The History of Asbestos in B.C.

my father was Dave Ford he was an electrician and he spent most of his working life at the mushy and paper mill in Cal River BC for about 35 times I could not imagine my pa doing anything else he desired energy he said energy mesmerized him he was also unusually health and safety conscious my brothers and I as University students we got undertakings at the mill in the summer and he would actually he would actually come and find us and you know make sure you had the right hearing protection and make sure that you know everything that you were do was was being done safely my father retired in his early 60 s and I think he believes that he had a few decades of pleasant retirement ahead of him and you know a few years into his retirement he he became ill and then one day he was walking up a ramp and he simply couldn’t catch his wheeze and he had to be rushed to the hospital asbestos was consumed certainly in the developed world ever since the start of the 20 th century and BC was not inconsistent with Europe and North America is used in insulation for piping boilers industrial equipment and then going into the mid 20 th century started being used for fire proofing for structures sprayed insularity and then more latterly after the 1950 s and 60 s it was being used for building finishes things like drywall storey tile you could make any process that was strengthening water balk heat resisting reverberate withstanding flame withstanding better by plying asbestos the evidence is out there that in the mid 40 s and as early as 1947 there was good evidence that those that mined asbestos had modes similar to coal miners in black lung the condition was a specced OSIS so it was identical to silicosis and that info was repressed by occupational specialists within corporations that were mining asbestos fibers asbestos has been mined right across the country and NBC in various orientations the one most notably is cassia and Cassie are was a mining city that was built and existed in order to – bestest so there is a real legacy and it’s not just in Cassie are for the miners and they’re likewise the people that work in industry throughout BC that that work in areas where asbestos constructing textiles are used as bestest improves in many ways the industrial rig that utters the countless concoctions we use daily so prior to 1978 it was a free-for-all use it any lane you want when I started in the early 70 s in one of the petroleum floras up in northern British Columbia I was openly are concerned with asbestos garmented the course I am right now I signify other than our father and a duet of mitts no respire Torrey protection no coveralls no containment nothing of that stuff so building crafts workers construction workers mill freedoms engineers or time product workers who happen to be around the material are uncovered they did make him to the hospital and they found he had fluid on his lung and they drained the fluid to relieve the pressure and they move a sample off her for testing and it was the results of that exam that reconfirmed that he actually was very ill and he had mesothelioma mesothelioma is a cancer caused by exposure to asbestos the stringing of the lung it crowds with flowing and as you as there’s more pressure on the lung you can’t breathe and there’s no dry for mesothelioma dr.Salik cough was the best one to put the link together he took two thousand workers across The americas and did dresser x-rays follow those people for a five-year period made a look at all of the fatality reports that were issued that he could secure through our organization from around North America and look back the cause of death he developed in partnership a article that was wrote in the mid 70 s he concluded that the asbestos laborers were ten epoches likely to suffer from asbestos lung infection than the general background population which in turn stimulated the US EPA to ban the application of asbestos in u.s. u.s. constructs and then other developed countries followed suit with similar legislation around that time and that is the basis for the change of regulations in North America of asbestos Bouzid marked the hazard and marked the diseases and determined mortality rates so the direct link between exposure and demise was done as a result of that the people who were disclosed over its first year and who now are at a particularly great risk because they’re 25 30 35 years from when they began work these people are not being kept under surveillance they’re not interpreting doctors regularly at least we could save some of them and they’re not ressort of transfixed by this tragedy and as a country we’re not handling it very well and “its become” information across the country across the continent and around the world so then and it was obvious to any activists in the union movement both the problem the stair was then what do you do about it 1978 where reference is attended the introduction of new regulations that talked about section 35 on his bestest on how to clean it up and how to control it it was a pivotal piece of regulatory alteration that industry “ve got something” that they had to pay attention to the enforcement by the regulator then called the Workers Compensation Board restarted in earnest in the early 1980 s but what hadn’t been fully quantified was about the thousands of structures that have asbestos in place how do we are addressing that how do we cope that did we scavenge them up right away do we scale the health risks how do we advise mothers patients occupants that they may be in dangerous workplace and so it truly was a it was a time of actually understanding the health risks and prioritizing the risk so we dealt with stuff that was dangerous appropriately in early 1980 the existing regulations with respect to asbestos were very general in sort and weren’t providing the degree of control or protection that the board had decided needed to be in place and so the board put together a standard practice manual for taking asbestos out of work places it was a change from expending exposure restraints or rushed limits to actually looking at the physical surrounding of the asbestos and its likelihood of being damaged to learn that what he was dying from was a workplace exposure it was devastating at the time but when we started thinking about how important or how much prudence he took at work to stay safe if somebody had just told him to be careful and on what the precautions were he would have done it in 1998 the new occupational state and safety regulation put in much more prescriptive demands for employers to manage asbestos proactively they had a requirement to do risk assessments and has assessments of the asbestos in place in the buildings to a terribly defined designate of criteria and think about and articulate the roots of exposure to the worker and how that was being controlled the heaviest consumption of asbestos in BC was in the mid 1970 s in terms of tonnage and so you’ll construe on a diagram you know this is where peaked and then it started to go down and then you’ll appreciate twenty years later the number of beings developing and suffering from asbestos related sickness is increasing nearly exponentially it has adulterated environmental matters and it has led to increasing numbers of asbestos related ailment we’re talking about cancer primarily mesothelioma being the medical term for that but there’s also lung cancers gastrointestinal uterine head-and-neck and so on they’re in lower numerals you add all that together and do the arithmetic it’s about 500 parties a year BC my dad had always said he didn’t want to die in a hospital room he wanted to be at home so we told him that we were calling the doctor to come and so the doctor came in and nurse has now come and they said it truly “wouldve been” best if he were in the hospital and so we told him we’re all coming and that we’d be there at his side you know stubborn he was still there and we lived through the night and into the next day and it’s not the course you demand somebody to go and you know he said he had more left to do in life he had every expectation of a sort of a long health retirement so it was hard my papa died on October 18 2008 he had turned 70 a few months before the legacy of asbestos is fraught with loss there’s been excessive extinctions as a result of this and that is going to continue for a period of time to come parties here mull oh well you know it’s okay that’s an old problem from the 60 s of the 50 s in the 40 s it’s it’s a current trouble still the regrettable bequest of asbestos was that manufacturers for self-interest stockholder interest continued exploiting and selling something they knew was dangerous long after long after they should have and the people that suffered from that weren’t the shareholders weren’t the really the directors of those companies that become those decisions it was the workers the next asbestos safety is certainly in front of us somewhere so we should find out what it is and make sure that it doesn’t take as countless sunrises as it has in the past you

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