Natural Disasters, Asbestos Exposure and Mesothelioma

hi welcome to another incident of MYD Global I’m your multitude Leann Hackman-Carty in today’s episode I speak with MichelleWhitmer she’s a scribe with the Mesothelioma Center at sowhy are we talking about asbestos well there’s a personal reason I lost mymother to mesothelioma but I’m very concerned at the fact that during andafter a disaster types first responders can be exposed to asbestosand actually at the end of the day end up with mesothelioma so stay sung andlearn how you can avoid being exposed to asbestos hey Michelle nice to see youtoday how are you I’m doing great how are you I’m good goodhey so before we get started can you just tell the observers a little bit aboutyourself your background yeah I’d like to hi I’m Michelle Whitmer I work for theMesothelioma Center I’ve been there since 2008 the company has been aroundsince 2006 and I’ve been a medical writer with them pretty much since dayone I focused a great deal on researching asbestosexposure mesothelioma and other related cancers like lung cancer and we make alot of resources to educate the public about asbestos show how to help themavoid it and we provide resources and help people who have been diagnosed withmesothelioma or any other asbestos associated malady that’s awesome so tellme a bit about the mesothelioma Center what it is how its money how itoperates merely various kinds of the background yeah so in 2006 they started asbestoscalm and that’s where the Mesothelioma Center virtually accommodates all of theirfree sources we also have a lot of beings on staff to help people who havebeen diagnosed with asbestos referred diseases so we’ve got a wet-nurse we’ve gota doctor we’ve got a solicitor we even work with nutritionists and we’ve got amental health professional that helps us run a monthly support group so weprovide a lot of resources to parties and all of those resources are free ifyou’ve been diagnosed within asbestos-related disease and ifyou’re just someone in the general public who needs information aboutasbestos you can go to asbestos soothe and you can find a lot of information andresources there I bid I would have known about you guys years ago becausewhen my mom was first diagnosed with mesothelioma I judged I don’t even knowwhat this is I had never heard of it so are you able comment on what is missed forthose who may not know what mesothelioma is what it is yes so it’s a cancer thatprimarily assembles in the liner of the lungs but it can also form in the liningof the abdomen rarely you’ll likewise model in the lining of the heart and itcan form in other locates but the the main to our lung cancer or excuse mearound the lungs it’s actually not a assemble of lung cancer that’s somethingthat gets baffled pretty easily and around the abdomen and unfortunately wehaven’t been able to find a dry for the disease yet they’re working on things sofar surgery is the most effective option but unfortunately a lot of beings arediagnosed too late to even certify the cancer doesn’t tend to cause symptomsuntil it’s reached about place 3 or stagecoach 4 and so by then it’s very hard tooperate on and but at that point you can do things like chemotherapy there’s alsoimmunotherapies that are being tested and some of those are very effective forcertain patients depending upon their genetics and they too came out withsomething that was just approved by the FDA in 2019 called tumor treating fieldsand it’s kind of like a an electrical device that you wear over where thecancer tumors are and it helps to control them from spreading so they’recoming up with brand-new options and new ways to treat it and we’re hopeful thatthey’ll determine a medicine eventually soon one of the reasons I wanted to talk to you isis around when I when I appreciate what happened in 9/11 and you know all of thebuildings that went down who knows what was in the air at the time the fact thatit is a cancer that doesn’t show up immediatelyI know in my mom’s case they told her that it sometimes is 40 years before yousee this this these symptoms and so I seem you know fast track all the firstresponders of people who are in New York that daylike if there was I represent in another 20 years the duty youdo is going to be even that much more important so I’m curious to know when itcomes to say environmental disasters you know when paramedics emergencyresponders are on the front lines parties going into the residences are you doing workaround that to help educate people to help equip them yes we have a lot ofresources on our website that are dedicated to first responders forexample we have a guide for firefighters it’s a reasonably extensive navigate it cantake a little while to go through we tried to organize it so that it’s easyfor beings to scroll and just grasp them it’s important information for them andso some of those guides we go beyond just firefighters we have a lot ofdifferent resources for people will vary depending on