Pre Demolition Surveys & Registers

Demolishing a structure is a major undertaking, and it comes with certain responsibilities.

It is crucial for demolition contractors and property owners to understand their obligation to the public and to the environment to make sure that any potential risks are avoided and any historical features are preserved.

Predemolition surveys and registers are essential tools to ensure that proper precautions are taken and that any relevant information is documented.

These surveys and registers provide a comprehensive record of the condition of the structure prior to demolition, its history, and any other relevant information. They are vital for the preservation of heritage and the protection of the environment.

They also provide a comprehensive record of the condition of the structure prior to demolition, the history of the site, and any other relevant information.

The purpose of this blog post is to explain the importance of predemolition surveys and registers, discuss their components, and provide guidance on how to properly complete them.

1. Types of Predemolition Surveys & Registers

Predemolition Surveys & Registers are surveys and registers used to identify any potential hazardous materials prior to demolition of a structure. These surveys and registers provide valuable information for contractors and demolition crews to ensure the safety of workers and the public. 

Types of Predemolition Surveys & Registers include Hazardous Materials Surveys, Asbestos Surveys, Lead Surveys, and Fume Hood Inspections. Hazardous Materials Surveys identify and document any hazardous chemicals stored on the property that may be released during demolition.

Asbestos Surveys identify any asbestos-containing materials that may be disturbed during demolition. Lead Surveys assess the presence of lead-based paint or lead dust on the premises.

Finally, Fume Hood Inspections are conducted to ensure that fume hoods are functioning properly and operating safely.

2. Benefits of Establishing a Predemolition Register

Establishing a predemolition register offers a variety of benefits. First, it helps ensure that all buildings in a predemolition survey are properly identified and documented. This can help in the assessment of the potential impacts of demolition and the development of mitigation strategies. Additionally, it can provide important information to all stakeholders, including local governments, developers, and community members. 

This information can be used to inform decisions about demolition, as well as to better inform conversations about the history and value of a particular building or area. Finally, a predemolition register can help ensure that the unique features and characteristics of a building are preserved and documented for future generations.

3. Advantages of Conducting a Predemolition Survey

Predemolition surveys and registers are an important part of any demolition project. Such processes provide a valuable record of the state of a building prior to demolition and can have significant implications for the project’s success, as well as the health and safety of workers. Conducting a predemolition survey has several distinct advantages. 

Firstly, it allows for the documentation of the current condition of the building, including the presence of hazardous materials, and the identification of elements of historical, architectural, or cultural significance. Secondly, it allows for the amendment of the demolition plan to ensure the safe and efficient completion of the project. Lastly, it protects workers and the public by enabling the implementation of safety measures based on the survey’s findings.

4. Recommended Actions When Conducting a Predemolition Survey

When conducting a predemolition survey, it is important to take the following recommended actions to ensure the survey is conducted accurately and efficiently:

1. Take detailed notes and photographs of the components and features of the structure.

2. Identify any hazardous materials that may be present and document their locations.

3. Identify and document any architectural or historical features of the structure.

4. Identify any utility services that may be affected by the demolition, such as water and electricity.

5. Understanding the Results of a Predemolition Survey

Once a predemolition survey is complete, it’s critical to understand the results and take appropriate action. If the survey found any areas of concern, it’s important to plan for their rectification, including scheduling any necessary repairs and/or replacement of hazardous materials.

It’s also important to document any findings, so that future users of the site can be aware of any potential health and safety risks. Building owners should also be aware of any legal implications or requirements for the removal of any hazardous materials identified.

Finally, the results of the survey should inform any demolition plans, to ensure that proper safety protocols are followed and that the demolition is completed successfully.

In conclusion, predemolition surveys and registers are essential for documenting the history of a building in order to ensure that it is not lost forever.

This type of survey and register can take a lot of time and effort to complete, but the end result is well worth the effort. Not only do predemolition surveys and registers help to ensure that the history of a building is preserved, they also provide valuable information for any future restoration work.

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