it on put it on hold for a little while soyou can come here and create stay revised I’m going to again I’m going topush end my keyboard to get down at the bottom ofmy project here going to click revise project info click edit and if I go downto the end of section 2 that’s where the project hold dates are and you can gothrough and indicate that you want to put your project on hold so let’s sayon-site off-site hold start state CJ so 13 so we’re going to put it on hold hereand we expect this to come off of hold at that on the 23rd so you would clicksave here and again you would go in and submit this to put that project on holdif for some reason I don’t know exactly what the hold dates are and I need toask somebody about it I can always hit save and that revision will be up herein the pending area for us so highly P I can still see the original that yousubmitted to us but the revision will not be submitted until you submit it okum as far as other functionality of this software this is I think I’ve coveredmost everything obviously there are many different scenarios you guys are goingto encounter as far as you know with different contractor situations withsearching but as far as the software is concerned all of the searching andadding and button clicking is pretty much the same as what I’ve demonstratedhere I see that there have been several questions that have come in and so wecan go ahead and open it up to questions at this pointif you have any and I can either show you additional demonstrations or Marccan help fill in so if you have any questions that I was unable to answeryou can go ahead and type those questions and and we’re going to goahead and answer some of them that are here ok so the question is when will allhand written notification revisions submitted previously beyond the systemis this the question from Bob parks and the Department of Health they had out onour public web page all of the notifications that we have received werepublished on our website for you guys to search throughthat is on our list of enhancements that we will make and we intend on makingthat available again I do not currently have a date on one that will be deployedbut we expect all things that are related to the software system to bewrapped up by summer 2018 so another question from Bob Parks can anelectronic revision be made to a handwritten original and vice versa so Iexplained this through the course but just to make sure that we’re clear whenyou come in to the system you won’t see any notifications here you will be ableto submit an original and have do revisions after that point you will notbe able to revise previously submitted hardcopy notifications through thesoftware another question from Bob Parks who receives the violations fine if ademo contractor our asbestos contractor initiated notification does not startand demolition / the dates a notification all it marked take thatquestion can you read that dude long question yeah it is and in these cases the owner/operator wecan hold it anyone on the notification it’s an owner/operator yeah as far asany owner operator is responsible for the dates of identification so we can wejust send the Nov 2 everyone most likely will be the one who’s whose dates wereviolated so if it’s if it’s abatement dates that are there violated then itwould be the bakery counter expense the demolition page that are violated to thedemolition contractor okay next question on multiple addresseswhere do you want the evaluation specialist for each address so again weonly have the ability for you to submit one evaluation specialist if you havemultiple evaluation specialists you can list them in a document and attach it tothe form okay the next question is specific to a specific part of thenotification form so I’m going to pull up an example here so section 1 so insection 1 item 6 work practices remember this block here they’re wanting to knowwhat you want in those those are the same blocks that have been on the chef’snotification for less forever federal requirements so the specificsunder the specific definitions of what each one of these means are in theinstruction form that we that we have that you can get to by clicking on thelittle the question mark here so I go through and describe specifically whatit means for intact removal manual or mechanical 10 calendar days or loveyes you can start on the eleventh day it’s the same way that it was on the yoePA notification in the past not the way it was on the oth notification so if yousubmitted today you can spit on a left on the eleventh day which is workingdays from today right so if you submitted today then it would be tenworking days which is Monday through Friday not including weekends then onthe eleventh day after those ten working days have passed that’s the first dayyou can start work we have a question on the slides if they’ll be available we’llalso get those posted to the asbestos webpage as will the recording of thiswebinar be posted yeah yeah okay as are you referring to the 10-day EPAnotification when you say demolition notification yes maybe they’re both it’sall EPA notifications it would be the the new chef part of the notificationbut yeah it’s the demolition notifications the same as the renovationbateman notification so same form and all the business rules apply to both ofthem since it’s all one combined merged form this is there’s an attestationquestion from Mike fall does the notification to require a responsibleofficial