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As we briefly stroked upon a moment ago, asbestos is a naturally occurring fibrous mineral and there’s plenty of it. It can be found in up to two-thirds of the earth’s crust. For many years it was used in around three thousand different build and producing commodities. It’s also been used as a assemble of insulation, for corrosion protection, for fire protection and even sound proofing for its ability to absorb sound. Asbestos is water resistant, heat resistant and non-flammable. It’s chemically inert representing it doesn’t react with chemicals. It’s strong – when it’s tense asbestos canbe stronger than steel. It’s adaptable it can be spun and woven like cotton and it’s pliable – it can survive for years. Asbestos has no smell and no jeopardize illusion and if it’s left untouched it isn’t hazardous. But when it’s treated, broken down, taught or cut in any way it can release tiny fibers into the air and that’s when it becomes a risk to health.When they are breathed in the majority of these fibers will stick to the mucous tissues in the snout and throat and they will naturally work their way out. But some fibers will make it all the wayinto someone’s lungs, where their shape and resist to chemical reaction, originates them almost impossible for the human body to get rid of. These fibers can cause serious disabilities and fatalities anywhere between 10 and 50 years after they’ve constituted it into the lungs


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