The Asbestos Industry Cover-Up |

Without a doubt, a lot of companies thatmanufactured asbestos knew that it was dangerous, and there’s documents thatindicate that they were pretty well aware of it. They required revenue over thepeople lives and, I intend some of the documents even talk about how they don’tneed to worry about it because by the time these workers are sick, theywill already be retired and they can make the people to come in after them worryabout the gash or the illness.They were paying to have studiesgenerated that show the positive, or non-negative aspect of asbestos in a lotof species, and so, they actually were concealing that datum, and wreaking alongwith some insurance companies to suppress that information from themainstream. Asbestos has been known to beharmful for hundreds of years. That was buried for years by manufacture, I think in England about nineteen thirty or so, they firststarted adjusting asbestos. In the United Commonwealth that did not come till much later, until the 70′ s, and that was because of basically a cover-up by manufacture that theyintentionally ignored the risks of asbestos cause they knew it was everywhere. Asbestos was a miracle product and that, it had immense heat resistant belongings, it was used in all type of piping, boilers, furnaces, things of that sort and it was great at what it did but, at whatcost? The people who were working with this product, everyday, “d die” from it, and theindustry known about it and made an active effort to cover that up for at least 50 years.I’m of the mindsetthat if you gave business earnings over people’s lives, peculiarly your employeeslives, then you deserve to be punished for that, and that’s something that we takepride in as well, starting parties pay for what they’ve done. It is personal for usbecause one, we have sick parties an two, certainly represents us angry when you thinkabout this cover-up, and what these companies have done exactly framed more coin in theirpocket, at the risk of hundreds and thousands and millions of people’s lives ..

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