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Hello everyone! Im Blake, and I am one of the order desk staffhere at Greggs. Today we are going to be FILMing a speedy videoon plastic film and sheeting! Polyethylene film can be used for many applicationsin interpretation, agriculture, or just for keeping things clean. But what stimulates this sheeting so versatileand useful, is in its design.There are many different types of polyethylene, too many to get into today, but the two most common are Low Density Polyethylene and High Density Polyethylene. Wow those are quite the mouthful! Low Density Polyethylene( or LDPE) is super adaptable and has good spring assets formerly defrosted down, which establishes it enormous for plasticfilm works like shopping bags. Low Density Poly is easily pulled, butnot very strong, which becomes obvious … when you’re trying to carry too many overfilledgrocery bags home from the store.Polyethylene film, or sheeting, is made fromHigh Density Polyethylene( or HDPE ). Its been established by stringing together ethylenemolecules; get it? Poly represents numerous and said to ethylene andyou get? thats right! Polyethylene. To establish things easier to understand, we willbe referring to HDPE as H-Poly. H-Poly is one of the most versatile plastics; used in everything from tin hat to the plastic sheeting you read all over me. Its too widely recycled, both in its morerigid word, containers, and its more flexible form, reusable plastic bags. This fabric really took off in the the 1950 s and has skyrocketed in esteem ever since, offsetting it todays most widely-used typeof plastic. But why is it so popular? Let me interpret. Polyethylene is lightweight, hitherto super-strong. Thats why an H-Poly milk jug that weighs 30 grams can carry 4 litres of milk. Thats about 9 pounds of liquid, or 140 timesits weight! Its also why most modern car manufacturersuse H-Poly fuel tanks; the lighter heavines of the segments can help to increase fuel efficiency, while the strength of the material does sure the cistern will last.Its also impact resistant, theres a reasonits used for hard hats after all. Its long-lasting and climate resistant, whichis why so many parties use polyethylene sheeting to provide weather protection on openings anddoors, or as a barricade for greenhouses. It also repels mold, mildew, rotting, andkeeps bugs out, which meant that when the chilly Canadian frost comes to destroy yourbeautiful tomatoes, you are better prepared to protect those little guys. From gas tanks to hard hats, we now know howprevalent h-Poly is in our day to epoch beings. But what about this h-poly film? Why are there so many different forces, sizes, and densities? And what are they each used to support? First, lets take a look at the thickness. Polyethylene cinemas thickness is measured in MILS. As these digits move up, so does the strengthof your movie. For speciman, a 1 mil movie is not nearly asstrong as a 3 mil cinema. Now at Greggs, we carry between a 1 mil and3 mil thickness, in varying roll sizes.A 1 to 2 mil film can be used for lighter-dutyapplications, such as covering equipment. A 3 mil cinema is considered self-adhesive, which intends it will remain somewhat to the surface you use it on. For speciman, have you ever been paintinga wall and had your drop sheet move? Well , not a concern with a 3 mil polyethylenesheet. This 3 mil polyethylene sheeting is greatfor plastering counters, carpeting, storeys, hardwood, tile, bathtubs – truly anything you mightbe getting paint on. Now in terms of actual reel sizes, we haverolls available from 102 inch wide by 59 ft all the way up to 240 inch wide by 100 ft.In lay-mans expressions, this will envelop anywherefrom 500 sq. ft to 2000 sq. ft! If you want to see the full range availablebe sure to check out our catalogue! Now, what if you want to protect against somethingthats not grime, dust, or draw, but water vapour? Thats where the 6 mil Poly Vapour Barriercomes in. Ppft! Water vapour? Whats so scary about that? Well, you know that dampness that you feelafter its sprinkled or the rain feeling you get on a particularly humid period? That moisture can wreak havoc on the foundationof your residence if left untreated, leading to condensation in the walls and possible wood decompose. A good haze obstruction will not only continue unwantedwater vapour out, but also earmark any mist already inside to move out as well.The poly vapour obstacle should be installedon the heated back of an exterior wall, since irrigate vapour moves from the cordiality to thecold. This will keep that pesky water mist fromgetting through the air outside and into the walls of your dwelling. This poly vapour obstacle contains stabilizersthat are designed to keep moisture out during the lifetime of your mansion, so its built tolast! Now, if you have any questions, please don’thesitate to call us. Or you can visit our all Canadian websiteat Again, Im Blake, and expressed appreciation for for watchinganother episode of Gear up with Greggs.


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