submittal or can any authorized person submit the attestation languageand when you go through and do a pin the like I was saying there depending onwhich service you’re using in the e-business Center it requires differentlevels of responsible officials as far as asbestos is concerned there’s thatattestation language but all that marks speak more specifically to who’srequired to submit like who’s required to sign itit could let me do depends on the situation youcould be anyone from the contractor whoever submitted it and it’s really norequirement it has to be a specific person other than the person that’srepresenting the owner operator you have anything to add Jim yes oh you got it tothe attestation language the key to that is you’re verifying that everything onthat form is true and accurate yeah so that the most important thing is to makesure that the data is correct on the form but whoever submitted it isresponsible for that information for being true and accurate because they’rethe ones that are pinning saying that’s the case okay here’s a question fromElizabeth and gets Kambli I got a PIN number for my account for stormwaterwell that tends stay the same or will I have a separate pin for asbestos youwill have the same user account and the same pin number that you use for all ofOhio EPA items that you submit so if you’ve got one for stormwater lastsummer you can use that same one for asbestos do you accept credit cardpayment online yes we do but only for for notifications we only accept onlinecredit card payment if you submitted it electronically so if you submitted theform electronically then you’re required to submit credit card or electroniccheck if you get an invoice from us later on you will be able to pay thoseonline as well and there is a percentage charge convenience charge for using acredit card yes credit cards you know whatever use acredit card there is a certain credit card fee that is applied I think it’sactually like 1 point something percentage that credit card fee ispassed on to you guys at Ohio EPA whereas some other organizations absorbthat percentage fee if you do pay with an electronic check there is no fee forthat at all let’s see Katherine Danny I believethat mean all fees must be paid at the time of notification the answer is yesyou cannot submit a notification and have it be complete and technicallybegin your ten days without having completed payment of all the fees thatare due for your notification can unsubmitted form be cancelled by theuser oh yes let me demonstrate that really quick soif you are back on this screen here by the notification list if you click acreate new notification and say you’re in the middle of working on this formand you save it and you go to lunch come back in the next day and you have thisnotification form that you started working on but you actually decide thatyou don’t need to be working on one because you lost the job or whatever thecase may be you can go to that row and click actions and choose delete and itwill ask you if you want to leap notification and say yes as long asfunds submitted that’s fine you can delete it once it has been submitted tous the only things you can do is either cancel it or adjust the completion datefor the for it to be done to get it out of the active notifications area okayand Irving had a question if I have a pin for streams don’t need a separateone for a ten day notification no you can use the same one okay David phaserule okay when a two separate contractors are working on a demolitionand abatement project we’ll each contractor need to file their ownseparate notification I think the answer to that is it depends yes the twoseparate abatement contractors each Bateman contractor will have to filetheir own notice but the demolition contractor can be different if there isa bits of installation and you have three or four houses each house can havea different demolition contractor on it but there can only be one abatementcontractor okay question from Vanessa Fowler what do you enter if you do nothave asbestos and no abatement has been done because a building survey surveyshowed no asbestos that’s fine if you’re going through and you are demolishingthe building I’m assuming that’s the scenario that would be why you would benotifying us if you’re demolishing the building then you can submit it fordemolition only and have it just be asbestos no and if there is no abatementnecessary you do not have to input a year there it’s just the answer is nothere is no asbestos and that’s fine so that’s all you have to do if we have a question from Bob Parksregarding local agency fees so Ohio EPA contracts with local air agencies incertain areas of the state and some of those local area gypsies have chosenthrough city rules or through county rules that they charge additional feeson top of what we charge and we have no jurisdiction over those and we havereally no association with them at all it’s up to each office in their own Citylaws and regulations so I cannot speak to how the local agencies will becharging their fees and how they will notify you of them we don’t know theycharge you fees in the past you may want to call them and find out what they’regoing to be doing how they’re gonna be handling those yeah cuz I think thatsome offices are doing away with their fees and other offices are not but I Ido not know how they’re handling notes joycie Durham had a question do we haveto upload the survey no you don’t have to upload a