World-leading asbestos diseases researcher awarded international prize

So I’m incredibly grateful and humbledby being awarded the Wagner Medal it really is very meaningful to me andso many people that I respect and revere have been past wins of the Wagner Medal. Sofor me to join those ranks is just singular. My research in mesothelioma started I belief 1997 or 1998 and at that point, under the guidance of all my fellow members professor Michael Byrne I developeda new action of measurement of mesothelioma but the other thing that I have been privileged to be involvedin is blending chemotherapy with immunotherapy and using immunotherapy in mesothelioma.What I’malso most elicited about is checking the combination of chemotherapy and immunotherapy move into bothcompleted clinical inquiries and now international clinical visitations in that discipline. So the hope isthat chemoimmunotherapy is likely to be demonstrably better than chemotherapy on its own we’ll have towait another three years or so to find that out ..

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