The Fight Against Asbestos (and Mesothelioma): The Human Cost of Inaction

our next client is Linda Weinstein she’s the CEO and the founding fathers of the asbestos disease awareness establishment adao she was merrily married with the daughter and life is pretty good and then her husband got mesothelioma Linda then took on the cause of banning asbestos not only in the USA but globally a do is about much more than banning asbestos they are around the clock organization committed to three initiatives education advocacy and parish satisfy welcome Linda Weinstein thank you for the opening Claire dr. Cameron I relish the invitation to come back and be talking about a fourth term it’s an honor to join you all today clicker is yeah good enough I want to talk about the human cost of an act because I guess after an afternoon of hearing about all these wonderful clinical ordeals and what’s happening in the medical orbit it’s also important to know some of the things that aren’t spoken about not undoubtedly in this room but when you read articles and you look at studies to see what exactly going on behind the curtain most importantly though before I begin I always dedicate every keynote presentation to a scapegoat but today is different i’m going to dedicate it to three scapegoats who paid the ultimate premium for a grip from a mother it was a deadly grip Michael on the top left lost his battle at 29 Janelle on the right at 39 and Debbie at 54 again astounding and as dr.Irving solokov said it best statistics are beings with the snaps wiped apart and for all of medical doctors who give the patients and all of you here today you know exactly what that entails so I had the unfortunate distinction of of learning about mesothelioma the hard way I want to tell you a bit of my floor not for sympathy but so you can better understand my work today in 2003 after nine months of evidences my husband was finally diagnosed with pleural mesothelioma and at that time I’d never heard of the disease I couldn’t pronounce it and soon found out it was incurable like most Americans I too contemplated asbestos have been censored I was grief-stricken I sit in the garage and I in a dark garage on a dark-brown chest crying to regain my fortitude to go back inside to take care of my husband and my then ten-year-old daughter fueled by my intense affliction and wrath I had to do something or mesothelioma would claim “peoples lives” too I turned my anger into action and i co-founded the asbestos disease awareness party in 2004 and like Claire said we maintain our principles of education advocacy and society and I think in light of the previous excellent discussion about big business it’s important for me to tell you that we do not make legal referrals so what is the human cost of an act how can we really describe what goes on I’m going to touch on all four of these points human fiscal environmental and of course the week program that condones excessive abuse so the wh 0 tells us that each year 107 thousand people die from asbestos associated diseases and that’s a principally a workers a workers statistic 55 other countries around the world of ensemble asbestos but unfortunately canada and the US have not so taking a look at this graphic it is so strong on the left you’ll picture an ad from the from the early late 70 s and it says when being depends on it helps bestest and they knew they knew over a hundred years ago that asbestos was linked to diseases and on the right you can see the catastrophic disaster not only the 911 tragedy but “youre seeing” the plume of smoking of dust with asbestos and many other substances there as well so during the course of the last hundred and fifteen years 115 years we’ve exhausted 31 million tons of asbestos so where is it your residence your automobile your children’s school where is that where is that assassin kenro substance now in your life I want to take a look at intake because that’s really important so you can understand the the previous slide a little bit more readily so in the 1900 s we knew that asbestos was linked as a disease and there were newspapers that were already being written you can see the intake I’m going to go through four aspects of this slip but you can see how it was like it peeks out and then of course it discontinues down to roughly nothing well that’s also deceiving so in the early 1900′ s the first block of epoch that I want to look at these first 40 years we knew in 1906 that asbestos was actually linked to ask best ptosis and Nelly poor Nelly she paid paid the ultimate price for working in a textile flower her life now we saw the Union start to organize and things began began to move in the late on 1930 s and then from 1942 70 I speculate things started to change for the better and I’m sure that dr.Cameron knows all of this and condado long we had three significant physicians write newspapers do studies physicians dole Vagner and silikov and it was fascinated to see their study not only with the worker but what happened when the worker went home what was that take home exposure like the deadly hugs that claimed Michael Janelle and Debbie’s life moving forward you can steep consumption was still high and it peaked in about nineteen seventy three and that those high levels of consumption it’s actually staggering to think that eight hundred and 300,000 tons of asbestos was consumed during 1 year now Steve McQueen his widow helps us with a dao barbara between she hid her husband in 1980 mr.Tough chap it was a staggering thing for a poverty-stricken 27 time old wife to look at her her husband who was so talented dying from a disease that he couldn’t declare either as asbestos uptake began to lessen Bruce Vento congressman Bruce Vento died in two thousand now from this graph you might think we’ll Linda why do you go to Congress and direct so hard to van asbestos and and and foster research well the reality is in 2013 three Warren Zevon died and again “youre seeing” the little of asbestos or what appears to be the low level of asbestos well the last mine closed in California in 2002 exactly what we we feeling with over 100 years of knowledge that asbestos was linked to disease and we we in California continue to minus festus it’s obscene it’s criminal so during the period of time on the graphs where you met it was like it flatlined it was anything but flatlining during this period of time from 2000 to 13 we consumed over 55,000 tons of asbestos tons of asbestos now it’s so simple or at least to me it feels simple especially as a mesothelioma widow that the only way to end this is through prevention and a dry and our society is very proud to stand on the front line for both of those so if you look at NIOSH data the national institute of occupational safety and health I predicts I’m sort of a