survey can it’s beneficialto us if it’s an abatement job where the contractor is responsible to have thesurvey the building inspection report on-site if you upload it and so wealready have it you wouldn’t have to have it on-site okay a question fromMike fall can a preparer for another a business center program prepare anotification and then delegate to the person who will submit the answer is noit is right now it’s being controlled based on your user account so if you asthe user are not the person that will be submitting it then you should not go inand start the form because you will not be able to complete the the answer is this is there will beno monthly payments like it was with ODH for blanket notification so okay let meread the question from Kindle so there’s a yearly blanket which is now called anannual certification that’s got established with ODH at the end of 2017so that would have been for 2018 so the monthly fees for odh have been taken outbut as people go through and submit revisions through the course of the yearwe would go through and invoice at the end once all the completion dates havepassed a question from Michael Pierce if you add a demolition contractor orabatement contractor well that company only be seen by my company so if if yourlet’s say you’re the demolition contractor and you are the person thathas the username and the password and obviously the pin number for thatand you go in and you complete your notification or and submit it you theuser like the one that holds that account is the only person that’sreceiving notification or like emails about that notification form that’s beensubmitted so they are not notified that you are submitting information aboutthem so the answer is yes you’re the only one that’s going to be seeing thatnotification form until we put the everything online for you guys to seewhich again we’re trying to accomplish by this summer question from Lisacleanness cleanness when the form asks if the owner is a company what if theowner is a municipality are they considered a company the answer is yesand we did not intend for that question to be as can the word company’sconfusing essentially the way to look at it is this nowa human I mean it’s not it’s not a human it’s a company for that questionso we might find a way to reword it but there’s instructions and that questionmark next to it that explained what it means okay so the question from JillKeppler if a job has been notified then put on hold if the project then iscanceled by the owner can we then cancel the notification they cancel thenotification can only be canceled if in the software anyway can only be canceledif the project start dates haven’t passed so if you put a project on holdyou would probably want to be also moving the start date if those startdates haven’t be done yet otherwise you’ll be kind of heart caughtin a situation where the project started okay the question is once a project isput on hold and it has the begin and end dates for the on hold status does theproject automatically fall off of hold the answer is yes once you have put inthose dates for when you’re ending your whole period it will come off of holdonce that date has passed and also if the if you have it on hold and yourcompletion date passes your project will come off the active project goes tobecause you so you’ll have to if you’re on a hold as you’ve done the past youhave to extend your completion data up so that you don’t pass the completiondate okay okay well question from Bobby mixer if you deactivate your pin numberdo you create a new one or can you reactivate it you can create a new oneif you deactivate your current pin but you cannot reactivate one that you havedeactivated okay we have a question about if anotification is submitted by one person an account and the revision is needed tobe made and that person or account isn’t available how are revisions to be madein their absence if you’re in a hurry go ahead and you would need to submit thatrevision and hard copy if you have a case where you know that person leavesthe company or whatever you know the case is in the interim before we canbegin delegating this information you can also contact us and see if there’s away that we could transfer it to a different account we might be able tohandle that for you but that would be a rare and extreme case that we would wantto handle those that way okay it’s a question from Lisain section 2 fast if asbestos is present the answer is no and a sphere abatedwhat do you put if it never had asbestos you would just leave it blank okay so that question get a questionabout whether or not if in a abatement company complete the notification ifthey have to send it to the demo contractor that is not a regulatoryrequirement that would be a business decision okay we have a question fromChris Jess Kolka payable fees are only associated with asbestos abatement notwith the demolition correct that is not exactly correct if you havea demolition only with no asbestos then you would still have a $75 notificationfee you wouldn’t have money associated with like rack’em amounts for examplebut there is a notification fee involved okay we have a question from very ruralMeyer about asking if we will have a separate webinar for training providers I’m not sure if that means we’retraining provider notification requirements or not we don’tspecifically have a training provider training scheduled we will once we assoon as we stand up the remaining modules