your background but in general forfirst responders we highly recommend that if you’re going out there and youhaven’t been drilled on asbestos abatement or how to identify asbestosproducts more you should probably are of the view that whatever materials might have beendestroyed either from a house it could be a public construct it could be ahome any of those textiles could contain asbestos in it if the home wasbuilt before 1980 and so it’s hard to identify whether or not it has asbestosin it exactly from visually looking at it you kind of have to know which productsare most likely to contain it and then make sure that you evaded those productsat all costs we highly suggested that if you are first responder and you do acrime across something that looks like it could be asbestos don’t touch it ifyou have the ability to wet it to represent information materials drenched in liquid that canhelp fibers from secreting into the atmosphere from becoming airborne sothat’s something that you are familiar with generally probably won’t be harmful to do to takea hose and you know dump water over something like that but even then if theproduct looks like it’s really friable which means that it’s been damaged in away where the fibers are kind of apparent you can see them starting tocome off of the material that’s probably something where you should just walkaway tell everybody to get away from it and call an asbestos abatementprofessional those people have been drilled the government has the suitable equipmentthey have right HEPA filters all of those thingsto be able to handle the commodity and dispose of it properly because there’s alot of the rules of procedure on how to be disposed of those cloths there’s only certainplaces where you can actually drop that nonsense and you have to make sure thatit’s properly labeled and so a lot of beings don’t know those things and ifyou end up precisely putting it in the normal garbage out with your trash and you getcaught doing that then you can get penalty so they have all these regulations inplace to try and prevent people from being exposed in situations like thisbut regrettably a lot of people exactly don’t know they don’t know a lot aboutasbestos concoctions and they don’t know how to avoid them well that’s the thingI mean you’re in a crisis procedure you’re trying to react to a situation andyou’re not theory straight-out and so the fact you know it’s even smacks the radarever is a miracle you know so I mull as a homeowner and and I think this wouldbe so low-spirited on most people’s radar what kinds of resources do you have for forus you know an individual to only kind of is there a defraud expanse you’ve got where itsays when you if you’re a homeowner check these things make sure you don’tdo these things is there anything out there for them yes so on asbestos commwe have an entire section dedicated to asbestos exposure learning aboutasbestos makes learning how you can protect yourself in your own home alsohow you can protect children at school because a lot of goes class don’t dothe proper things to make sure that their asbestos information are taken careof so it’s also important to educate your children on those things so we havea lot of resources on asbestos allay you can go there and in the top navigationmenu you’ll visualize the word asbestos if you click on that all of those resources arein that section that’s awesome well I mean Michelle is there anything else youwant to talk to maybe something we missed before we sign off you know ingeneral I envision I like to tell people this material is you know potentiallyserious a one-time exposure isn’t likely to realize you sick but if it’s a reallyheavy exposure you know you don’t want to have another one of those again so Ijust try and tell people you know take it severely a lot of parties think thatasbestos has been censored us and it hasn’t and it still shows upin certain makes you are familiar with even homes built after 1980 may be likely tocontain asbestos in the roofing some siding substance may have it flooringproducts can its in restraint pads so it it’s kind of all over the place andwe’re not really aware of how prevalent it is and because of that I only try andtell people don’t take don’t take chances with it you know be seriousabout it make sure that you call it professional and you know do everythingthat you can to protect yourself and your family that’s awesome well thankyou so much better for taking the time today Michelle and I know that for those whoare not familiar with it your your your going to help them andthey avoid having more mesothelioma occasions in the future so thank you yeswe’re happy to help we’ve got a phone number you can call us we’ve got peopleon staff to answer your question so we’d be happy to helpgreat I’ll placed that telephone number in the in the video description so thanks againMichelle take care wonderful thank you you too take care

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