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what I love about what I do is that there’s a lot of highly intricate legal succeed a lot of approach a great deal of discipline but but every speciman is is really about person or persons or a family that it was necessary to help and so I get to get a full measure of both the human side of the case and the the law technical slope of the case they often ask on airliners or in a coffee shop or wherever what kind of law do you practice and I said about that I represent people “whos got” poisoned at work and “whos working” in the refineries in the steel mills etc and and very seldom does that equate with oh you’re you’re a quote unquote trial lawyer the vast majority of people who suffer from mesothelioma I’ve never filed a lawsuit before and never “ve thought about” filing a lawsuit before and they you know they might have slipped and precipitated at a grocery store been rear-ended by you know a neighbor or somebody in there a small town and they didn’t running around and hire a lawyer and so this isn’t you know something they’re not what I what I announce vexatious litigant this isn’t something that’s in there in their DNA and they struggle with it but I conceive a lot of times say it once that once they start do a little research especially on the internet and they realized that hey this didn’t have to happen that a great deal of these these companies knew this substance was dangerous and they just turned a blind gaze to it they they feel like they start to understand well you are familiar with I wielded all my life and I tried my damnedest to raise my family right and to school them appraises and to provide for them and now I’m suffering from this this terrible disease and and I think somebody should be held accountable it’s more an accountability thing than anything it’s not looking to break the bank or win the gamble but an accountability thing and that’s what our plan provides it caters accountability you


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