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hey guys it’s Jen and as you can see I’m in a verydifferent location it has been one heck of a last-place month we have had some major changes in our livesthe biggest of which is that we moved this is our brand-new live before we get into that I merely want tosay a huge shout out and is thanks to my patron fabletics which we will go into showing you afew of their fragments a little bit later on in this video but I did want to give you guys a sneakpeek at what we’re living with and dealing with lately I will have a full house tour coming soonbut yeah I hope you guys truly enjoy and let me know if you want to see more soul informs if youdo don’t forget to stumbled like subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss my next videolet’s go ahead and move right into it hey guys we are at our brand-new live I wanted to show you guys alittle bit mostly you can see we moved in our stuff but we are not currently living here we’rein a little air B& B in the next city over cuz we couldn’t find any in our actual municipal so it’sbeen a little bit crazy the reason that we did not move straight-out in and just live here during therenovations first of all it’s just not super good for the health of little kids like toddlersfor instance a one and three time old-time like what I’ve got to be in the house with all of theconstruction dirt going on no matter what kind of construction is however we ran into a little roadbump and that superhighway bump is asbestos I definitely sounds like asbestos is such a scary word for so many peoplemyself included your best friend recently moved into her live she had popcorn ceilings raked off ofone area and they did not are searching for asbestos before they did that regrettably the companyended up adulterating her part house and she was pregnant at the time she mostly had to getrid of all of her furniture and things within the house that had been infected including quitea bit of babe stuff had to start from scratch expend I make ten glorious to get everything clearedout and healthy which is so frightening and so I certainly have never dealt with an asbestos problembefore but because of what happened to her I knew it was a lot more expensive to try to fix theproblem formerly it’s already out there so I decided before our restoration this time to do a littlebit of asbestos measuring regrettably our kitchen which is back here the mastic in between the floortiles pointed up being positive for us Bustos the bad news is that we had to get it professionallyabated the good news is that even though it penalties a pair thousand dollars that’s still cheaperthan having all of that asbestos in the air and having health problems or too cheaper than havingto fix the problem throughout the house if we were to merely do the renovation and then have thingspositive for asbestos so not the ten grand that my friend dealt with but still a little bit of anextra outlay and kind of scary to deal with so I’m walking through the front room as you guyscan see there’s just cartons everywhere it’s kind of lunatic here’s the dining room let’s just walkthrough now and get to the kitchen here is the floor I believed they settled this brightnes white-hot coatingdown on top of everything when they are finished well mostly the subfloor that I amsquatting on right now we basically don’t have a floor there were a marry blankets of tile thereis a subfloor and then there was a vinyl tile and then the knotty mastic and then the people wholived here before we moved in had a secondary type of tile so actually the flooring when it cameto the change from the hardwoods to the tile it actually proceeded up about an inch and a half whichI thought was kind of dangerous to begin with I actually wanted to level out the flooring especiallybecause my momma has rheumatoid arthritis and I do want her to trip on anything and too the babies ofcourse it’s just much better to have even flooring but with the asbestos had to rub everything there is downanyway so this is what we’re dealing with it goes all the way into this laundry room here but whatwe’re planning for our restoration is to hopefully knock out this wall and then all this whole backwall in the laundry room to make this one really large kitchen space so if you can just imagine ifthis whole thing were run this would be really great truly open up the windows in now wouldjust go all the way throughout the rest of the house anyone it’s so beautiful this is so anklessorry every little step of the process is just adding tons of more duration which conveys more moneybecause if we’re staying in an Airbnb it costs a good deal of money every single day that we’renot actually living in our own mansion so it’s kind of like we’re carrying two mortgages at thesame era yo fowl outside you’re being very loud yes expressed appreciation for I was told you sir we really have apole before we moved in house tour that I filmed but basically the reason we wanted to redo thiskitchen space was because there were three insignificant little chambers here right like various kinds of what I showedyou there’s the laundry room the smallish kitchen and then there’s a little breakfast office the waythat we live in function we’ve never really had like a separate breakfast room we just always sortof ate and just hung out and everything in our dining room so we just made the space would be a lotmore usable to be broad-spectrum open wide so that if we’re cooking in the kitchen we can still talk to peopleand experience the whole way through the front of the house it would just be a lot lighter and brighter andwork better with our lifestyle this house was building in the 1920 s so it’s almost a hundred yearsold which I mean I definitely sounds like the cabinets are in pretty good condition for being a hundred yearsold nonetheless with these scalloped rims and some of these like lightings that don’t quite use thatare built into the walls it’s just not consequently our style so we definitely want to modernize it alittle bit and make it our touch me depict you guys the rest of where we are right now like I saidthings are a little bit crazy this is for instance our bedroom there’s just the evacuate mattress on thefloor there are chests everywhere huh membranes all over the floor time to protect children we’ve beenbasically coming here during the day every day to work because we set up our little office it’sjust a lot easier mentally I think to not try to squeeze all of our use stuff in our little Airbnbit’s already super cramped as it is here you can see I only did a little makeup tutorial so I havemy chest of makeup on the floor this little station I was sitting right there and then on the couchyou can see I just got some workout robes in which I’m actually really excited about I thinkI’m gonna do a little fashion show for you guys I’ll articulated it on and evidence you guys how it looksyes I’m gonna suppose like we’re not hanging out unpacked craziness and the fact that I’m wearingthese super cool house slippers my hoof are cold alright so here is outfit one these are of coursefrom fabletics they’re such an amazing patronize and so so excited to work with them she’s like Iliterally simply live in these they fit me I’m very short awfully petite and they fit me right off therack in the immensity extra extra small and it’s super hard for me to find workout invests in the firstplace so I’m extremely loving these leggings which are colors neon they’re seven eight lengthsthey fit my suddenly legs without “ve had to” do all kinds of differences like search how neat Eva’s alittle strata and everything parallel that hot yellowish how charming is this one this is the seamless kindso I’m actually wearing extra small most things I wear additional extra small it’s a little bit sportywith stripe down the side I likewise actually adoration this top because even though it’s a part of theseamless order it actually has built-in bra beakers which are so necessary for me I just like havinga little bit extra chest handling it’s almost spring meter so I feel like this is just perfectfor the upcoming it’s lavender little pockets with a intimate of neon super fresh and the duration isactually really perfect on these for me so if you guys want to check out the getups I’m wearing orjust check out the two for $24 Deal it’s literally like any leggings or fannies so it could be likesweatpants shorts whatever it is it’s a really great deal I will leave the link down in the infobox all right it is basically the end of the day everything is getting so dark here’s our office uphere I reflect Ben is still “workin on” the computers hello hi hi e oh I don’t know Ben I think thisrenovation is gonna take a crazy long extent of duration I think it’s at least going to take two Me’soh I hope so no it might start in two weeks it would be really honest but it’s about time for usto go pick up the kids so I should probably stop vlogging for now hope you guys enjoyed the littleupdate and I will try to keep you guys updated on all of our redevelopment and brand-new house and movingstuff in the future very see you guys soon bye

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