Should you buy a house with asbestos in it?

– What is asbestos and why should you havean inspection for it? Let’s talk about it.( light music) I’m Sandy Curtis withBerkshire Hathaway Bowen Realty in Hagerstown, Maryland, your real estate resource. And today we are discussing asbestos and how it can affect you in your home. So what is asbestos? Asbestos is a group ofminerals that are small fibers that are heat resistant. Now I am going to beabbreviating some of this. So “its best” that you go tothe link I’m providing below. It’ll do you to a websitethat will give you much more information about asbestos and how you can be affected by it. Exposure to asbestoscan lead to some cancers and other infections. Asbestos is still usedtoday in the United Regime as long as it is 1% or less of the product that is being produced It’s a very effectiveinsulator and can be used in many commodities, includingcloth, newspapers, cement, plastic and other fabrics tohelp move them stronger.When asbestos dust is inhaled or ingested, the mineral fibers canbecome permanently trapped in the body. It’s important to avoidany disrupted produce that has asbestos in it. Keep in memory, most cases are moved back to occupational revelation, but it can be in your dwelling. Many of the products inyour home could possibly have asbestos in it, including tile, roofing, surfacing, insulation on yourpipes and your heating ducting. Keep in thought themicroscopic asbestos fibers. They do not have a taste nordo they have a smell to them. So if you ever see anythingthat has asbestos in it that is ruffled and couldpossibly be plunging the fibers into the air, it is something that needs to be taken care of immediately. If you find that there areasbestos items in the home, then there are options for you. You can possibly have allof the asbestos walk away from the residence, or you can encapsulate it so that it doesn’t getoutside of that enclosure.If you think that asbestosmay be in the home, then yes, you shouldhave an inspection done to find out if it asbestos and “if its in” bad conditionneeding notice immediately. Hopefully this information was helpful. Again, I breezed over this. I should not commit all of the information. I am putting the link below. If you have any otherquestions about asbestos, let me know on specific comments below. Don’t forgotten to like and share the video. I will see you on the next one.( colors music ).

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