Why the Deadly Asbestos Industry is Still Alive and Well

The asbestos industry is able to thrivein Russia because very little attention is given to human rights or civil rights. Putin genuinely basically flows the present one might ask what is the future ofasbestos production in use as long as There’s profit to be made and officials tobe bribed, this will continue but if you can’t power asbestos “the worlds largest” notoriousindustrial carcinogen known what can you regulate? asbestos is a remarkable mineralactually stone, it is made up of minuscule but extremely strong and flexible fibers itwas absolutely burn safe and ocean couldn’t harm it. We suggest you considerthis material for your home. Designed to last a lifetime, a hurt freelifetime! Asbestos was once widely used in homes and buildings across the US but is now known as a carcinogen and hazardous substance because of the dangeroushealth risks from exposure to this poison mineral massive endeavor is put intoremoving it from houses and materials because asbestos kills more than ahundred thousand people a year and is Banned in 59 countries. But rather than being left in the field countries like Russia one of the world’slargest producer of asbestos quarries about a million tons of it a year and suppliesmore than half the world’s asbestos to find out why anyone would still work with and sell such a dangerous substance we went to the home of theworld’s largest asbestos quarry in a arrange so proud of their manufacture they referred thetown after it Asbest, Russia Despite overwhelming technical evidence thatasbestos exposure compels cancer as we drove through the town all we realized weresigns of local prime and a mausoleum literally made out of a chunk ofasbestos Asebstos is often mined by apply dynamite unfortunately that makes the deadlyfibers are spread into the air which constituted me frightened of sit close tothe pit without full protective gear when I turned up wearing what’s legallyrequired in the USA and Europe I was almost like an alien and truly stood out from thelocals as it turns up the Euro Alaska Mineis the regional tourist attractivenes and if sightseers want to learn more they can visit a museum in towndedicated to it asbestos mining boomed during the Sovietera This formerly agrarian region became one of the hundreds of soviet mono municipalities who’s entire economy was structured around a single mine or mill to this day the Euro asbest excavation supply seventy percentage of the town’s income which means thatbanning it would be economically destroying We toured the home of a local serviceman who worked as an excavator drivers in the asbestos mine hehad lived his whole life in Asbest just a few minutes move from the openpit because of the impact this interview could have on his responsibility and his family wehad to conceal his identity does everything in Asbest revolvearound the asbestos industry? Are you worried about any hazards that come withworking with asbestos? After this Euro Asbest employee surprisingly conveyedthat he was not grim to handle asbestos we met a retired mine workerwho had a more skeptical outlook on the situation We wanted to find out more about the health risks of asbestos exposure we spoke to an experton the subject the reverenced epidemiologist Dr.Arthur Frank the word asbestosrefers to six quite natural minerals chrysotile being one of them itis the only serpentine form the other five are called amphiboles they arestructurally different but medically have the same assets asbestos at onetime was called the magic mineral because it was utilized for countless usefulthings insulation cloths it didn’t conduct electricity it was used as afiltering agent over three to four thousand products alone and the UnitedStates one time had asbestos. It was a wonderful material unfortunately it alsokilled people what happens when you’re exposed is you both breath it and youingest it. The asbestos has the ability to alter the nucleus of the cells so thatthese cadres now become cancerous get a lung cancer or the disease we callmesothelioma this cancer of the liner of the lung that packs the lung withfluid in most cases and then over epoch literally suffocates you and willultimately kill you in the United Regime this had adevastating effect on those people exposed basically everyone in theconstruction sells was disclosed shipyard works were exposed and many othershave been uncovered over experience the consequences of asbestos exposure in the UnitedStates is evident in mining towns like Libby, Montana water, grime, home, institution playgrounds in industrial areas in Libby were contaminated with asbestos as a result of a nearby vermiculite mineand processing activity owned by WR Grace and Company usually safe and usedin numerous makes the vermiculite in the pit was heavily contaminated with asbestosand as a result over 400 beings have died in Libby due to exposure toasbestos or from asbestos related cancers She comes down here in her go-cart, leaves it right here, gets out, goes to the bathroom She…She can’t even brush her teeth and she has to come out here and stand here and get her gulp before she knows how even sit down because it compiles her worse when she sits down for a pair seconds.It’s terrible she got a special bed, she has to have Don Munsel never worked in the excavation himself. His stepfather did and the asbestos dust in the clothes he brought back from toil was enough togive Don severe mesothelioma I just think I’ve been chiselled They should have warned the people in this town about the seriousness of it they got away with assassinate I didn’t think I’d ever get wise cause i neverworked there but I did I gotta stand up a little bit and all this talking even abridged my wheeze out real bad Yeah, I’ve lived in this country all my life I never pictured this would happen to me These five tanks last-place two