mesothelioma geek at times because i like to do research so that i can better articulate this trouble with to congress but in this ten year period from two thousand to two thousand ten forty three thousand four hundred and sixty four Americans died of merely two of the asbestos cause infections mesothelioma and asbestosis you visualized a photograph of my husband a little bit earlier my daughter was just 13 when “shes seen” her father give his last breath Alan is represented in that number and like silikov said were more than merely a number so what does that mean today because of our heavy intake during that 115 stage 115 time stage well NIOSH tells us that the firefighters in the three cohort study in San Francisco Chicago and Philadelphia they’ve identified in the study as quoted the firefighters in the study had a rate of mesothelioma two times greater than the rate of the US population as a whole and I fantasize after looking at the 911 paint you can understand in fact I only had a hard-hitting meeting with the firefighter you firefighters solidarity in DC just last week so we’re working on more collaborative efforts this came last week i generally have if you look at my moves in the syllabus they’re never the same because there’s so much new information and just let this last week the wh 0 europe in two repeats has at least one in three europeans can be exposed to asbestos at work or the environmental issues and what does that really mean the EU band is this years ago and they’re still suffering from exposure and we the United Mood haven’t done anything we have a reduction but we don’t have a restrict I contemplated this is another very interesting wh 0 study and we are really calculated the cases during a year time from really 15 of the European countries that count is over 1.5 million dollars spent on medical on cost of medicine and therapy for simply 15 countries one year can you merely imagine what that penalty it was like in in the United Position but there’s another penalty yes there’s lives yes there’s medicine but there’s also environmental cleanup as I was talking earlier about the human cost of inaction there’s an environmental cost that we have to pay and who is the we everyone was sitting federally we have spent through EPA 541 million dollars to clean up Libby Montana at a lovely small town that I toured where they quarried for Mick you like that was polluted with asbestos and that town is so poisonous asbestos is actually within the tree so when they burn the trees the asbestos could actually become airborne so when I’m working with members of Congress I’m always trying to identify new ways that I could create my oral argument to drive act so we look we looked at this 1984 EPA study and I thought well let’s do this again it’s about 30 times since we’ve done it you can look at these numbers of how many buildings have in fact adulterated back 30 several years ago they said over a hundred thousand primary and secondary schools were adulterated and over 700,000 public and business structures how many dwellings how many other builds this impression this lesson I fantasize highlights what happened in Huntington Beach I live in Manhattan Beach so I was announced down in October and the mothers were solving they were sobbing there was an air of contravention and these children the staff and the mothers were exposed to asbestos and what happened the school didn’t take action and eventually I work with the teaches in the Union they were so strong and wonderful 1600 students were finally evicted they were sent to another school and it expenditure a school district over 600 thousand dollars that’s an early numeral because I know legally it’s going to cost them much more so what does a do do about it we coalesce knowledge advocacy and parish together the penny slide at the top I don’t have a pointer or maybe there is one here but under directors Lincoln’s nose “youre seeing” 20,000 asbestos fibers compared to human hair and grains of rice I made this slide up some members of Congress could understand that you can’t see touch savor or smell this fiber how are you going to reduce exposure and each year we progresses resolutions and we work on fibs we work very hard to connect the dots we’re so proud this year for the 11 th meter the Senate unanimously passed the resolution that I enlist and submitting their reports actually calls for the Surgeon General to issue a warning and this year he did a cautioning again advocating americans to beware of asbestos but what’s happening now not enough i just came home a era ago from Washington there’s actually a statute in Washington that’s being pushed by the chemical industry and it won’t even restrict asbestos asbestos isn’t even appointed in the statement so I’m going to ask Claire and dr.Cameron to allow you to learn more and to share social wars so you can actually help us to get this proposal cooked before it ratified into constitution in March I had a recreation telephone calls I got a phone call said does this lender Weinstein I’m saying yes well this is Senator boxer and I thought it was a robo call because it was the local election well it wasn’t she called to tell me that she wanted to name her and her poisonous or Tosca reform bill after Alan and trevor schaefer who had brain cancer so she did she pioneered it she signed it in front of my now 22 year age-old daughter we have a copy of the statute but we want more we want components of that legislation a Barbara Boxer and ed Markey’s statute to be put into the bill that doesn’t even mentioned asbestos so we have to take it to the streets education a time started a new educational campaign that says here asbestos believe avoidance we want everyone in this room to go home and to encourage one person to understand that asbestos a man-made material could be in their homes could be in their schools and let them know about prevention came to see you our website regulation more how to protect you and your community because for now prevention is the only cure so watch for this graphic to come across after the conference because i’m going to ask with claire’s help and bob is always so great to work with us to have you becomes involved I want to hear from all of you to raise your articulate to make a difference and to listen to because one life lost to an asbestos start infections catastrophic hundreds of thousands of lives statutes is preposterous and as I remind Congress each time that I vouch I say without translucent responsibility accountability and transparency no one is safe they look at me they sit up straight-shooting they know the truth something needs to be done in Washington to protect all of us today and our future tomorrow thank you for giving me the time


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