of this software in thee-business Center we will have specific training classes for how to submitapplications for certifications licenses and all the training providerinformation yes I mean if you look if you go down tothe area where it talks about waist transporter I believe it states asbestosthey’re so good that’s a question question was whether waist transporterdo you only want the company transporting asbestos or removal companyremoving the waste for example steel or brick or whatever that releasetransporter question and seven refers to asbestos waste transporters so we onlywant the asbestos one question from Bobby under the owner information do youhave to put the owners contact information or can you put the contactinformation for whom you are working with you can put to every whoever youwant to and there’s nothing that associates the owner with the contact ifyou’re working for somebody different and that’s the person that would be theowners representative that we would want to call for do an inspection or havequestions about the project you know you can feel free to put that down if you doa third party consultant you’ve hired its handling the whole project for theowner put their name down that’s fine too okay that’s all the questions we’vehad chatted in so if you have additional questions go ahead and please chat themin and Erica wanted to bring up that last slide with the contact info as wellyeah and again here’s the phone number to call if you have questions the emailto call if you have questions people are starting to log off we’ll just hang onhere for for another minute or so and see if people have any questions butlike under Morgana now the first questions go if you haveadditional questions feel free to email us to asbestos it epa.govour best to get those answered if for some reason we didn’t answer a questionof yours okay we didn’t have a couple more okay wrote just one not 7c okaymessage from Peggy if s bestest contractor did the notification and thenthe demo contractor wants to change his dates after the asbestos has beencompleted how will they be able to revise since they did not do theoriginal that’s a consideration and when you’re trying to decide who does thenotification it is possible that each contractor could submit their ownnotification so that the abatement contractor could submit for theirportion the demo contractor could do it for theirs it is up to you guys butyou’re correct that the way the system is currently designed if the abatementcontractor is the one that’s submitted it they would have to go in and changethe dates for the demo contractor okay Michael Pearce question when we entermore than one address to be evaded on a single notification is there more than afee of $75 okay so if you have a single notification if you have more than oneaddress there is only one $75 nisha notification fee depending on theamounts of if you’re going through and submitting abatement depending on whatthe amounts of Rackham are then additional notification fees per site isapplied for licensing certification fees so those amounts will depend on whatyour total fee amount ends up ends up costing which is why it’s kind of aconvenience when you use the software that it figures all of that out for youbut on that fee summary page should be able to indicate to you which areasyou’re getting charged the license notification v4 as well we answered that one okay answer forcarry hogar and the person responsible for notifications at my office I’m theonly one in the office with a pin what happens with the notifications if I amsick or on vacation again that’s the situation where unfortunately they sayit’s an emergency that they submit the revisions while you’re out of the officeI mean it’s not required that you necessarily submit the revision withinone day I mean this depends you can contact us depending on a situation andwe can help you through it one way or the other a question from Elizabethconcrete or Coakley sorry well paying by electronic check take longer to get thenotification approved on a credit card the answer to that is no it’s the sameamount of time for either one the system is currently active it was madeavailable January 26 so it’s out there right now people have been submittingthings okay just to be clear we have a question from Stacey Corrigan for aproject that has both asbestos abatement and demolition can the demolitioncontractors submit notification or does it have to be the abatement contractoreither contractor can submit it or the owner kind submitted that’s the only onethey can revise it is the one that submitted the original crane okay question from Cory Clark see we usethe same software for a blanket notification we now refer them as thenew merged program those are annual notifications and yes you will be ableto use this software to submit them that ability we have it will have itavailable every year starting November 1st and then it will shut off afterDecember 21st I believe because that’s kind of a sort of the window that youhave to submit an annual so you have to submit it ten days before January 1st again again just to be clear in additionto the enhancement that we plan on for you to be able to delegate who cansubmit different items we do intend on making project notifications availableto everyone online it just will not be available until this summer a questionfrom Tammy Stephens if the abatement contractor files a notification butdoesn’t list us as demolition