weeks And now that she’s up on eight I don’t even think it’ll last 2 weeks if it takes me over 60 seconds to do this, she delivers out, she literally will pass out They knew it was bad for us and they make us expose our babes and parties that would come and visit us “Oh, the best way to show them how this stuff toils is to pop it for them” So you get a little piece of paper, a little piece of the ore, vermiculite and it would be no bigger than a slice of your paper and you’d heat it up and it would* shh* go about this thick-skulled It was amazing but it was the worst thing we could’ve done to them I was a foreman and I had to go up a lot and so she’d journey up there with me, and my minors We’d got to go, make them through the bush and was an indication how it pass and stuff and…I miss being spontaneous we lovedto fish, so we’d depart behind the screening flora that was a good easy net puncture after dinner the babies, I could determine them down in that asbestos sand They’d construct sandcastles and they’d movement and build all kinds of things in this asbestos while I really had fun fishing as beautiful as home countries is, it killed us I know it’s gonna kill me and it’s probably gonna kill my teenagers and partner and it didn’t really kill us, it was W. R. Grace that killed us they knew they knew … In June 2009, The EPAdeclared a public health emergency in the city of Libby and surroundingcommunities the area is now designated as a Superfund site also known as ahazardous waste site and the EPA investigation and cleanup of the site isongoing the asbestos in libby is a different kind of asbestos than what’smined in russia but the scientific community has found that all types ofasbestos can cause cancer and deadly lung diseases to be informed about why this toxic industrycontinues to thrive around the developing world we met with MIT professor and formerchair of the National Advisory Committee on occupational safety and health, Dr.Nicholas Ashford the asbestos industry today I thinkyou would have to say is you know a criminal industry and all theepidemiological societies, fifteen of them, have endorsed the fact that this should be regarded as a hazard and when you deliberately ignore public and worker health you’re give murderthere’s no other direction to situate it you could argue that you don’t knowwhich special worker you’re murdering but on the whole, the statistics arevery very clear with all the proof from the asbestos exposure in the U.S.Wewondered if physicians and officials in Russia were aware of the risks posed tothe workers of the Euro Asbest asbestos mine and the people living adjacent sowe drove to the Oncology Center in nearby Yekaterinburg to meet Dr.Sergey Berezin, hoping he could tell us about the feign the pit in Asbestwas having on the citizens What are the most common types of cancer in this area? Do you have a lot of cases from Asbest? Not exclusively did Dr.Berezin not fear the breath in Asbest, he seemed fairly fond ofthe mineral itself which perfectly contradicts what oncologists in the Westwould have to say about asbestos That’s asbestos! and you can just touch it like that? It’s not risky? That was such a strange interview As he wouldn’t let us speak to his patients at the Yekaterinburg Oncology Center We headed to the local infirmary in Asbest to see if anyone there would speak out our fixer is trying to talk to one of the patientsnow but so far it’s not going so well She doesn’t want anymore it was clear that no one was going tosay anything bad about either asbestos or more importantly the company thatmines it, URALASBEST.URALASBEST owns this city it sponsors, it’s clas, the health care system, football teams everyone’s livelihoodis depending on them it’s understandable that people who rely on a singleindustry for their support are not going to bite the pas that feeds themwith negative mentions so to be informed about where russia really stands on thehazards of asbestos we went to Moscow to speak to the head of the Russian Academyof Medical Science Dr. Kovalevski has Who’s been conducting research on proletarians in Asbest on behalf of the World Health Organization The parties in Asbestlive right next to an open asbestos cavity pit, Is this dangerous? Life is dangerous You have been studying the alters of asbestos exposure in Asbest since 2009, what has your research witnessed still further? The problemhowever is not that the research will make times but that studies and research itselfhas been called into question by groupings of acclaimed scientists like Dr.ArthurFrank, “whos been” petitioned the World Health Organization to end their relationshipwith Dr. Kovalevski over ethical questions smothering his ties to theRussian asbestos industry a wealthy and powerful business that is alive and wellin spite of well-documented health risks In russia they have stopped recordingmesothelioma separately as a type of cancer and have mounded it in with otherdiseases so that you no longer be able to identify mesotheliomas what we’velearned in public health is the absence of data doesn’t mean the absence ofdisease this is the same tactic that the tobaccocompanies expended and saying we don’t know enough to say that tobacco is harmful wecertainly know enough about a chrysotile asbestos to say that it is harmful the fact that we’ve learned in the westthat asbestos use can cause mesotheliomas and that we’ve had an epidemic thatis continuing and will continue for a number of decades yet is nothing like what we’re going to seein the developing world like India and China the Indians import a lot ofRussian asbestos and they will have the same epidemic of mesotheliomas and otherasbestos-related cancers as we’ve had in the West because they have not learnedthe lessons that we have that asbestos is harmful and that it should not be used

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