Pueblo church fears asbestos exposure from burned house next door

new concerns tonight about a house in Pueblo that’s been a problem frankly for years it burned last week again at least the third time has been a fire there in the past year and a half now neighbors anxiety they’ve been exposed to asbestos in that fervours consequence he’s 5 Zach information and following this fibs in our Pueblo studio tonight to explain Zach Rob this happened last Monday at a house at 8 and Kingston on Pablo’s Westside you might know this house we’ve reported on it before it caught flame in December 2016 killing a puppy and dispossessing 13 people it then became a dumping ground as you can see and a haven for squatters before catching ardour again about four months later welp now it’s burned beyond amend but it’s more than time the house that may have suffered damages it’s matted down and it’s like fluffy like separation the parking lots of Full Gospel Christian Assembly still indicates fragments of what’s left behind from a Pueblo eyesore now destroyed by fire amid the firefighting endeavor insulation and other rubbles drained into the church parking lot we’re really concerned about the health characteristic to the church beings into the alder day and those that you know use the parking lot with works scheduled for this evening pastor Josie Garcia’s daughter Michelle tried cleanup on her own I was using a broom I was using bottled water and that was all I had to try to clean up this whole parking lots a high-risk endeavor particularly with signs revealing asbestos in the house and its remains if that says the bestest I’m assuming that the parking lots and the sidewalk in the alley is full of absolutely I am absolutely upset because I’m fully it was fully exposed to all this absolutely worried about my state Pablo’s shell prime met with church presidents today to address their risk and alternatives moving forward the biggest danger with asbestos is when it’s released into the air and it becomes friable which in a situation like a shell would utterly release it into the air the Public Health Department says one-time exposure to asbestos isn’t nearly as risky as prolonged or recited exposure but still is urging Church staff to clean themselves and their invests after any contact meanwhile the parking lot will be off-limits until all the material is removed if the owner is non-responsive this could this could be a lingering concern for an indefinite period of time it could be yes unfortunately now I spoke with the owner of that house tonight he lives in Falcon and was hoping to fix the house up after buying it for just five thousand dollars last October but he said he never get authorization to start from the public building department he says he will work with the church on cleanup of their spate and ensure the house is destroyed we’ll be sure to follow up by the way it expenditure for that fuel has not been determined always watching out for you Pablo accurate thanks to News 5

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