contractor joining to file and original or can I doa revised notification you would need to submit an original notification if thedemolition had not been notified previously covered that one a question from Khalid row Welker forindustry structures what constitutes start of demolition and knocking down ofthe building or any work on piping / electric work etc if is a be the removeof load-bearing members of the building that we’re kind piping or electrical I mean there’s a question was do we needto upload the inspect asbestos inspection report with each notificationeven if their report states no asbestos you don’t have to upload the report tobegin with you can if you’d like to so there’s no requirement you have toupload a report question from Jennifer Copeland if I have a pin number throughanother company can the same pin number be used for SI RI for notifications soif I’m understanding this correctly if you have an account and a pin numberthat you’re already using for representing you as an individual atthat company you can continue to use it throughout your career even if you moveto a different company because it represents you as a personso you yes you can continue to use the same account and PIN number the nextquestions where is the best place to look for information determine when anotification must be submitted it’s the only place to look as the rules and tounderstand the rules or have the requirements when you do and when youdon’t need to submit a notification if you if you can’t find the answers yourquestion the rule then you need to call in here to the EPA asbestos program andtalk to one of us question from Michaels here when there is more than one addresson a single notification is there more than one $75 fee so the answer is nothat fee only applies once per notification but the $65 notificationfee for licensing and certifications may apply to each individual address question from Thames Delft do annualnotifications submitted by a hard copy to odh for 2018 transfer to Ohio EPA yesthey will end up on our website once we get that stood up but yes if you didsubmit one for 2018 and we received it it came over here we entered a StacyCorrigan for a project that has both asbestos abatement and demolition canthe demolition contractors submit notification or does it have to be theabatement contractor the a dental consultation question from Tracy Durham as officemanager I will be submitting all the notices however the data comes from theowners I am responsible are they supposed to enter under their own PINso as of now the way the system is set up you would go through and you’reentering in your PIN number and you’re saying that your attestation languageyou’re saying that you are the person that’s responsible for submitting it wewill be making it so that you can you know delegate or share that notificationwith your owner so that they can go in and submit and sign off on it later onbut we hope to have that you know relatively soon within the next fewmonths we might be able to if it’s a specific situation where you feel likeyou know you’re submitting some huge notifications where you’re going to haveyou know many houses going on we may be able to have some sort of like ahardcopy attestation filled out for them where they have like the responsibleofficials find the hard copy and upload that to it so that your PIN number isrepresenting that you know you did the data entry but they are the ones signingoff on it we don’t necessarily want to do that pretty often but if it’s goingto save you know everyone a lot of time to get them in that way please call usand we can see if we can work through it the next oneBobbie mixter can an annual notification be submitted anytime during the year therule training all notifications say they have to be submitted ten days before theend of the calendar year this year we’ve had some confusion on annuals what’sgoing on what’s not going on if you have a situation I would say to give theoffice a call and talk to to me or Josh Coe and we may be able to work somethingfor this year but for the following year for next year we will be a hearing tothat and the letter of the law okay question fromElizabeth ugly so question just clarification it is okay for both ademolition contractor and an abatement contractor to submit notifications forthe same project the answer is yes will they both be charged the $72notification fee it is a $75 notification fee and the answer is yesand she corrected herself yes thank you yes let’s see Jackiebriefly had a question about meant notifications cannot be revised to adddemo contractors you can change the notification form if you originallysubmitted and you need to change the demo contractor that you indicated or itturns out the building needs to be demolished you can’t so therefore youneed to add the demo information you can do that the system accommodates thatthrough a revision okay this will be our last question fortoday okay a question from Toledo Welker Ohio asbestos hazard evaluationspecialist and evaluation procedure what would you recommend if the specialist isin your system but the expiration date is old he has a 2018 expiration now forthe evaluation specialist the system should allow you to go ahead and enterthat person in because the work that they did at the time that they had avalid license is still effective now so the work that he did back then that wasvalid is still valid today

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